Which Poker Rooms And Apps Have High Traffic?

Poker players usually prefer sites with high traffic, but why is that? First of all, it means that the poker room can host larger tournaments. The overlays are typically better on poker platforms with more players. Another reason players prefer to use a busy site has to do with their opponents’ skill level. The bigger the poker room is, the more recreational players it attracts. High traffic also means bigger bonuses. Large sites like 888poker and GGPoker can afford to entice new players with huge bonuses.

You shouldn’t have to register and download an application to find out if you’re in the biggest poker room. Online traffic data is regularly updated, so we’re going to tell you the poker sites with the largest player bases to save you some time.

We can’t talk about high-traffic poker sites without bringing up GGPoker first. They have 300,000+ players online during peak hours, which is far higher than the next busiest poker room. Players are flocking to GGPoker because of the heavily recreational player base, quality software, and promotions. They offer a Welcome Bonus, as well as a Honeymoon Bonus that pays you for completing challenges over your first 30 days at the site.

GGPoker has a great application with lots of visual features

Our GGPoker room review has all the details about game formats, freerolls, bonuses, and more.

Mobile Poker Apps With The Highest Traffic

PokerBros and PPPoker both have a high number of active tables at different stakes.

PPPoker is our busiest mobile app for Texas hold-em tables. From $0.01/$0.02 to $0.50/$1 there are anywhere from 12-37 six-max tables running. Things drop off a little at higher stakes ($1/$2 and up), but there are still tables running. Omaha 6-max is a similar story. There are tables running across all of the micro-stakes, with progressively fewer as the stakes get higher.

PPPoker allows you to play three tables at once

PokerBros has high traffic across their Texas hold ‘em tables, but they are far busier than PPPoker on their Omaha tables. They have up to twenty-four 0.50/1 Omaha tables at peak times, with a dozen 0.05/0.10 tables running alongside.

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Play up to 4 tables at once on PokerBros

Which Poker Room Has High Traffic In Canada?

The highest poker player traffic in Canada comes from 888poker. They peak at around 1500 players at the cash game tables and are known for soft, recreational hold ‘em and Omaha games. The bonuses are slightly different for Canadian players. Instead of the free $88 players outside Canada may get, Canadian players get around $20 in free cash and casino dollars. 888poker will match the first deposit up to $1500.

888poker’s No Deposit Bonus is the biggest in online poker

Which Poker Room Has The Most Traffic In Europe?

Just behind GGPoker in player traffic is PokerStars. They are super popular in Europe and have been at the forefront of online poker for a long time. The peak hours bring around 50,000 players to the tables. As we mentioned before, a large number of players gives several benefits. PokerStars has the bonuses, soft player base, app reliability, and customer support that you would expect from an industry leader. Their huge market share allows them to offer unique formats like Zoom, Neymar Jr’s Kick-Off, and Tempest. Take advantage of their $30 Freeplay and Welcome Bonus by signing up here.

PokerStars has one of the best interfaces in online poker

Red Star Poker is a room that we’ve reviewed, which has been operating since 2005. They are part of the iPoker network, with other well-known skins like Bet365, Betfair, and William Hill. iPoker has around 7000 players during peak evening times, between 9 pm to 1 am (GMT +3). You’ll be able to find hold ‘em tables to play at higher stakes like $10/$20, all the way down to the micro stakes. They’ve got Omaha 6-max tables waiting for you from $0.02/$0.05 up to $10/$20. Their Texas hold ‘em and Omaha player bases are competitive with other top sites.

Red Star Poker is part of the iPoker Network

WPT Global is well-known for hosting some of the most amazing live poker events in the world, but they also offer real-money online poker. They have just under 2,000 players online at their 24-hour peak, which is more than most poker sites. Their application is top-notch and uses AI to ensure gameplay is fair and legitimate.

WPT doesn’t only host live events, they’re a very successful online poker site too