– I once played with my grandfather, who suddenly announced that he didn’t like to play heads-up pots... What kind of nonsense have you ever heard? – asked the author of the topic .

– Put in preflop with against . The player with fours hit a set and declared:

– I knew you had aces.

– Why did you call then?

– Well, if you have aces, then my fours are no different from kings. And I will never throw away kings.


“He doesn’t yet know that against aces, fours have even more chances of winning than kings.” With them, you can make more straights.

– One guy shoved the river, and the rival girl immediately called. The guy showed his cards. The girl made a disappointed face, opened 83o, and said: “I was bluffing.”

– In fact, this is not such a rare move offline. People deliberately call with complete garbage, since their opponents can dip their best hand.

Ed. – many years ago, a similar call was made by Tobias Reikenmeier against Roland de Wolfe.

It is impossible to beat the guys in an expensive game, because they deliberately declare large sums and put pressure on their stack. This gives them an additional advantage.

I hear this nonsense all the time. It would seem that the concept of an effective stack is extremely simple, but many do not understand it at all.

Any train of thought that begins with the phrase “I put them on AK...”

One guy convinced me that the advantage of position is when you make the first move.

Power of Position in Poker: The Pros and Cons of Each One

Kings are almost indistinguishable from aces, queens from kings, and jacks from queens. That's why I'm ready to push with any pair.

Recently I was playing with a girl who chatted all the time. In one of the hands she raised, only the BB called. On an Ace board they checked to the river, BB bet and she folded with the words “I know that your ace is higher; I only call with two pair or better. I throw everything else away."

One day I was playing online, and a guy started pushing all hands in a row and losing stack after stack. Then he wrote in the chat that the RNG would soon switch, and he would play everything back. For some reason this didn't happen.

My story is not as bright as others, but for me it is the standard of stupidity. It was the second day of a fairly large tournament, a strong reg with a big stack was sitting at the table, who opened 100% from the button. A weak middle-aged amateur immediately behind him noticed this and said: “I am very familiar with such bullying from the chip leader, this will not work with me.” After that, he started calling every time he was on the SB, and then just check-passed the flop. This was repeated round and round until he gradually lost a good stack. He didn't get into the money. I was constantly tempted to ask – why didn’t you ever 3-bet him?

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A player c-bet the flop and was raised by 10x pot. He threw away the overpair and asked his opponent why he played like that. He replied... "It doesn't matter, I just made a test raise."

“One guy thought about the river for ages and called because I took a sip of water and he noticed the movement of my Adam’s apple. For him, this was a sign of an obvious bluff. I had a full house.

– There is always a guy at the table who "has tells" on all opponents, but 99% of the time he is wrong.

– One guy convinced me that is the best hand because it is impossible to make a straight without one of these cards...

– And if they are offsuit, then you can still collect as many as two flushes!

This is my first time playing offline (€2/€4), so I act extremely carefully. From early limping, MP raise, I have aces – 3-bet. Behind me, the BB with a stack of 30BB shoved, the limper called, the MP folded, I 5-bet 80BB, the limper paid. We delivered the remainder on a very dry flop. He opened T8o, my aces held against him, and I took the big side pot. After the hand, he began to explain that by 5-betting I essentially showed my cards, so it was profitable for him to call. Moreover, his hand was perfectly camouflaged. I replied that it all sounded very logical and he was just unlucky. Over the next two hours, he gave us $3k and went to “excuse himself” in PLO.

Made a club flush with and beat . The opponent was very surprised by this outcome, because he had blockers...

– One guy folded the nut straight after two all-ins because he put both opponents on flush draws. They both showed sets...

– Doesn’t he have a better chance of winning against two flush draws?

Ed. – I remember the famous story at the WPT in Las Vegas, when a player flopped a top set open with a flush draw after two all-ins. And, of course, he was absolutely right :) One of the opponents got a flush on the turn, and on the river the owner of a set of deuces made four of a kind.

One guy bet three pots on the flop and said, “I want to hit any flush draws.”

UTG opened with a 3bb raise, UTG+1 called. The next five players also called with the same comment – “I’m completely trash, but with such odds I can’t throw away the pot.”

We played 1/2, my neighbor said that if two all-ins come to him, he will fold even the aces, because someone will definitely make a set. Naturally, this happened twice in the same session. “I told you so,” he sat all evening looking very pleased.

– Spin for $5, one guy checked quads in position and explained that he did this on purpose so that everyone would see his cards and would not bluff at him again.

What ridiculous things have you heard at the poker table? Share in the comments.