A free tournament with a guarantee of $1,500 has appeared on TigerGaming, which takes place daily at 3:45 GMT.

To get a ticket, you need to earn points from 4:00 am to 3:59 am the next day.

The points accrual system is indicated in the table; to participate in the freeroll, you need to accumulate 25 or more points.

Play 1 SnG2
Play 1 Windfall3
Play 25 raked hands4
Play a tournament from $110
Play 25 times in the casino10

The number of points earned affects the stack size in the free tournament:

  • x — 25 points
  • x2 — 30 points
  • x3 — 35 points
  • x4 — 40 points
  • x6 — 50 points

The free tournament is played in an all-in format, and the winner receives $250 in their account.