From May 5th to June 11th, PokerOK will host the massive GGPoker World Poker Festival with a record-breaking prize pool of $250,000,000.

The schedule includes 1,200 tournaments in Hold'em, Omaha, and Short Deck with buy-ins starting from just $2.5, divided into 4 categories:

  • Low (up to $24.99)
  • Medium ($25 – $149.99)
  • High ($150 – $1,049.99)
  • Super ($1,050 and above)

The biggest prize pools (up to $10,000,000!) will be awarded in three tournaments (dates of the second days are specified):

  • Global MILLION Mystery Bounty for $525 — May 20th, 18:30 GMT
  • GG World Championship for $1,500 — May 27th, 18:30
  • GGMillion Super Main Event for $10,300 — June 3rd, 20:00

Leaderboards with a total guarantee of $2,500,000 have been announced, and there will be a separate leaderboard for each buy-in category.

Points in the leaderboard are awarded according to the formula Log(Prize Pool) / Sqrt(Relative Rank), where Relative Rank = Finishing Position / Number of Participants.

Key Tournaments

DateTime (GMT)Buy-in LevelTournament nameBuy-inGTD
Sun, 5 May12:30LZodiac Mini MILLION$ [Final Day]¥21$140,000
Sun, 5 May18:30LShort Deck Mystery MILLION$ [Final Stage]$5.25$100,000
Sun, 5 May20:30LOmaholic Bounty Mini MILLION$ [Final Stage]$5.40$200,000
Mon, 6 May18:30LGlobal MILLION$ Mystery Bounty Million [Final]$5.25$1,000,000
Sun, 12 May12:30MZodiac Bounty MILLION$ Special Edition [Final]¥215$280,000
Sun, 12 May18:30MShort Deck MILLION$ [Final Day]$50$200,000
Sun, 12 May20:30MOmaholic Mystery MILLION$ [Final Stage]$52.50$400,000
Mon, 13 May18:30MGlobal MILLION$ World Festival [Day 2]$50$2,024,000
Sun, 19 May12:30HZodiac MILLION$ Turbo Edition [Day 2]¥888$350,000
Sun, 19 May18:30HShort Deck Bounty MILLION$ [Final]$525$300,000
Sun, 19 May20:30HOmaholic Bounty MILLION$ HR Edition [Final Stage]$525$500,000
Mon, 20 May18:30HGlobal MILLION$ Mystery Bounty [Final]$525$10,000,000
Sun, 26 May12:30SZodiac Asia Championship [Bounty, Final Stage]¥1,500$1,100,000
Sun, 26 May18:30SShort Deck Championship [Final Day]$1,500$500,000
Sun, 26 May20:30SOmaholic Championship [Day 2]$1,500$1,000,000
Mon, 27 May18:30SGG World Championship [Day 2]$1,500$10,000,000
Sun, 2 June12:00SGGMillion$ Zodiac Edition¥25,500$700,000
Sun, 2 June18:00SGGMillion$ Short Deck Edition [3-Stack]$25,500$500,000
Sun, 2 June18:00SGGMillion$ Omaholic Edition$25,500$1,000,000
Mon, 3 June20:00SGGMillion$ Super Main Event [Day 2]$10,300$10,000,000
Sun, 9 June12:30HZodiac MILLION$ Closer [Bounty Turbo, Final]¥215$280,000
Sun, 9 June18:30HShort Deck MILLION$ Closer [Bounty Turbo, Final]$215$250,000
Sun, 9 June20:30HOmaholic MILLION$ Closer [Bounty Turbo, Final]$215$500,000
Mon, 10 June18:30HGlobal MILLION$ Mystery Closer [Final Stage]$210$5,000,000