The session took place on Saturday evening.

“We were planning to go out with a girl, but I had a few drinks and ended up on $500/$1k instead,” Karl tweeted . “Maybe someone else wants to play.” While playing with Linus. ''We will be happy with a full table.''

Markus "makeboifin" Leikkonen and Estonian regular Taisto "SyrW_Helmets" Yanter quickly joined the game.

In one of the first hands, Karl got a cooler in his direction and doubled up.

Leikkonen opened from UTG and Chappe-Gatien and Taisto called. On the flop the Frenchman bet $4,400, got raised to $13,200, re-raised to $22,000, Taisto raised to $44,000 and called all-in.

The Estonian player tried to flatten the variance and offered to run the turn and river three times, but was refused.

The next big pot was played by the same two players.

Taisto defended the BB and check-raised the flop. On the turn he bet $8,000 into a $22,000 pot, Villain reraised to $20,540, Janter called, the river was checked.

LottoLarry entered the game for a short time, he sat with a modest $40,000 and quickly lost 2/3 of his stack. He pushed the rest all-in after a raise from Chappé-Gatien and got a quick call.

HighStakesCap again rejected the offer to run the board twice. After this loss, Karl rebought up to $200,000.

LottoLarry got rid of his chips after a couple of hands, losing a stack to Markus Leikkonen.

Leikkonen opened with AK and fired three streets all-in on the river. LottoLarry called for everything and left the table.

Taisto Janter took another pot from Carl.

The Estonian 3-bet $10,500, the flop was checked, Chappe-Gatien bet half the pot on the turn, and the river was check-checked.

The big pot was won by Makeboifin without a showdown.

Markus 4-bet cold preflop to $26,000, c-bet half a pot on the flop and check-shoved on the turn

Chappe-Gatien ended his losing streak against a draw with his top pair.

Carl opened and called the 3-bet, Leikkonen cbet a third of the pot on the flop, the turn was checked, and Leikkonen paid the $11k bet on the river.

After a couple of orbits, Chappe-Gatien furthered his success. He opened for $2,000, Linus raised to $8,000, to which the Frenchman simply shoved and got called.

At the end of the second hour, Wiktor Malinovsky joined the game, and after another 20 minutes, the last free seat was taken by Pauli "Fiilismies" Airas.

Airas 4-bet $23,000 for quarter of his stack and folded to Leikkonen's all-in. But he quickly rebuilt his stack by improving against Chappe-Gatien on the river.

Wuiktor opened from the button and got two calls, on the flop he c-bet 1 blind, Airas called, HighStakesCap raised to $7,000, only Finland called. Karl bet half the pot on the turn and the river was checked.

Markus Leikkonen tried to bluff Taisto Janter.

This was preceded by a pre-flop check-check, Taisto min-bet on the flop, a small overbet on the turn, and a 70% pot check-call on the river.

In the next hand, Pauli Airas opened from early and took the blinds, after which he went to sit out. A strange conversation took place between the players.

Pauli Ayras: What kind of game is this?
M Leikkonen: The one with two cards missing
Linus Loeliger: 500/1k No Limit Hold'em
Pauli Ayras: (y) good luck everyone
HighStakesCap: I've had dinner, now I'm ready to play big
Linus Loeliger: :D
HighStakesCap: :)
HighStakesCap: By the way, Taisto – you are my main target, haha
​​Taisto Janter: I have the same attitude about you, buddy
Taisto Janter: But I always keep Linus in my sights too

Under cover of this casual conversation, makeboifin and limitless played a 4-bet pot.

Marcus opened to $2,500, Wictor raised to $12,000 and called the reraise to $24,000. On the flop Malinowski check-called $12,000, on the turn he put $7,500 into a $75,000 pot, Marcus raised to $19,500 and folded to all-in.

Taisto moved from words to deeds and in one of the following hands outplayed Linus on the river.

Loeliger used a few seconds of timebank and gave up.

A couple of hands later, Linus was dealt a flush v full house against Wiktor. But in this hand, the Swiss got off with at a discount.

Wictor defended the BB and check-called the flop. On the turn, Malinowski bet $3,000 into a $10,000 pot, Linus raised to $10,000. River was checked.

The black streak of Linus did not end there.

In the next hand, he opened from early, only Leikkonen called. The flop and turn were check-called by Leliger. On the river, Marcus bet exactly the poy, Linus thought for a long time and paid.

Linus then lost another pot at showdown.

We played a complete/call, the flop was checked, on the turn Taisto called a third of the pot, on the river Loeliger bet 70% of the pot.

Chappe-Gatien lost a third of his stack to Markus Leikkonen in a no showdown hand.

Makeboifin 3-bet preflop and bet three on all streets, Karl gave up on the river.

Linus still managed to win a small pot against Chappe-Gatien.

“Ha ha, bro, when are you going to start playing?” – Karl wrote, thinking about the call.

After this remark, he nevertheless threw it away, and Linus showed him one card.

HighStakesCap: Ok, not bad
Linus Loeliger: It's just a warm up lol

On the next hand, Linus squeezed from the big blind.

HighStakesCap: Let's play poker bro.
Linus Loeliger: This is real poker

Linus showed AQ, Karl wrote in the chat that he had folded AJ, and Wictor went on air and said that he had switched from phone to computer.

Linus still won a big hand.

Leikkonen raised and got three calls, the flop was checked, Taisto bet $3,000 into a $11,000 pot on the turn, Leikkonen paid, Chappe-Gatien folded, and Linus raised to $31,000, only the Estonian called. On the river, Linus shoved and showed when the opponent folded.

Chappe-Gatien scared Limitless by pushing all-in on the flop.

Wiktor threw away and sent a “Tilt” emoticon to the chat.

Janter and Leikkonen played the biggest pot of the session.

Taisto defended the BB, check-raised the flop and bet almost the pot on the turn. On the river he bet $75,000 into a $65,000 pot, makeboifin thought for almost 4 minutes and called in the last seconds of the time bank.

A few hands later, Leikkonen left, replaced by Pauli Airas.

At the end of the session, HighStakesCap called with A-high, which caused a storm of enthusiasm among the regulars.

Taisto raised and c-bet, the turn was checked, and on the river Karl called a $13k overbet into a $9k pot.

Encouraged by this success, Karl made a straight against Victor.

Linus opened, Victor and Carl paid in the blinds. On the flop Wiktor bet, Carl raised, Linus folded. On the turn and river, Chappe-Gatien bet half the pot.

A few hands later, Karl sat out and ended the session with a stack of $223,000. Immediately after him, Taisto Janter and Pauli Airas left the game. Wictor and Linus played a little heads-up, but didn't play any big pots and also went to rest.

“Won 20k,” Karl tweeted . ''I just finished because it was raining heavily. I was sitting on the terrace, and without cigarettes I am not able to play for a long time. Linus, I don't know if you're reading this, but if you want to play expensive heads-up, I'm the one for you. Now my friend is waiting for me. Good luck to all.''

We dare to assume that Linus did not ignore this tweet.