One of the most popular poker vloggers Ethan "Rampage" Yau won a $10,000 Poker Masters tournament. In 9th place, he eliminated Daniel Negreanu .

“Played two hands on the final table,” Daniel complained . – With lost to , then with could not hold against the A5 of some fish, who was filming everything and even seemed to be proud that he won from behind.

In heads-up, Ethan beat Alex Foxen.

“No luck only skill,” Rampage commented on his victory.

A few days earlier, Ethan and Daniel found themselves at the same table in a bracelet event at At that time, the moral victory was for Negreanu.

''Thanks, Daniel.'' commented Yau.

''You're welcome.'' replied Dnegs.

In Poker Masters event 6, Negreanu played a strange hand with Masashi Oya:

I have , him . Board . I lost the hand. What card came on the river – , , or ?

Daniel has not yet voiced the correct answer, but the option that received the most votes was the .

Fedor Holz created a "masterpiece" :

– For several weeks I was creating “the most difficult poker quiz in the world”! 🔥 And so far I have not seen anyone score more than 61 points in it... Can you beat this result? 💪

Mike Matusow also decided to test his knowledge:

– Scored 10 out of 70 points, haha. These quizzes do not take into account the human factor in any way, in poker there is nothing more important than reading opponents. If our opponent is a weak bitch, we can constantly raise and pressure him with bets. You can think whatever you want, but you can't convince me otherwise.

– Or you just don't know how to play, – Fedor suggested another probable reason for such a result.

Allen Kessler offered his readers a simpler problem, although it also caused great controversy.

I bought a cow for $800 and sold it for $1,000. Then he bought it again for $1,100 and sold it for $1,300. How much did I earn?

“What stupid followers you have, Allen,” Joseph Cheong marveled at some of the answers.

“Look at these answers, and then tell me why you can’t win at poker,” Melissa Burr was also left bewildered by what she saw.

A few days later, Allen posted another problem.

– You were offered two chests. When you have made your choice, the presenter announces that one of the chests contains twice as much money. And he offers to change his choice. Will you agree, refuse, or does it not matter at all?

Nearly 50% of readers voted for the 'doesn't matter' option.

In mathematics, this problem is known as the " Two Envelope Paradox ".

A similar problem is dealt with in the film "Twenty-One".

Victor Blom unexpectedly returned to the public space. He posted several posts on Instagram . In one of them, he confessed his love for his 93-year-old grandmother, who taught him to play cards 20 years ago.

“The less I trade, the better I feel,” crypto trader CL207 shared a paradoxical observation . – ''I don’t know what it is connected with. But in those moments, I feel emotions again, and it's wonderful.''

– This is called alexithymia, – Timofey Kuznetsov explained in the comments . – The most efficient state for trading and poker. This is because losses are much more powerful than winnings. As a result, the brain chooses to reduce all emotions in general to a very small range.

During the Triton series, Wiktor Malinovsky answered several questions from Rob Yong.

What is the biggest pot you've won?

“There were too many of them. The record, it seems, is about $3 million. But I don't remember the details.

– How about the biggest you lost?

''I remember this one very well – kings to aces of my friend Timofey. The amount was about the same.''

– How did your “drunk” challenge against Fedor Holz end?

''Haha, I lost. I was sure that because of my condition, he would try to bluff me. And he followed a strictly opposite strategy. Lost about $100k.''

– Favorite place to play poker?

''I really like London, the Triton series there was amazing.''

– Which room will take the leading position online in five years?

''We will increasingly move towards decentralization, it will be some kind of crypto-room. It probably doesn't even exist yet.''

– Your favorite player of all time?

''I won’t say that he is my favorite, but I have immense respect for Doyle Brunson. It is absolutely inconceivable that he has been in this industry for so many years and is still playing.''

– What about your least favorite player?

''I don't like people who steal time from their colleagues and invade personal space. Or bit annoying guys like Khabrel and Foxen.''

– How many more years will you play poker?

“Probably for the rest of my life. Probably, over time I will start playing less, but in general I can’t imagine myself without poker.''

– What advice would you give to your fans?

'' Live life as if you were in a movie, and good things will happen.''

In Cyprus, Rob Yong won the first tournament of his career, the $10,000 One Drop at the Mediterranean Poker Party series. Participants totalled 18 entries, he defeated Espen Jorstad heads-up for $87,000.

