Las Vegas is the capital of gambling. Many people probably think you can bet on everything in the city of sin. However, those who want to bet money on Oscar winners or favorite TV projects will have to look for a suitable site on the Internet. Las Vegas casinos only accept bets on sporting events and of course, their selection of table games.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board and Las Vegas bookmakers decided to correct this. The initiator was the company Cantor Fitzgerald, one of whose activities is bookmaking.

I think it will be good for the state,” Cantor Fitzgerald betting director Mike Colbert said. “I don't know if it will be a big money maker, but I like anything that creates action.” The formalities were ready to be completed within a few months, in order to be ready for the start of the World Series of Poker.

Poker players should especially appreciate this innovation,” continues Colbert. “These guys constantly make bets among themselves – who will win the tournament, who will last longer, who will win more bracelets. The poker betting market is very broad.

Weight Loss Bets: Doyle Wins $100k and Mike Loses $2 Million

In 2003, a group of players bet $1,000,000 against Doyle Brunson's $100,000. The bet stated that Doyle had to lose weight until he was 136 kg. The other conditions were lost to the sands of time, but Doyle won. Brunson used the Atkins diet and Weight Watchers products to reach the 136kg finish line.

Doyle Brunson in a cash game with other pros

Mike Matusov had less luck in the weight bets. Before the start of the 2005 World Series, Mike made a $20,000 bet with Eric Lindgren on who could lose the most weight. “I lost almost 8 kg, and still lost,” Mike grumbled later. “Eric squeezed 1 kg more out of himself.

Two years later, during the WSOP 2007, Ted Forrest offered Mike $100,000 if he could lose weight from 110 kg to 82 kg in a year. Mike became interested in healthy eating and ran 20 kilometers a day, and as a result, at the appointed time, the scales showed 81 kg.

Last year the friends switched roles. Under the terms of the new agreement, Ted Forrest had to lose weight from 86 kg to 62.5 kg. Ted completed the task and won... $2,000,000. True, Mike did not have that kind of money, and the rivals agreed on monthly payments.

Perhaps if Mike won the $5,000,000 Venom MTT on PokerKing, he might have been able to pay off more of his bet.

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Athletic Bets: 18 Hours in the Ocean for $50k and Others

  • One day, Huck Seed (pictured) suggested that Howard Lederer test who could cover a distance of 40 meters on one leg the fastest. Howard agreed to a bet of $5,000. True, it didn’t come to the official “races”. Huck was so impressed with Lederer's training that he decided to pay upfront.
Huck Seed in a televised game
  • When Huck Seed and Phil Hellmuth were next to each other on the beach, Phil came up with a crazy idea. He suggested that Huck spend 18 hours in the ocean, shoulder-deep in water. Huck agreed to try for $50,000, but his love for water only lasted for 3 hours.
  • Huck Seed's height is 2 meters. Howard Lederer expected to make an easy $10,000 when he challenged Huck to learn how to do a standing backflip in 48 hours. Huck turned to his uncle for help, a former professional acrobat, and 2 days later, he upset Howard with a perfect performance of the trick.
  • In March 2009, Huck Seed bet (according to various sources) from $2,000 to $5,000 with odds of 33 to 1 that he could run 1 mile (1.6 km) in 4 minutes 39 seconds by the end of the year. Most were skeptical about the idea of ​​40-year-old Huck, some said that they would gladly agree at 100 to 1. David Sklansky later confirmed that Huck lost (
  • 1984 World Backgammon Champion Mike Svobodny once bet $7,000 that Ted Forrest couldn't run a marathon in 6 hours. The venue for the experiment was the University of Nevada stadium. Ted ran in temperatures of 48 degrees Celsius, the track melted under his feet, but he made it through and became $7,000 richer.

Food Bets: Lederer Eats a $10k Burger and Ivey Pays $150k to Eat Meat

  • During an expensive cash game, David Gray offered famous vegetarian Howard Lederer $10,000 if Howard would eat a cheeseburger. Lederer agreed and didn’t even wince, but was in no hurry to take the winnings. Gray had repeatedly stated his distaste for olives, and Howard gave him a chance to get his money back if he ate a couple. David felt sick just thinking about the little green olive fruits, and he immediately paid.
Instead of getting paid, this is a spot where Lederer paid someone else
  • Phil Ivey has never been a vegetarian, but during the filming of High Stakes Poker, Tom Dwan convinced him to give up animal food for a year. Phil lasted only three weeks and paid off for $150,000 (they argued for $1,000,000).

Bets on Shaving, Living in a Bathroom, and Assault for $15k

  • One day, Huck was offered a decent amount of money so that he would not shave for a year. The deal was canceled 3 months after the sudden death of one of Seed's relatives. Huck could not appear in this form at the funeral.
  • In 2008, Andrew Robl made a bet with his friend Jay Quick. According to the terms of the deal, Jay had to live for 30 days in the bathroom of one of the Bellagio rooms. Robl himself refused to observe the process and went to Europe, and a webcam was installed on the bathroom door to monitor Jay’s movements. After a couple of weeks, disagreements arose between the friends over compliance with the terms, and Robl chose to buy out ahead of schedule for $40,000.
Johnny Moss
  • In the '70s, in one of the bars in Las Vegas, the first WSOP champion Johnny Moss (pictured) suddenly attacked a famous bandit and, for no apparent reason, hit him from behind. The reason became clear later – another player offered Johnny $15,000 if he would attack the most dangerous man in Vegas. The only condition is that Johnny must strike first. Moss was taken to the hospital barely alive with numerous fractures. The owner of 4 bracelets, Puggy Pearson, often visited Johnny and repeated each time that he did not have long to live if he agreed to such crazy bets. “I was offered 15 to 1. I couldn’t refuse,” Johnny lisped through broken teeth.
  • John Hennigan bet $100,000 that he could live in the small town of Des Moines, Iowa for 6 weeks. Hennigan had no doubt about his success, especially since he had long dreamed of working on his golf game in a calm environment. The unknown rival was sure that John would not last a week without a casino and nightlife. He was absolutely right. After 2 days, John Hennigan returned to Vegas and paid without complaint.

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