The organizers of the expensive game at the Hustler casino invited Phil Ivey to play on stream this week . Surely they hoped that he would become the main star of the show – however, Phil racked up a small loss and was the tightest player at the table.

First stream results:

Second stream:


The heroes of this show turned out to be different characters.

In the middle of the second day of filming, Garrett Adelstein and Robbie Lew squared off on a board and at showdown, Garrett's could not beat Robbi's on either run out.

The blinds were $100/$200/$400, Garrett raised to $3,000 from the third blind, and Robbie defended the straddle just behind him. On the flop, Robbie almost immediately called a $2,500 continuation bet. On the turn, Garrett bet $10,000, Robbie quickly raised to $20,000, and Garrett quickly jammed all-in.

– ''Three is no good?'' Robbi smiled. “Do you even want me to call?”

“But she doesn’t have a three,” commentator Bart Hanson was surprised.

After another 1.5 minutes, Robbi called.

"Oops," Garrett laughed. “I'd rather run it once, but it's up to you.''

None of the players had revealed their cards yet.

– ''Do you have something? I have a really shitty hand.” Robbi smiled even wider.

– ''What's happening? Do we have some kind of error in the graphics?'' Bart Hanson was completely taken aback.

''So you have a three?'' Robbie was asked by her neighbor.
– ''No, I have a pure bluffcatcher.''

The first river – .

“Yours, I think,” suggested Adelstein.
– ''Hardly.''
– ''Do you have a small pair?''
– “You have so many thoughts about my hand”

Second river –

The players finally reveal their cards. The look on Garrett's face is indescribable. It is unlikely that he had ever experienced such a shock at the poker table before.

The hand has over 800,000 views on Twitter.

YouTube video:

''I had otherwise I would have folded,” Robbie said quietly to her neighbors.
''What does it mean?'' – heard surprised Garrett. – ''This is not funny at all.''
“I thought you had A-high.''
''Why did you call the turn then?'' Adelstein was even more amazed.
''Because you don't have shit. It doesn't matter what I have, what matters is what I think about your hand.''
''Garrett, you look like you want to kill me.'' After a couple of minutes, Robbie tried to defuse the situation.
''I still don’t understand why you called, try to explain again.''
"You wanted me to throw it away, didn't you?''

Garrett just chuckled at that.

''I think that's what he wanted,'' Phil Ivey spoke for the first time since the start of the hand.
''Did you say you called because you thought you had a straight draw? Did I get it right?'' Garrett didn't calm down.
''No, I said that I have a blocker.''
''Ah, blocker to a straight draw, now I understand.''
''I can't take this anymore.'' Phil Ivey stepped away from the table with a laugh.
''I called for several reasons.''
''Go on''
''Firstly, I showed that I had balls and made a cool hero call. Secondly, I have the and there were clubs and a straight draw on the board. I'm blocking some combinations that you could play like that. And you've bluffed me before. Nothing personal.''
''I see.''

Garrett played a few more hands before leaving the table. A few minutes later, show producer Ryan Feldman approached Robbi and pulled her aside. The three of them discussed something for a long time away from the cameras.

At the table, of course, everyone continued to discuss the hand.

"Her explanation of the call is completely nonsensical," Ryusuke pointed out.
''But she doesn’t have to explain anything,'' Erik Persson said. – ''I thought that J-high was good and called, everything is simple.''

In the end, Robbi simply returned $135,000 to Adelstein, which left the rest of the players bewildered.

The player nicknamed 'RIP' (at the table they said that he and Robbi are business partners) couldn't resist and joined the conversation between Garrett and Robbi. Shouts came through their microphones, but it was impossible to make out the contents.

''He *** made her return the money to him,'' RIP told his table mates emotionally when he returned.
''What do you mean, how could he force her?''
''I don’t know, he accused her of cheating, and she gave him the money.''
''No explanation in this situation makes sense,'' said one of the Hustler regulars Mike X, ''her call is nonsense, but what happened next defies any logic at all. If she played honestly, why give money back? And if she's a swindler, then the police should already be looking into it.''

After a conversation with raised voices, Garrett returned to the table, collected his impressive stack and left the room.

''He accused her of cheating,'' – the seething RIP could not calm down, – ''and asked to return the money to him.''
''Why did she agree?'' – said another surprised regular Andy.
''He threatened to make a huge scandal.''
''So he claims that the casino is also involved?''

At that moment, Robbi herself returned, and all attention switched to her.

''No, he did not blame Hustler, but he said that I played dishonestly.''
''Why did you give him the money?''
''I said that I wanted to minimize the damage from this hand, and asked what could calm him down. He said, "Give me the money."''
''He just doesn't know how to lose,'' said RIP. ''This is the craziest hand I've ever seen,'' Andy said, ''but I don't see how you could possibly cheat.''
''I thought I had a three. Remember when I asked if a three is good? I was sure that I had J3.''
''But that doesn't explain why you returned the money.''
''This situation made me angry, but I wanted to avoid drama. For me, the possible psychological consequences are more valuable than money. I wanted everyone to calm down.''
''But he made very serious accusations against you.''
''In the end, he said that he did not accuse me of anything.''
''Why did he take the money?''
''I don't know, but he looked so upset. Just very upset.''
''I see, that explains everything :)''
''I would be shocked by your call too,'' Andy agreed. ''But I have no doubt that you are playing fair. Otherwise Hustler is also involved. Therefore, money cannot be given away.''
''I just wanted to calm him down.''