Sean Deeb was quick to congratulate Rob on this success:

– You finally won! But I want to give a free advice – you can't have more people in the winning photo than in the tournament itself.

The Poker Go Tour has officially banned Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler from their tournaments. Until the end of 2022, after which the issue of their participation will be considered again.

They are absent from the Poker Master series taking place at the moment. They also missed the last series of Triton and EPT, but the organizers refrained from any announcements there.

One reader spotted Sam Grafton in the $4k Gtd Hot 33 tournament:

– Just a week ago he won $5.5 million. What a love for the game ❤️❤️.

– ''Yes, what love," – Jens Arends doubted, – ''he just already rolled everything into slots.''

The BitB Cash Foundation posted a graph from one of their students:

– During our work together, he showed absolutely incredible results. 7bb/100, + $300k and it's at where there are a lot of reg wars.

“Even with that win rate, he had 30 buy-in swings,” you-mad-br0 marveled. – ''No matter how well you play and what results you have, any player needs to be able to overcome such periods, and over time this is probably the most important skill.''

– ''Wow, 30 buy-ins, madness,'' – Jens Arends could not resist sarcasm again, – ''a regular MTT regular session.''

– Have you ever seen a 45-bet? asks Patrick Leonard .

Regular high stakes PLO player 'jädimaster82' laid out a fun hand from the $25/$50 limit, in which he managed to bluff his opponent

– ''Wow, are you still grinding? Well, you are a legend'' – Will Jaffe admired.

– ''I have only two ways: either this or prostitution.''

– ''I have PTSD from this hand'' – Joe Ingram supported the discussion .

In recent news, we talked about Hustler casino streams featuring Alan Keating and Jean-Robert Bellande.

New records at the Hustler casino, high rollers are coming to Cyprus, Gus Hansen has taken up PLO, Hellmuth is preparing for a duel with Koon and other short news stories.

One stream already has over 400,000 views.

Regular videos from Hustler tend to have more modest figures – from 100,000 to 200,000.

Dan Smith was interested in how much you can earn from such broadcasts:

– Can anyone roughly estimate how much money such many hours of broadcasting for 16,000 viewers brings? I don't have the slightest idea.

“$1k-$2k, I think,” suggested Matt Berkey. – ''Views of the recording will bring the main profit.''

“Depends on the views and the amount of ads,” added Joe Ingram. – ''1 million views is about $1,000-$1,200.''

– ''😂😂😂'' – this rather uninformative answer was left by one of the organizers of the streams and co-owner of Hustler, Nick Vertucci.

Phil Hellmuth played cash on a rival stream – Live at the Bike. With $50/$100 blinds, he sat down at the table with a $5,000 stack and spent most of the session with an even smaller stack. This is despite the title of the show – "Phil Hellmuth week".

In the next session, the stakes were raised to $100/$200, but Phil did not change his strategy.

It didn't get past Daniel Negreanu :

– You can spend $1,700 on a bottle of wine, but $100/$200 on stream will play with a $2,500 stack. Well you rock, Phil! 😂😂😂

Even during the stream, Phil stated that if he wanted to, he could easily have sat with much more. The other day, Eric Persson reminded him of this

– ''Mr. Hellmuth, I heard a rumor that in a week you will appear in Hustler, where you will play $100/$200. I'm sure you will answer for your words and start the game with $300,000 as promised. I'm not the only one interested in this, I would like to hear your answer.''

Phil hasn't responded yet.

Recall that Eric became famous in the poker community this spring, when he not only knocked Hellmuth out of the $25k heads-up tournament, but also pissed him off so much that Phil began to seek help from the organizers.

The next stream from the Hustler casino will take place on Wednesday . Hellmuth is not among the participants, but there is his namesake, Ivey .

Joe Ingram played cash on ACR:

– ''This is the only way to beat Russian bots.''

PokerStars had to cancel over 100 tournaments on the "biggest poker Sunday of the year", including all of the WCOOP mains.

With a $6M guaranteed, 297 players were registered for the $10,300 Main Event. They only played three levels. Players with stacks remaining at the time the tournaments were canceled were compensated in accordance with PokerStars rules. Chip leader 'zerodeda' increased his starting 250,000 to 560,000 for $16.5k.

The tournaments have been postponed to the beginning of November .