Recall that this game took place during the Triton series in Madrid, which took place this spring. Tony G, Rui Cao, Paul Phua, Wai Kin Yong, Timothy Adams, Elton Tsang and Tom Dwan play NLHE €1,000/€2,000/€4,000.

In the first hand, Timothy Adams took a big pot all-in on the turn.

Preflop Elton Tsang raised to €14,000 from the button, Timothy in the BB and Paul in the straddle called. Timothy donked flop for €12,000 and got called twice, and on the turn both opponents folded to his jam.

Before folding, Phua asked the dealer to spread the chips in the pot to estimate the size of the pot.

“I don’t understand at all how I ended up in this hand,” Elton Tsang laughed and showed his cards to his neighbors. – ''I only had a draw.''
– ''What kind of draw?'' Wai Kin Yong was surprised.
– ''Draw to a pair''.

Elton didn't think the game was fun enough, so he put on a double straddle. This inspired Rui Cao and Paul Phua to give action.

Paul called the 3-bet, then called €40,000 on the flop and €90,000 on the turn, and shoved the river.

Cao quickly threw it away.

“Did you at least beat A-high?” Phua asked him.

Rui shook his head.

– ''I should have checked, but I thought that you hit a seven and my fives are no longer good.''

Tony G supported Elton's example and put on a double straddle. The hand ended with a call with K-high on the river.

Before Elton's straddle all folded, he raised to €32,000, Tony called. On the flop, Tsang c-bet €32,000 and the turn was checked. On the river Tony bet.

In previous games, Tony G has criticized Timothy Adams for thinking too much. Apparently, to give a little action, Timothy decided to 4-bet all-in with A5s.

– ''Solver play'', – commentator Randy Lew explained to the audience
– ''I have a good hand'', – said Wai Kin Yong and made the call.
“Obviously better than mine,” Timothy chuckled.

“Bring me another €200,000,” Timothy asked, without flinching.
“Let's play with a 7-2 bounty,” Tom Dwan suggested diversifying the game.
“Better with 7-2, 8-3 and 9-4,” Elton Tsang put forward a counteroffer.
''This is too much'', – Wai Kin Yong objected, – ''choose one thing''.
''Well, you are a nit, let's at least do 7-2 and 8-3?'' Dwan did not give up.
“I am also against it,” Rui Cao refused, “it is beneficial for tight players, and besides, I lose too much.''
''Then only 7-2 for 10k. All agree?'' Durrrr made another attempt.
"Okay," Rui agreed.

Paul Phua and Tom Dwan played a pot over €600,000. Paul 5-bet shoved and got called quickly. Tom won both boards and doubled up.

Paul didn't calm down and played another creative pot against Rui Cao.

Paul called a preflop 3-bet, bet €34,000 on the flop and €90,000 on the turn.

River played check-check.

"I just can't win a single hand," Cao was upset.

During these lamentations, he raised with a pair of fours and got two calls. Timothy Adams shoved from the straddle.

Rui called and held.

Timothy asked for another stack and Rui received congratulations from the entire table on his first significant win of the session.

Paul Phua tried to bluff against the full house of Tom Dwan.

The flop was seen by five players.

“Everyone checked, so the flop definitely hit someone,” Elton logically suggested and made a bet.

By the turn they were down to three, Tom made a small bet, Tsang folded, and Phua check-raised. Tom called.

On the river, Paul bet and got raised. The founder of Triton reacted to this in a non-standard way – he grabbed Tom's cards, and only then sent his own to pass. Nobody called the floor.

Tom Dwan and Wai Kin Yong played a pot over €1 million, but showed identical hands at showdown.

Tom opened and called a 3-bet preflop, and Yong bet a third of the pot on the flop and got raised. Tom bet €137,000 into the €315,000 pot on the turn and shoved on the river.

– ''What?'' – Tom was taken aback when he saw the opponent's cards. – ''Why have you been thinking with two pairs for so long?''
– ''I have a lot of respect for your game.''
– ''And I no longer doubted that I had the nuts.''
– ''Can this be considered a slowroll?'' asked Paul Phua.
– "I didn't think too long," Yong protested. – ''30 seconds, besides, any hands that are worse, for example A8, I would definitely throw it away.''

The game was accompanied by copious celebrations.

But at some point, Rui Cao became depressed and refused to drink. Dwan took out two €50 bills and showed them to the waiter:

“Bring him brandy, and if he drinks, the tip is yours.”
“Now your stubbornness will cost him money,” Tom switched to Cao, “and he seems like a good guy.”

The hit of the next episode was this hand, which was posted separately on the Triton channel.

Tom received the coveted and raised to €12,000, Kao three-bet €36,000. On a flop that didn't hit anyone, Dwan check-raised. Rui continued.

On the turn, Tom bet and got another quick call.

On the river, Durrrr gave up and checked, Cao checked his cards several times and shoved €239,000 into the €655,000 pot. Dwan showed his hand to Paul Phua and quickly threw it away.

– ''2-7?'' neighbors guessed.
– ''Obviously.''
– ''Why did you check?'' Tony G didn't understand.
– “Because he would call instantly,” Tom pointed to Cao.

