We have written more than once about how to set goals.

In this text, we have collected the victories and achievements of our players over the past year, and also found out what they will strive for in the next year. We hope these stories will inspire you and help you decide what to achieve in the new year.

Ilya KARACHEVSKII // Young Ego

I divide my plans into three branches – family, poker, and near-poker. I usually go to a coworking space with a notebook for a couple of hours to compile them.

This year I managed to start a family, but I couldn’t move to one of the desired places. In general, it turned out very sad with poker, if it weren’t for a good run at NL5k, I would have ended up with almost zero without rakeback. A few 40 and 50 buy-in streaks really drained me. I have always played so-so in downswings, but here I completely reached the melting point.

Essentially, 2024 will be dedicated to working on the strategic mistakes of the past year. In terms of poker, this is training and selection of the expense of distance (previously it was the other way around, and I played my imaginary schedule endlessly). In terms of life, there is an emphasis on impressions and restoration (without the goal of moving as quickly as possible). I believe that I will reach the tournaments. Now I see two main goals for myself – approximately crossing my expectation lines and changing the location to the European/American time zone. If I understand that I will not achieve the desired result in the cache, then I will calmly move to MTT. Objectively showing top results and a high dollar per hour in the cash games now is a very resource-intensive task.

This year I wanted to reach an expectation of $40k per month and end the year at +$500k. As a result, it came out to $150-200k, there were three very good months, and the rest were zero/minus.

Now the task is to play with full focus and show the best EVbb that I can. Earn, not win. Without any special forecasts or expectations. I also plan to work a lot on strategy, I have made phenomenal progress here this year – I have found the best working algorithms and tools, so it will only get more interesting.

Artem pasha_shalnaya // play cards for real money

I set the following goals – to be happy, live in Asia, and earn $100k by playing. Looks like I did everything)

Once a year before Christmas, we get together as a family and write plans and goals on pieces of paper, and then seal them in a jar until next Christmas. A year later, we open the jar and see what happened, and then we burn the notes and write new ones).

Ilya h8autumn // t.me/HATE AUTUMN♠️

My goal for this year was to strengthen my bankroll and continue to develop as a player. I achieved my goal and now I am, dare I say it, at the peak of my playing form. I had a great year, earned a decent amount of money, and also made some money offline.

2023 brought many surprises, now I have a family. I didn't plan to get married at the beginning of the year, I didn't plan to start a family. Everything turned out like in a movie :D When this happens, no one really asks you about your plans. Meeting your person is a huge rarity.

I think next year will be difficult. I will spend a lot of time with my family, I want to travel with my wife, since in 28 years I have never traveled outside of Russia. This needs to be fixed. It would be ideal to go somewhere to a foreign offline series, to see friends who are now far away. I will continue to work on my game and strengthen my bankroll. For me, this is a stable goal from year to year :D

Pavel Rosc // Rosc.log

For 2023, I set two main goals – to improve my health and develop our crypto community.

Partially, the set goals were achieved. My concept involves setting goals with reserve. At the start, it seems that it is impossible to achieve it, but this is the secret – you do more than you would have done if the goal was initially easy and achievable.

Goal setting usually occurs in early January. I take stock of last year and start planning for the next one. Two applications are involved in this process: Xmind (and others like it) and Obsidian. Brainstorming gives birth to a concept. It’s convenient to record it in Obsidian, so you always have the plan for the next year at hand, and you can use it as a reference for all other planning. If we talk about rituals, for me it’s music and an aroma diffuser with oil for concentration.

In 2024, the main emphasis will be on the media component. Perhaps I will change my country of residence. More accurate information will be available after the brainstorming session in January.

Thank you for your attention. Happy New Year!

Anton Kote // The devil of passion – without passion.

My goal for this year is very simple, it’s called: to beat poker. Well, of course, this cannot be done in a year, so I divided it into stages. At the beginning of the year my goal was to beat NL20, and now I'm at the "beat NL100" stage.

I don’t write anything down in any notebooks because I only have one goal, so I put it in my head and keep it there. In order not to forget it, I have a life hack: if I look at the clock and see the same numbers there, for example 12:12, then I “scan” what I put in my head this time. And since for some reason I often see the same numbers on the clock, almost every day, it helps to constantly focus on my goal.

I don't know how, but it works and helps me. For example, in the middle of the year, when the goal in my head was “to beat NL50”, in practice it was simply impossible to do this: there was neither a suitable bankroll nor skill. There was nothing at all but a goal. And suddenly the GreenLine Junior project appeared, with the help of which I got into the main team of GreenLine , where I already play at NL60.

For next year, of course, there is a goal, it is also related to poker. But it’s so personal that I can’t voice it. By the way, I wrote this goal in the application form when I submitted my application to Greenline. So only I and the employee processing these questionnaires know her. I think it was because of her that I got into Greenline. But you can’t talk about this in polite society, so let it remain a secret.

Seryozha yx0 // t.me/BugS_Team

Hehe, just for GipsyTeam, I found a Word file on my desktop called “GOALS FOR 2023.” Well what can I say? I have four marks registered there. Two of them are no longer relevant at all, due to the fact that I optimized some processes. And I couldn’t achieve two more because of my crazy nature. Am I sad? Not at all! This is life, and it constantly makes its adjustments with the flapping of a butterfly's wings somewhere in Mumbai 😵‍💫

In general, setting goals is a healthy idea; for the last three years I have been working on this story. Inspiration and plans for the next year were usually set and written down during the pre-New Year bustle. While your wife is cutting salads, you drink a couple of glasses of cognac and sit down to figure out what goals you need for the coming year 😁

So let’s go together, almost live, and try to set goals for 2024. Surely now life coaches will come running and start telling me that goals are not set that way, and that I’m a f***, and I need to do everything differently... But I absolutely don’t care about that.


– Cessation of hostilities around the globe

– Human landing on Mars

– Orbital flights into space for those interested

– A cure for cancer

– Contact with extraterrestrial civilization

– Copulate with Angelina Jolie at 27-30 years old

Jonas bolivar1997 // Hard worker high limits

It was a hard year for me with a good ending. I didn’t have any specific goals, I just played a lot, about 70k hands a month. I worked consistently for 180-200 hours and was very pleased with myself.

Next year I would like to add an hour of theory per day, they say it helps in the game. Well, keep working hard.

Goals: keep working, don’t give up, enjoy life as much as possible.

Vasya regisser // t.me/Regisser News

In general, I'm not a big fan of setting goals. Moreover, last year was very busy for me. But, like any poker player, I wanted to win money – and I didn’t get much. As a streamer, the goal was to become a little more famous – I hope that it worked out as expected here too.

From the beginning of January, I will try to compete for the title of People's Ambassador at PokerOK . Even if it doesn’t work out, I’ll try to build a good base and become a coach in our foundation.

Happy New Year everyone!))