From June 10 to 16, CoinPoker will host the Turbo Series, a series of hold'em tournaments. Buy-ins range from 5 to 500, with most under 50. A total of 100,000 will be up for grabs.

Leaderboard: The top 10 players will share 3,000 in tickets to the next tournament series, the Summer Showdown. The top four will each receive a 500 ticket, 5th-6th place will get 200 tickets, and the rest will get 150 tickets.

Point Formula for the Leaderboard: Logarithm (prize pool of the tournament) / square root of (place in the tournament/number of entries).

Gifts: Participants in the series will be entered into a draw for Summer Showdown tickets ranging from 20 to 500. There are no rules; tickets are distributed randomly, with a total prize pool of 1,500.

Freerolls: Several freeroll satellites with a total prize pool of 3,000 will take place during the series.

The biggest tournaments are scheduled for Sunday, June 16:

  • BigFifty for ₮50, guarantee ₮10,000, starting at 17:00 GMT.
  • MegaStack for ₮100, guarantee ₮15,000, starting at 18:05 GMT.
  • Main Event for ₮500, guarantee ₮35,000, starting at 19:30 GMT.


DateTime, GMTBuy-inName of a tournamentGuaranteed prize
June, 10 17:005TurboSeries #1500
June, 1018:0525TurboSeries #21250
June, 1019:0550TurboSeries #32500
June, 1117:005TurboSeries Deepstack #4500
June, 1117:0525TurboSeries Deepstack #51250
June, 1118:0550TurboSeries Deepstack #62500
June, 1217:005TurboSeries #7400
June, 1217:0525TurboSeries #81000
June, 1218:0550TurboSeries #92000
June, 1317:005TurboSeries #10 Fifty-Stack750
June, 1317:0525TurboSeries #11 Fifty-Stack1500
June, 1318:05100TurboSeries #12 Fifty-Stack5000
June, 1319:3050TurboSeries #13 Thursday Big Fifty5000
June, 1417:005TurboSeries #14 MonsterStack400
June, 1417:0525TurboSeries #15 MonsterStack1000
June, 1418:0050TurboSeries #16 MonsterStack2000
June, 1418:05100TurboSeries #17 MonsterStack3500
June, 1517:005TurboSeries #18 Saturday Warmup PKO400
June, 1517:0050TurboSeries #19 Saturday Warmup PKO1750
June, 1518:0025TurboSeries #201000
June, 1518:05100TurboSeries #215000
June, 1617:005TurboSeries #22 MegaStack1000
June, 1617:0510TurboSeries #23 Mini Main Event3000
June, 1618:0050TurboSeries #24 Big Fifty10000
June, 1618:05100TurboSeries #25 MegaStack15000
June, 1619:30500TurboSeries #26 MAIN EVENT35000