The poker community has been discussing this hand for several hours. Professional opinions are divided.

“Hustler should stop the stream right now and start an investigation,” Doug Polk said during the stream.

Daniel Negreanu is sure that there was no fraud:

– Watched the video. I think she just got too carried away with her move, got too excited and called. Her actions during the distribution and after do not convince me that she did something heinous. In my opinion, she just decided to call the bluff.

The fact that she returned the money to him does not mean an admission of guilt, but rather the opposite. A greedy scammer would not return anything. She simply did not want to elevate the conflict and can afford it.

Cliff Josefy tried to make it a joke:

“All those accusing her of something obscene, pay attention to the thermos. It says 'Jaka Coaching' on it. Obviously she's innocent.

Max Silver reaction

Sean Deeb is willing to take bets that Robbi is a scammer.

Chris Brewer is also sure that the matter is unclean:

– Just zero chances that the hand is fair. Garrett got cheated. The only question is how?

Jason Mercier on the side of the doubters:

Why doesn't anyone allow for the possibility that she thought she had J3o? Was she just embarrassed to admit it at showdown?

Ike Haxton still hasn't figured it out :

– The hand is complete nonsense, so the first reaction is that she is a cheater. I also thought so at first. But if she really cheated, the hands still doesn't make any sense. I don’t understand what happened at all, and I don’t imagine that anyone understands.

“It’s incredible, in our time you can’t even be a fish, you’ll immediately be accused of cheating,” Joseph Cheong, amazed by what is happening.

Players in the hand also spoke out.

Robbi Lew :

“I read him and made a hero call when he shoved on the blank turn. Check yourself. I can only repeat what I have already said: “I will no longer feel sorry for anyone in these sand castles.” Do the right thing, Garrett. Or don't do it. I already don't give a fuck. I forgot about everything. This money will be returned to me anyway.

Garrett Adelstein detailed his position over several pages:

– On such a board, with there is almost no equity against the vast majority of my semi-bluffs, and against made hands it has no outs at all. I have played with her before, also studied her game on other streams. She never even thought about calling in a spot like this. On the contrary, she folded bluff catchers a lot on the river and only called with strong hands.

The easiest way to cheat on a stream is with a device that vibrates when you have the best hand. I'm sure she was planning to min-raise the turn and then take the pot on the river if I didn't improve. But that all changed when I read her weakness and made an unorthodox all-in. Thanks to the device, she knew that she was still ahead, but her lack of a deep understanding of poker did not allow her to realize that calling would be a clear indication of cheating.

I'm 100% sure that Hustler management has nothing to do with this. These are my friends, I trust them completely. Otherwise, I would never play on their streams.

Her behavior after the hand and the chaotic explanation of the call also look very suspicious. At first she tried to say that she outplayed me, but then she abruptly switched to defense.

When she and Ryan Feldman and I were talking off camera, she almost always tried to find an excuse for her play. But Ryan hinted that it was not us who needed to be convinced. I said, "Robbi, millions of people will watch this hand." At that moment, her face changed, as if realizing for the first time where she had driven herself.

We were already on our way to the table as I didn't know what else to add. And at that moment she offered to return my money. Naturally, I agreed, because I understood that a) we still wouldn’t get anything like a confession of fraud from her; b) in such scandals it is almost impossible to get your money back (remember Postle). Ryan did not participate in the compensation discussion at all.

I want to note again: I myself have never even mentioned this money. But, of course, he agreed when she took the initiative.

Another important clarification. About the fact that she misread her hand – it's all nonsense. She knew perfectly well that she had J4, as she checked her cards several times right before the call. Although in an interview later she said that she had not looked at the cards. I studied her play, so even calling with a three of a kind would be highly suspicious. In general, her actions on all the streets do not at all correspond to her style on previous streams.

When she returned the money, her friend began to behave very suspiciously and threaten me. Although before that he had always been kind. After that, I decided to just go home, the mood to play anyway was gone. I've been playing poker for 20 years now and almost my entire career has been in the public eye. I value my reputation. If there was even the slightest chance that this was not a scam, I would refuse her money.

Hustler Casino also released an official statement. They promised a thorough investigation. At the moment they have no evidence of fraud, but both players are suspended from playing at the casino while the investigation is underway.

Immediately after the broadcast , Joe Ingram went on the air, where he thoroughly analyzed the situation.

Its guests were stream producer Nick Vertucci, Sean Deeb, Robbi Lew herself, Allen Kessler and others. The stream lasted over 9 hours. Nick hinted that they would reveal some new information in the coming days.