POSTFLOPIZER – a powerful and convenient GTO solver for postflop

When you start diving into the mysterious world of GTO, you want to find software that is easy to use, gives you more freedom of action, produces clear results, and is reasonably priced. ICMIZER developers have released a new GTO solver for postflop that meets all these criteria – POSTFLOPIZER.

Postflopizer can be downloaded as a free demo version or purchased outright with Early Bird with a 25% discount for first buyers. But only in the GipsyTeam store when purchasing a Postflopizer you can save another 10%! Total, 33% benefit compared to the original price. The Early Bird offer is valid until November 28th inclusive, and the exclusive discount in our store is valid until November 30th.

Postflopizer will be useful both for those players who have not yet encountered GTO and for professionals who want to go beyond dry mathematics and learn how to systematically exploit weaknesses in the game of their opponents. This is a fairly flexible tool that makes it possible to build your training system in a way that is convenient for you, combining different methods of analysis.

Key features of Postflopizer:

Quick Mode: The need to enter a huge amount of data on hands is one of the problems of GTO solvers, which can quickly deprive a player of motivation to understand this topic at all. Quick Mode simplifies and speeds up this process. It's easy to adjust stack sizes, explore different pot size scenarios, and determine ranges.

This is a calculator, not a museum of ready-made solutions: You can customize everything – stack sizes, bets, ranges, and even the typical behavior of players at each decision point. If you like to look deeper and recreate strategies that fit real-world game situations, Postflopizer gives you the freedom to experiment endlessly. Postflopizer does not pull answers from any bank of calculated hands, so you get exactly what you want to know every time.

Ability to lock nodes: Node Locking is a strategy editing tool that allows you to take into account not the ideal GTO game in a vacuum, but the real style of your opponent in the places you need. If you know that your opponent or you yourself are inclined to behave one way or another at certain moments, you can enter this data into Postflopizer and immediately see how the probabilities of a particular outcome change in connection with this, and which counter-strategy is the most profitable. For example, should you play more aggressively, or, on the contrary, fold everything immediately, or maybe you already did everything right.

Five analytical modes: The developers have introduced five modes for viewing the calculations you have received, including analysis of runouts after each street of trading, an OOP vs IP view for convenient comparison of your combinations with your opponent’s cards, and Made Hand Matrix. The last feature is only available in Postflopizer: it allows you to see how your strategy should change depending not only on the strength of your hand but also on the potential of your draw.

Easy learning and clear results: According to developer tests, on average Postflopizer users spend no more than 15 minutes to understand how everything works. For software of such complexity, this is an excellent result. The interface was made as simple as possible and at the same time informative, various viewing modes and tooltips were introduced that will help evaluate the game dynamics in all possible aspects.

Pay once, use for a lifetime: So far, Postflopizer has entered the market with a simple offer – you pay for the software once and have it at your disposal forever. At the same time, the developers promise many updates and add-ons – for example, in the next version it will soon be possible to analyze MTT. Taking into account the low price of Postflopizer and a 25% discount for first buyers + 10% for GipsyTeam users, it turns out that for little money you get a universal tool for many years.

The developers say that when developing Postflopizer, they wanted to break down GTO. So that users can deeply understand the essence of the issue and independently choose their approach to learning. So we advise you to try the free demo – you can download it from the link:

And don’t forget about the opportunity to save 33% of the price while the Early Bird discount and exclusive discount for GipsyTeam users are valid in our store!

Discounts on ICMIZER 3

Also, the developers have already launched a Black Friday promotion for ICMIZER 3 until November 30 inclusive:

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ICMIZER 3 combines three tools for tournament poker players to help improve their gaming performance:

ICMIZER is a powerful poker calculator with an improved interface that will help you find the right solution in SNG and MTT.

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Replayer is a hand player with easy navigation and the ability to instantly send hands to a preflop calculator and track changes in equity across the streets.