135 entries (90 unique players) were made to the main tournament of the series, which became another series record. In autumn there were 99 entries in the Cyprus stage.

From the first hands, the players showed that the audience will not be bored. At level one, Brian Kim folded a set of aces on the river against enterprising Seth "LevMeAlone" Gottlieb.

– What? – Seth noticed the nervous state of the opponent. – I have two pairs.

Brian laughed hysterically in response.

“You couldn’t throw away anything better than two pairs, could you?” Well, you're a psycho.

This is not the first such fold in Kim's career. In one of the expensive cash game sessions, he folded a full house against Bill Klein.

This hand was one of the best from Hustler casino streams last year.

The bluff of the century, the best value bet in the history of poker, Alan Keating's million-dollar streaks, and that infamous hand.


On the first day of the main tournament, spectators saw another set thrown into the muck. WPN CEO Phil Nagy double-check-raised, scaring Sebastian Gael of Germany.

Karl Chappe-Gatien hardly ever thought about such folds. With sets, he prefers to get out as soon as possible. Karl's push and dangerous board confused the opponent a little, he even spent a time bank card, but still made a call.

“Just busted and, to be honest, very close to tilt,” Karl wrote after this hand. – But I have already taken a shower and in 10 minutes I will sit down at the table again. I don't play to make money. This will be a real war.

Karl managed to make war well, on the first day he had four entries. Only one player – Linus Loeliger – managed to repeat this controversial achievement. None of them won any money back.

Triton debutant Daniel "SmilleThHero" Smilkovich finished the starting day on the first line of the chip counts. Brian Kim and Sebastian Gael didn't get in the way of folding sets, both also finished among the leaders.

Brian ended up cashing for $216,000 for 14th place.

With two men to go, Tan Shuan was eliminated in 22nd place and was dealt set under set against Michael Soiza.

Recall that Tan was the main action generator in an expensive game on GG in the summer and fall of 2020.

Bubble Boy is Khale Burns. He shoved the last 12 blinds from the small blind with Q8s, but could not beat Talal Shakerchi's A2s, who spent the entire final stage of the tournament among the leaders.

Stacks of finalists:

The final table didn't work out for Fedor Holz at all. At first, he failed to win with kings in a three way all-in. The bank went to Michael Soyza with .

Fedor managed to recover his stack and even doubled up in the top 5 when he collected a runner-runner flush against the same Soiza. But in the end, he still finished in 5th place, once again putting up with kings against Smiljkovic.

Shakerchi maintained a large stack throughout the entire final table, and in the decisive stage did not leave his opponents a chance at all.

In the top three, Smiljkovic succumbed to his monster draw with two pair.

Heads-up against Soiza, Talal started with a 2:1 advantage, but in one of the first hands he gave his opponent a small head start by throwing away a straight.

On the river, Shakerchi made a small bet and instantly folded when Michael went all in. Curiously, on the flop, Talal check-raised this hand.

Michael briefly became the chip leader, but that didn't help him. His next bluffs turned out to be less successful, Talal Shakerchi confidently won and celebrated the biggest success of his poker career.

“For me, poker is just a hobby, but I strive to play with the strongest,” Talal emphasized after the victory. “The only way to get real pleasure is to set difficult tasks for yourself and do everything to cope with them. This applies to any activity."

Recording of the final table with comments by Dmitry Shakhov and Ilya Gorodetsky:

Jason Koon won the final $50,000 52-card turbo tournament.

The tournament was held at the same time as the second day of the main, and for some players, it was the last hope to save the series. Koon also started the day in the main event but was quickly eliminated.

In addition to Jason, the tournament became an underhanded excuse for Artur Martirosyan. He was so upset after the elimination from the main tournament that he was not going to buy into the last tournament at all. But the love for the game at the last moment was stronger.

Arthur ended the series in a small minus:

– I did a quick calculation, the amount I was down was $627,200, and first was $509,000, so I would be down even if I got first place) I don’t know, the feelings are still disgusting from the series, in such lineups the expectation is 100k+ per series, and we are content with an under-excuses) well, objectively, not the worst outcome nevertheless, it could be quite sad without the last cash.

For Jason Koon, the victory was the fifth in the Triton series, he bypassed Mikita Badziakouski on this record. Before Vietnam, they both had four titles.

“Prepare a new banner,” Koon joked after the victory. – Mikita is one of the best players in the history of poker, I'm sure he won't let me enjoy the lead for long. Triton is generally a special place, only legends gather here. Look around, where else you can find the best players from online, offline, anywhere else. We are all extremely lucky that we have the opportunity to play in expensive tournaments in this series.

Short deck tournaments were much more modest. In the $100,000 buy-in Main, the field had only 49 entries (23 re-entries).

Heads-up, Aaron Zang beat Michael Zhang, who came to Vietnam solely for short deck tournaments. Aaron is also not a frequent guest at this poker series. He has not appeared at Triton since the summer of 2019, when he became the first winner of the £1m tournament. Zang clearly plays poker for the soul – starting from the last two tables, he played mostly all-ins and emerged victorious from many confrontations in which he was not a mathematical favorite. The final hand was no exception – Zang shoved with no hesitation with AxJx suited and confidently won against .

Mikita Badziakouski has never cashed in regular Hold'em tournaments but has slightly improved his mood thanks to the short deck.

He finished 6th in the $50,000 tournament. The title was contested by veterans of the high roller scene Mike Watson and Ike Haxton. Michael Zhang was in the top three here too.

Danny Tang became the champion in the $25,000 buy-in tournament. He dedicated the victory to Ivan Leow, emphasizing how important he was in the development of both the Triton series and poker in Asia as a whole.

The final and smallest tournament (28 entries) for $20,000 each was won by Sam Greenwood.

After the Vietnam tournaments, Stephen Chidwick came out on top in the overall Triton standings.

The winner, who will be determined at the end of the year, will receive $200,000 and a special Ivan Leow trophy.

The dates of the next two stages are already known. From May 10 to May 25, the Triton series will be held in Cyprus, and from July 27 to August 10, high rollers will gather in London.