I don't 100% c-bet this texture, and the is one of the worst hands in my range, so it's usually worth checking. A continuation bet is possible, but very, very rare.


Turn (16.6bb):

Well, it's not our board at all.

Villain bets 7.31bb, Steffen folds.

Weird small 3-bet from the small blind. Depth is 80bb, we have position and a suited broadway hand. Let's flop a royal flush.


Not bad, but still dangerous: guys with 20/13 stats in 3-bet pots usually show an overly strong range. Therefore, we will play very disciplined.

Let's say I'm playing against kings. How do I get maximum value from them? I think you can bet against a weak player. If he has kings, it seems to me that he will call a half pot bet.

Bet 7.75bb. The opponent snap folds.

3bet pot, we called in the CO. On a flop like this, I have an easy call.

Turn (Pot: 44bb. Effective stack: 82bb):

Now I will go all-in against the second barrel, just for protection. I still can't fold on most rivers. It's not my style to fold jacks, even if they look rather ugly here.

Opponent checks.

Here we have, in my opinion, two sizes: one very small, the second is larger, about half pot, for protection. Here the larger size is better.

Bets 22bb, Villain folds.

Here we both checked all the streets. GTO should block bet with my hand, but his quick check looks so weak that you could bet more.

Bet 3.9bb. Villain quickly calls and loses.

AQ high. Yes, that's pretty much what I thought. Good.

We open to the standard 2.22bb and the big blind calls. This is good for me; much better than a board like 544: the opponent should not have many deuces. I like to have a lot of c-bets here. By the way, having an ace of clubs is pretty good for us.

Bet 1.17bb. Villain calls.

Turn (7BB):

Opponent checks.

I can start to bluff with a lot of hands. I have all the best full houses in my range, and all my unpaired hands have six clean outs. I'm trying to figure out what's the best bluff here. Yes, the ace of clubs is good, but seems like too strong a hand to go crazy with. Probably bluffs are KQ, KJ, QJ – hands like this.


River (7bb):

Oh nice.

Villain bets 10.4bb.

Some kind of nonsense. In my opinion, for value this will be strictly with one hand – JJ to receive a call from Tx. Of course, I won’t fold my ten, but if they show me jacks now, I’ll write a note on it “sizing tells”.

Calls and splits with

A strange bet in my opinion... Yes, I call with a ten, but I will fold everything that is weaker.

Postflop we just checked. I'll probably give up on the river anyway. Although it's good that I have clubs, because in my range there are , , , ... Eh, okay, we can bluff this one. I check my entire range on the turn, so on the river with any trips I can bet big.

Bet 15.66bb. The opponent folds.

Opened and called a 3-bet. On the flop, the opponent checks. I have to mix bet and check here. I'll take a bet. In practice, I like to bet a little more since I don't expect enough check-raises.

Bet 5.8bb. Gets check-raised to 21bb.

Oh what? Of course, he should call. The situation can be interpreted as if he just made a big c-bet, and we need to pay with our hand, a completely standard scenario.

Turn (65bb, effective stack 93bb):

And he got caught!

Opponent checks. Steffen bets 16.4bb. Call.

It was possible to check the turn. He will have a lot of queens, kings and aces, as well as AK and AQ. I don't need to defend against them because overpairs have very few outs to improve and keeping in unpaired hands is perfect for me. You could give them a chance. However, I can also have bluffs – 98, 65 – and I need a betting range.

River (98bb, effective stack 77bb):

Opponent checks.

Let's go. Trips is a good combo!

Goes all-in. The opponent thinks for a long time and folds.

Good fold! Usually when people think this long, they eventually talk themselves into calling. But this guy folded – well done.

The same opponent on another table. He started with a big bet on the flop, then checked the turn. Do I have worse hands? Maybe some 7x... I think it is necessary to turn this hand into a bluff. Perhaps I do this too often, but I think it works well.

Bet 10.6bb. The opponent folds.

I don't want to fold QJ offsuit here – good pot odds and a potentially weak opponent in the hand...

The cutoff hits this flop a lot with all of his 77 and 66, as well as 88 and 99.

Everyone checks.

