Poker software has become a faithful companion for any good regular hoping to create profit. HUDs help to collect statistics and adapt to opponents, simulators make learning less boring, and solvers allow you to get closer to understanding what the optimal moves are. New programs appear regularly, and old ones acquire new functionality – so to win more, you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

We asked the developers of the main poker programs to talk about the most important achievements of the past year and their software's plans for 2024. Also, before the New Year, we decided to give away $700, which can be spent on purchases in the GipsyTeam store. All of the details are at the end of the article.

GTO Wizard

This year has been really exciting. The introduction of GTO Wizard AI marked a significant milestone, showcasing our state-of-the-art technology that allows players to solve any spot with high accuracy in just a few seconds, even on their phones. Our Wizards can now use a very powerful feature – Nodelocking, which has been highly anticipated since the inception of GTO Wizard.

A major step in our journey was also partnering with various poker networks. Thanks to these collaborations, our technology can now play a crucial role in maintaining a fair poker environment. We're also very proud of our connection with major series like Triton and WSOP. Looking to the future, we're excited about the ability to solve any multi-way spot (both pre-flop and post-flop) in seconds.

Soon, we'll introduce the capability to solve scenarios with custom rake structures or by accounting for ICM/PKO formats. We're also close to releasing innovative reports that provide detailed insights into your gameplay. We believe these new features will revolutionize how players study and improve at poker. We want to thank you for your continuous support this year and for all the feedback you've provided us. It's only thanks to you that we can deliver these amazing features.

To celebrate this, we would like to give away a 5x 1-month GTO Wizard Elite subscription to Gipsyteam readers. All you need to do is leave a comment on this article and we will pick the 5 most interesting comments. We wish you good luck at the tables in 2024!

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GTO Wizard
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Caption Programs

Caption program development continues, but not at the same pace as it was several years ago. Recently, I have mainly focused on maintaining the software stability and functionality on new rooms, or new versions of room clients.

In the coming year, I hope to release new versions just as quickly. And at least partially reduce the negative effect of changes in clients that create problems for players (in particular, Stars recently removed quite a lot of settings, which, in my opinion, is a rather strange idea).

I would like to wish myself and my users that Stars will finally return to the table, make a normally working client, and again win the title of room number 1.


Everything you need for comfortable play on PokerStars, annual license


Jurojin Poker

Hello to every poker lover in our beloved community!

Jurojin is here to toast for the departing year with a few words to mark what we have been through as a team & to wish success on everybody’s endeavor.

After a ‌long development journey, this year we managed to make the jump on the quality of our product helping thousands of poker lovers, enthusiasts, and pro players to enjoy online poker more.

From that moment on, we’ve been working hard to create new tools that can improve the online poker experience as well as expanding our team to enrich the poker ecosystem with content & tools that can ease the path of becoming a hero in the modern days.

For the coming year we have many many ideas & developments that will continue to enhance the poker experience, and here are a few that many have waited for so long:

  • Bluff Equity HUD
  • Minimum Defense Frequency HUD
  • Minimum Outs Needed HUD
  • SPR Next Street HUD
  • Automatic Sizing

That composes some headlines of what you can expect in the First Quarter of 2024 but is hardly all that we have in our plans.

We want to make online poker more accessible, more enjoyable, and more fun!

For 2024, we wish everybody to thrive, we wish you have the strength to pursue your dreams, the discipline to work hard every day & the humility to enjoy the journey.

Happy New Year!

Jurojin Poker
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The ultimate multi-table tool



This past year we released POSTFLOPIZER, which we have been working hard on for the past few years. It was released at the end of October 2023. This is a key stage in our work – and new horizons have opened for our users.

We have a lot of plans for the new year. The first task is to fully integrate ICM calculations and postflop capabilities of POSTFLOPIZER using the advanced PKO TrueBounty and MTT ICM models. In addition, it will be possible to download ranges, just like in ICMIZER. These improvements will open up new possibilities for players, helping them analyze and improve their games even more effectively.

In the coming year, we would like to wish all players to begin their journey to professionalism both preflop and postflop. And for those who have already started, don’t stop, deepen your knowledge, and step up the ladder of limits.

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Powerful and seamless postflop GTO solver


Simple Poker

The Simple Poker team sincerely congratulates the GipsyTeam community on the upcoming New Year! I don’t want to repeat a painfully hackneyed phrase like 'the past year has been difficult and full of challenges', but it really is.

It’s not that difficult to release one application, but that's not us. To be a key player in the market for more than 10 years, constantly looking for something new, attracting users, strengthening relationships with old partners, and finding new ones is no longer an easy task. And all this during a period of crazy turbulence, and sometimes complete uncertainty!

What has happened over the past year?

  • We have focused on developing GTOBase & GTOBase Mobile products designed for both professional users and beginners who want to dive into the exciting world of GTO.
  • We were the first to add a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence and a generative neural network (GPT) from OpenAI.
  • We completely changed the payment system and provided subscriptions at the most affordable prices, and also began to use the services of a top payment acceptance provider.
  • We added new solutions to the 6-max, Spin&Go, and MTT libraries (launched automatic HH analysis for 6-max).
  • The application interface and its mobile version have been significantly improved.
  • We made flexible filters for the simulator that will suit the most demanding users.
  • We added and improved several aggregated reports and a hand replayer.
  • Advanced navigation through solutions.
  • We launched a channel in Russian on YouTube.
  • The number of users on our Discord channel has exceeded 7 thousand, and the number of subscribers on the main YouTube channel is already more than 3 thousand (if you haven’t subscribed yet, do it right now!).

