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4.6 /5
1 feedback from 1
11.10.2023 19:19
I would never recommend playing at this poker room. There are so many reasons.
I will name them from the beginner's side, if you are a regular, perhaps you will certainly find reasons to play in this poker room, but if you are like me, who plays poker recently and is looking at which room to choose to play, this one I do not advise anyone.
One of the main reasons is the tech support. It's terrible. There is no online chat as on the eight, there is only soap, to which you write and you answer once in 24 hours. I have a balance of just over 100 dollars. I won freeroll and also tripled my winnings in the cash game. On the game itself, a lot of beginners, but also there are registers that play ALL tables. And in this room you can roll up to 24 tables. Also select tables is absent. You can not see who sits at the table, you need to invest 1bb or use a ticket that is issued three times a day and gives the opportunity to check the table. There are very few tables. Prime time night if you live in Moscow. Interface snostnyy, but not chic and below average, even the translation of the language is not written down to the end. On convenience 4 out of 10.
Trackers work that is undoubtedly a plus.
Further info who is interested in how this room threw me for money.
Of the most unexpected, it is that I was screwed by my own 100 bucks. I thought it would be a great bankroll for low limits, I decided to withdraw and try to play at other rooms where tables are bigger in the evening, as the night time is not suitable for me to play. Finally wanted to withdraw to his wallet, wrote the account. After 24 hours I flew Ban. It turned out all my withdrawals are blocked until I can confirm my identity ( well, okay, no problem, for depa do not need to confirm anything, for withdrawal you need, but I think p... on them, I will discount the docs ). After this began a wild horror. Before that I confirmed on many sites like poker identity and I already have a photo of passport and residence registration. In the end, as usual, I sent them a photo of passport and bank statement in Ukrainian, where you can see the date and address of my house (in English, such a statement is just not realistic to find). I waited for 24 hours, they did not accept this document, allegedly I had to photograph the document in full (there the edges of the paper did not fit in the frame, but they are not needed in fact). Okay. I took another picture of the passport from a distance. I was denied again. Now they did not fit the bank statement, which allegedly does not indicate the time and address of my residence registration (although it is indicated there). I wrote to technical support, waited 24 hours and was told that they could not help me and sent me a video of how to upload documents... Okay, sent again the documents of propiska Ukrainian passport, the first and last page (respectively in Ukrainian) And this they also did not accept. I live in a rented house, I can not show them the documents for the house, or what they want me to throw. I understand maybe many people managed to withdraw money without problems. But imagine yourself in my place, I spent a week on technical support and achieved exactly nothing, as support responds once a day. I have already given up hopes to confirm my identity, as I do not understand what they want from me. Decide for yourself whether you need such a poker room, in which if there is a problem you will answer once a day and template answers without trying to understand and quickly help. Nerves were spent 100 times more than these unfortunate 100 dollars. But there are pluses, now I will know that you need to first confirm the identity, of course I did not expect such from this poker room, because at other I verify with the same screenshots of documents identity on the izi, but now I will know, because if someone will make a deposit of 2k$ for example before verify the identity is likely to get into the same situation and accordingly will get to the money much more than me on these pennies.
Translated to English
1 feedback from 1


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