Turn (6.89bb):

It's very interesting that the cutoff checked last. Noikul should often check his entire range on the flop, so there's not much to say about his hand yet, but overall the situation looks good for a bluff.

Bet 5.17bb. Noikul folds. dodam0924 min-raises. Steffen folds.

Hmm, eights... We have deep stacks, you can win a lot by hitting a set. However, losing more also if he has a higher set. I'll call.

Flop (15.12bb):

Both players check.

Turn (15.12bb):

An extremely interesting check on his part, because on this board he can c-bet with his entire range. Okay, on this turn, I again check 100%.

Check – check.

River (15.12bb):

He may have 99, 10 10, JJ, maybe, Qx. I don't think I can get much value out of this range. In general, I’m not sure of anything, his checks seem very strange.

Bet 11.34bb. Villain raises to 35.54bb.

Raising with a flush on the river doesn't make sense, so it's nines, but why such a small raise? Maybe it's actually a flush. I'll definitely call.

Calls and wins against .

Excellent, very good river. However, I still don't understand why he didn't c-bet. He would have knocked out JJ and TT right on the flop, plus there's a backdoor... Very, very strange.

UTG versus a button call. You can check or make a small bet. I'll choose to check – I'm not afraid to give him 2-3 outs.

Both players check.

Turn (5.64bb):

QTs and QJs only have one street of value, so I'll check again and react to his sizing.

Villain bets 3.61bb.

I don't like that he bets big. If he bet small, I would even consider check-raising, because there are a lot of 77 and 88. However, now I can only call.

River (12.51bb):

Still playing calldown.

Villain checks back and loses.

What did he have there? Okay, sevens, he just bet big with them for some reason.

Top pair with top kicker against a raise from a small stack... I might even consider 3-betting, but I'll still choose to call. It is better to re-raise with queens so as not to block his Jx.

Turn (12.3bb):

Nasty card, I won’t be able to stack his KJ, QJ.

Villain bets 7bb.

And now he increases the sizing. I'll call again, but if he keeps betting the river, I'll fold.

River (25.6bb, effective stack 26.3bb):

Opponent checks.

That's good! I can be greedy and put in a bet, but perhaps not worth it.

Checks back and wins against .

QJs vs. a 3-bet from a player who barely enters hands. If he had raised to 12bb I would have just folded, but it's too good a price for me to make insane exploitative folds.

Flop (19.5bb):

Villain bets 6.4bb. Call.

Turn (32bb):

Opponent checks.

His 3-bets are aces, kings, queens and AK. My queen and jack are clean outs against AK, so I'll check and take a free card. Seeing a check-raise here would be extremely unpleasant. On the river I'll think about whether I can knock out his AK.

River (32bb):

And here is the answer.

Steffen folds.

On the turn, I bet against overcards, folded out J9, got calls from A-high and A5. I hope now to win at showdown.

Checks and wins against .


Nines to a 3-bet from the small blind can sometimes even be folded. However, I called.

Flop (20.9bb):

Opponent checks.

Nines and diamonds play a mixed strategy, but I like to bet more because people don't check-raise often enough. And yes, I remember the last time I said this, I was immediately check-raised.

Bet 5.22bb.

Our goal is to fold out KQ, get called by 87s or 54s.

Villain calls.

Turn (31bb):

Opponent checks.

Now I at least have the opportunity to fully realize my equity. I can check. He won't bluff an eight or a four, he won't bluff with AK and AQ...

River (31bb):

Opponent checks.

So, I have enough hands with a ten in the range, I am well protected. Check, hope we win the showdown.

Opponent shows and takes the pot.

I'll go for the second barrel here. He can have any Jx, Qx. I don't know if he folds with them or not, but it doesn't matter to me – my hand looks quite suitable for a bluff.

Bet 10.36bb. Opponent gives up.

Called preflop with AJ offsuit against a guy with 28/8 stats. Called the flop, now he bets the turn. There are very few hands for him, the sizing is strange... I'll just play my hand in position. Now call, and if he bets the river small again, I can think about raising.


River (15bb):

Villain bets 5bb.

Okay, I think we can do without raises. He may still have AQ with which he does not know what to do.

Calls and splits with .