Success in poker comes from many different aspects of your game: you need to build a good strategy, find profitable promotions, select good lineups, and the cost of playing - like fees when you withdraw cash from poker sites. GT+ can help with these things and much more.

Rakeback and Bonuses

Getting extra payments and bonuses from affiliates is much more profitable than the standard approach. For example, you can get increased rakeback using regular reload bonuses on RedStar or by participating in rake races on PokerKing. At the same time, after connecting to GT+, you have access to the referral program - so that you can consistently receive 3% of your friends' rake. Another nice bonus is 10% cashback in the GipsyTeam Shop for any software and poker merchandise.

Comfort and Convenience

There are many programs that make a poker player's life easier. Some of them are free and available to all GipsyTeam readers. For analyzing hands, we offer you our free poker odds calculator. Using the program, you will identify the probability of winning one hand against another - or several at once. Using the program is quite simple - select a discipline, the number of players in the hand, and give them starting hands. After this, the probability of winning each combination preflop is automatically shown. Holdem, Short Deck, Omaha, as well as 5 and 6-Card Omaha are supported.

Another tool from GT for regulars is the randomizer. The principle is simple: the program displays a random number from the specified range. This is useful if you are making a borderline decision and want to have a complex strategy: for example, whether to 3-bet 76 preflop or make a difficult call on the river 40% of the time. Selecting a range and generating a number will take a couple of clicks. In the window below, you need to enter the interval in seconds to change the value. The randomizer can be opened in a small separate window so that it takes up minimal space.

Specialized software helps you track much more information and better adapt to your opponent's strategy. For example, the GipsyTeam Shop has all the most popular trackers that collect the hands you have played into a database that can be analyzed after the session at affordable prices. Beginner players will be helped by graphs with the results that trackers draw at the end of the session: with their help, you can evaluate how often you were ahead of your opponent or what EV you had in a particular hand. By the way, you can understand the basics of the EV concept in a separate article on GipsyTeam.

Choosing a Poker Room

GT+ tracks the number of cash tables and players at the largest poker sites on a weekly basis. These indicators allow you to determine the optimal gaming traffic, which means choosing the best place to play. For example, those who prefer to play in the evenings and at night will like the traffic in rooms of the WPN, PokerStars, or the PokerBros club application. If you hold poker sessions during the day, give preference to GGPoker or partypoker. We monitor the traffic for Hold'em and Omaha tables from NL/PL2 to NL/PL5000, as well as fast-fold poker.


You can learn poker on your own, but with the right resources, climbing the stakes will take less time.

Try not to seek any shortcuts. Instead, look for quality material to learn from. You won’t be able to skip much, but you’ll save time and get a higher quality of training. Of course, you don’t want outdated concepts either, so reading articles that are 10 years old isn’t advised.

Then, you should start training a bit more with specialized tools. You’ll be much more competitive when you’ve worked in basic programs like FlopZilla or set up a heads-up display for extra info during games. It is not necessary to memorize everything - with experience comes an understanding of the principles, and you will make the best decisions automatically later on. The winners you see at online poker tables are already using plenty of these tools to give them an edge.

As you master each tool, you’ll want to keep improving, learning, and progressing through the stakes.

Don't forget that success in poker is only possible with competent bankroll management. The rules of managing your poker money are all in this quick-to-read article.