What are we planning next?

As exciting as it is to focus exclusively on the GTOBase family, we should not upset users of other applications who have been with us for a long time and remain loyal to us. There are many additions in the works right now:

  • Simple GTO Trainer – redesign of the application, adding training based on dynamic calculations (including 3-way situations), flexible subscription model, and 3-way Pack.
  • GTO Sensei – new version and 3-way pack.
  • GTOBase Web – a grouping of sizings, adding dynamic calculations for a given configuration based on an existing engine, localization into different languages, and improving user experience through new display settings.
  • GTOBase Mobile – separate subscriptions only for mobile users with access to the Basic version of the application.
  • Solvers – we are constantly exploring ways to speed up work, apply new models for finding GTOs, including using neural networks, and calculate new disciplines.
  • GTOx – We are considering the possibility of combining with the GTOBase application to combine the strengths of two applications in one.

We want to wish all GipsyTeam users good luck, happiness, pleasure from poker, and most importantly, always be in the black.

Simple GTO Trainer
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Efficient tools for training GTO strategies in post-flop scenarios


HoldemResources Calculator

This past year has been particularly transformative for HoldemResources Calculator with the launch of HRC v3.0. This update has elevated our software from its established role as a short-stacked ICM tool to a comprehensive preflop solver. A pivotal feature of this version is the integration of postflop action analysis, enabling the calculation of deep-stacked situations. This advancement has been a major stride in our ongoing journey to provide advanced tools for the poker community. The introduction of such features reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement, especially considering HRC's presence in the market for over 10 years.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, HRC is set to introduce significant enhancements in our postflop solving capabilities. Our new postflop solver will adeptly handle complex scenarios such as multiway pots, bounties, and large field tournaments. It will also account for the effects of card bunching from all folded ranges, offering a more detailed and realistic analysis.

In our current beta version, users can already experience these features. This version highlights the seamless integration between preflop and postflop solving. After a preflop calculation, users can smoothly transition to postflop analysis, with all necessary preflop data, including folded ranges, automatically carried over. This integration facilitates a streamlined analysis process, allowing users to conduct their entire hand analysis within HRC, without the need to switch between different programs.

- Any New Year wishes for your users and the poker community?

As the year winds down, I want to thank all our HRC users and our Discord community for their invaluable contributions. The holiday season often brings a quieter time for poker, a period for rest and gathering thoughts. However, the arrival of the New Year brings with it a wave of motivation and eagerness among players, a renewed commitment to mastering the game. Looking forward to this renewed energy, I wish everyone in the poker community a successful year ahead at the tables!

HoldemResources Calculator
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Professional analysis of tournament hands and study of tournament strategies



Over the past year, OmahaPro has released more than 100 updates and improvements, and the number of requests to servers has exceeded 1,500,000 per month. In the new year, we'll roll out even more updates for PLO4 and PLO5! We will add new disciplines, limits, stack sizes – and, of course, we will improve visualization, which allows you to quickly learn how to win without wasting time looking at huge lists of hands. We will also launch a referral program.

We wish OmahaPro and GipsyTeam users not to rest on their laurels in the new year, to make their dreams come true and only go forward without looking back!

from $49

Preflop GTO trainer for PLO catering to players of all skill levels


PLO Mastermind

2023 was a great year for the PLO Mastermind, as we improved our products in more than a few ways:

  • We introduced five new coaches to the PLO Mastermind roster, including a 5-Card PLO, 6-Card PLO coach, and more recently a live PLO coach.
  • We've made the monthly 6-Card PLO videos available to both our 4-card PLO and 5-card PLO memberships as a bonus video.
  • In addition to publishing over 200 brand new PLO strategy videos, we reached an all-time high in memberships, and seemingly, in member satisfaction, with a significant boost from last year.

In terms of our software, we took great steps during 2023 (and are still taking them) to bring our software to the next level and offer advantages over our competitors. As examples, we:

  • Created PLO Skills (, a free preflop tool to practice your preflop ranges in an optimized environment, with only relevant hands -- with instant feedback and a skills report at the end of your session. The full version is included in the PLO Trainer.
  • Added 8-max live PLO ranges to the PLO Trainer.
  • Added preflop ranges for PLO MTTs and app ranges.
  • Added new postflop nodes for both 4-card and 5-card PLO.

We're also getting ready for some exciting updates in the next year, such as:

  • A large performance update for the PLO Trainer (late Q1 2024)
  • A deep dive into the world of mass data analysis, to combine GTO with real-world tendencies.
  • Taking steps into consolidating and restructuring the PLO Mastermind coaching framework.
  • Continuous development and new or updated sims in both the 4-Card and 5-Card PLO Trainer.
  • Brand new offers for different PLO players!

Embrace the journey, and thanks for all your support!

PLO Mastermind
from $119

Learn how top PLO players think, so you can play better and earn more


PokerPopUp/GTO Packs

This year, the Pokerpopup project has grown and become more recognizable abroad. Over this year, we have also strengthened our technical support and issued many free HUDs for players switching to Hand2Note.

We also opened a project for solver calculations so that people could not only play with professional HUDs, but also work on strategy. We think these projects complement each other.

Next year we plan to release packages for analyzing opponents and field trends, as well as major updates to our main line of Venom HUDs.

In the new year, we wish our clients to use only high-quality products and carefully choose developers. There are a lot of scammers now! We also wish you to increase your profit and, of course, health and peaceful skies above your head.

GTO Packs
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Solved pre-flop tree packs for Simple Preflop Holdem


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