At this point, Rui proudly turned over his cards, pushing Paul Phua to hysteria. The rest, too, barely contained their emotions.

– ''If you pushed, I would immediately pay. I swear.''

– “I play even crazier without the cameras,” Rui confided to Timothy Adams when everyone calmed down a bit.
– ''Yes, I've heard a couple of stories about you.''
– “And I really wanted him to push. More precisely, I did not want to, but I was ready to pay.''
– ''I really believe it.''

After this hand, Cao stopped refusing to drink.

Wai Kin and Paul Phua played a 3-bet pot in which Paul called pre-flop and called a c-bet on the flop.

The turn was checked and Phua bett $25,000 on the river.

– ''How could you pay on the flop?'' Yong was surprised.
– ''This will be a good lesson for you – you need to bet more'', – Paul shared his worldly wisdom.

Elton Tsang's place was temporarily taken by Danny Tang.

– “Mom will be watching the stream, so I’m not bluffing at all today,” Rui Kao warned him. – ''I play very tight.''
– ''I have already been told about the hand with 8-high.''
– “I was ahead all the way there.''

Elton left his stack at the table and asked Danny to replace him for a couple of hands.

In one of them Tang made a 3-bet.

– ''How many chips do you have?'' Kao asked.
– “I have no idea,” Tang laughed.

The flop and turn were checked, and on the river Cao shoved all-in.

In the middle of this hand, Elton returned to the table and, under his supervision, Danny folded.

– “Give me any cards and I'll call right now,” shouted Paul Phua.

– “Danny, you could hardly have played worse,” Elton said to his friend. “An overpair with a flush draw and you check-check-check all the way. Terrible. Against Cao, this is an easy all-in on any street. Just wasted my button.''

Tony G practically didn't bluff, for which Cao scolded him:

– ''Today you play like Nikita.''
– “I’m very tired, I’ll go to bed soon,” Tony answered.

Elton Tsang made another bad hero call with A-high.

Cao defended a double straddle, the flop was checked, Rui bet €30,000 on the turn and €50,000 on the river.

In the final two episodes, players switched to PLO. Timothy Adams, who specializes in hold'em, was assured that they would play only a couple of orbits, but in the end Omaha was played until the end of the session. The blind structure was chosen as in short deck – all participants ante €1,000, and the player on the button €2,000. Dwan convinced everyone that this was the perfect structure for Omaha.

Paul Phua said that he had never played Omaha before in his life. Tom and Timothy Adams unanimously explained that the main thing is to be sure to use two of your cards. Tony G immediately cheered up from these conversations and changed his mind about leaving.

In the first hand, Paul folded a low flush on the river.

Four players saw a flop for €12,000, Tony G bet €15,000, and only Phua called. Paul called €50,000 on the turn but gave up on the river.

A couple more hands later, Rui Cao raised to €14,000 and got four calls. Rui bet €54,000 on the flop, only Paul called.

On the turn, Cao bet the pot, and Phua said, “You don’t think I’ll fold sevens, do you?” and pushed.

Rui called and the river came a blank. Elton Tsang was under the table laughing throughout the hand.

Phua got the hang of it and 3-bet, which was called by three opponents.

On the flop, Paul bet the pot and Durrrr paid.

Tom bet the pot on the turn, Paul thought for a moment and called. The pot has more than €1.5 million.

Paul suggested not seeing the river at all and splitting the pot right away, but Tom refused. The river was run twice. Paul took the first half when he hit a flush. And the second went to Tom – the straight came.

The episode ended with an all in between Wai Kin Yong and Elton Tsang on the flop.

The turn and river didn't help Tsang, he immediately rebought for €400,000.

In the last episode of the show, Timothy Adams modestly reminded them that they were going to play a couple of orbits of PLO and it would be nice to return to hold'em. But he was refused, and the ante on the button was raised to €4,000.

Rui Cao practically did not miss hands. His next raise of €34,000 was called only by Paul Phua. The flop was checked, Paul bet the pot on the turn, and the river was check-checked.

– ''You are a PLO reg, why do you lose all the hands?'' Cao asked Wai Kin Yong.

After that, the players were informed that there was one hour left to play, as the film crew needed to rest. The end of the session was reached without big pots, but with an extremely relaxed atmosphere. Paul Phua lit a cigarette right at the table.

In one of the last hands, Cao called a 3-bet for a third of his stack and quickly gave up on the flop.

Elton Tsang and Rui insisted that the game continue without cameras.

– “I agree if we play hold'em,” said Timothy Adams.
– "I'm definitely going to bed," said Paul Phua. – ''Although you don’t need me, you’re not going for me, I’m definitely not a fish in this line up.''
– ''I'm in the red 600k, so I'll be happy to continue,'' – Rui Cao really did not want to finish.
– ''I am also in a huge loss,'' – supported Elton Tsang, – a''ll the losers want to stay.''
– “And I win $700k, and my eyes just stick together,” Wai Kin Yong told his neighbors.
– ''I'm up $300k, – Phua boasted, – ''Tom, how are you doing with yours?''
– ''No, in the red.''