From 15 July to 19 August, RedStar Poker will host an online qualifier for The Festival Series, which will take place from 9-15 September at Portomaso Casino (St Julian's, Malta).

The satellites are divided into two types:

1. For trips to the main tournament (€550). Satellites for €50 with ticket draws go almost every day until 19 August. You can save money in step satellites from €0.25.

DateStart (GMT)Satellite
Fri, 19 July17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Sat, 20 July17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Sun, 21 July19:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Mon, 22 July17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Fri, 26 July17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Sat, 27 July17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Sun, 28 July19:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Mon, 29 July17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Fri, 2 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Sat, 3 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Sun, 4 August19:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Mon, 5 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Thu, 8 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Fri, 9 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Sat, 10 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Sun, 11 August19:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Mon, 12 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Fri, 16 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Sat, 17 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|1x€550
Sun, 18 August19:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550
Mon, 19 August17:30The Festival Malta|SEAT|2x€550

2. For packages at €1,850 each. The package includes €550 for the buy-in, €850 for accommodation (6 nights at Cavalieri Art Hotel 4*, JL Hotel 3* or The Londoner Hotel St. Julians 3*, choice of double room with breakfast), €200 in gifts for the participant of the series and €250 for expenses.

Five to nine packages are played in two-day satellites for €100: join daily, with the second days taking place on Sundays at 18:00 GMT.

DateStart (GMT)Satellite
Sun, 21 July18:00The Festival Malta 5x€1,850|D2
Sun, 28 July18:00The Festival Malta 6x€1,850|D2
Sun, 4 August18:00The Festival Malta 6x€1,850|D2
Sun, 11 August18:00The Festival Malta 7x€1,850|D2
Thu, 18 April18:00The Festival Malta 9x€1,850|D2

Qualifying for Day 1 can be done via step satellites for €0.25-€3-€15.