David Peters wins another tournament! This time he won the $50,000 Super High Roller at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open.

David entered the final table as the shortest stack – just 12 big blinds, but he didn't let that hold him back. In the photo we see the new hairstyle of the traditionally very conservative David.

Also in the money of the same tournament were runner up and beneficiary of a heads up deal Byron Kaverman, Sergio Aido, Elio Fox and Florida businessman Krishna Lawrence.

8th place was taken by Espen Jorstad, for whom this tournament was the most expensive in his career.

“Playing my first $50k tournament,” Espen tweeted.

In a recent interview, he promised to carefully select expensive tournaments. But for this tournament, it seems, he made an exception. In a short video, Espen showed his starting table, where he got only regulars as rivals. The tournament did not cause much excitement at all and collected only 25 entries.

– Nothing interesting, – Jorstad described his bust, – When there were 8 people left, I opened with aces, the only amateur in the tournament defended the big blind (there were no more than 1.5 weak players in the whole field). The flop was with a flush draw, I don't have that suit. He checked, I bet big and he called. Turn , he checked again, I bet a lot, he shoved. I didn't consider passing against him, I didn't see the point in checking the turn either. Made the call and he showed .

Kevin Rabichow asked the audience:

– How would you describe the game of the strongest players in 2022?

– Exploitative

2/3 of those polled voted for exploitative, and Kevin agrees with them :

– In my opinion, playing at the highest level still requires playing exploitatively. At the same time, work on the theory side of things is mainly based on GTO solutions. And this is unlikely to change any time soon, both online and live.

The new PokerGo No Gamble No Future show features cash games with $200/$400 blinds. Public favourite Alan Keating is the headliner, alongside Phil Helmuth. A large audience had the opportunity to get to know with this mysterious high roller during a high stakes cash game against fellow streamers.

High Stakes Cash

How streamers beat Hellmuth


On Sunday, the Hustler Casino hosted what some were quick to call "the best thing to happen to poker since Moneymaker."

In the new show, Alan once again didn't disappoint viewers.

In one hand he called with K-high in a $175k pot.

“This is a cooler,” Alan smiled when he saw the opponent's cards.

And on Twitter, he explained his fun play with the words "it seemed like it would be fun."

On August 22, the next match of the High Stakes Duel show will take place. Scott Seiver and Phil Hellmuth will play for $1.6 million.

Over on ACR, another Venom tournament with a buy-in of $2,650 and a guarantee of $10 million was recently played. It generated 4,017 entries.

Argentinean 'manuma29' defeated Brazilian 'G26' in heads-up – the prizes of the winners amounted to $1,169,951 and $879,723, respectively.

Andrew "Amo4sho" Moreno for third with $633k. Andrew has been doing phenomenally over the past 12 months – in June 2021 he won $1.46m in the Wynn Millions, a month ago at the same casino he came second in a $3,500 buy-in tournament for another $460k, and also won around $500k more in smaller tournaments.

Last year we talked about Andrew's difficult path to success.

His wife is former PokerNews journalist Kirsty Arnett. At the beginning of 2020, she recorded a vlog where she talked about her husband's psychological problems and how they overcame them together. The main reason was a prolonged downswing and unsuccessful attempts to have a baby.

In August 2021, Kirsty gave birth to a boy, and Andrew also triumphantly overcame his downswing.

Last June, the day before the start of the Wynn Millions, an entry appeared on his Instagram:

– In April, I decided that I wanted to focus entirely on live MTTs and work on my game. I have set myself two main goals. The first is that my career prize money must exceed $1 million. I have already achieved this goal thanks to the last victory at the Venetian. The second task is to win a seven-figure sum. I turned to my coach for help (he does not want me to give his name), and I really like our joint work. I've played seven tournaments this year, cashing in all of them, making the final table in two, and winning one.

A couple of weeks ago , Andrew revealed the name of his trainer, it turned out to be Chris Brewer.

“I've been in poker for too long and I understand perfectly well that I'm just an ordinary guy who is lucky,” Andrew wrote after busting the Venom. – "In terms of the level of the game, I am somewhere between “average” and “good”. There is still more to learn.

Nick Howard named three main reasons why most players will never be able to make $5k a month playing poker:

1. Lack of bankroll
2. Unstable thought process
3. It's embarrassing to lose big pots with weak hands

Chris Hook responded with his own version :

Most players will really never be able to win $5k a month playing poker. Here are three reasons:

1. It's very hard
2. Any bullshit tweeted by snake oil sellers is considered good strategic content
3. Pocket jacks

It turns out that Nick Howard causes mixed feelings not only in Chris.

“I don’t know what exactly this is about, but I immediately understood who it was about,” wrote Scott Seiver.

“Yeah,” agreed Ike Haxton. – I blocked him a long time ago, but I also instantly understood everything.

“This tweet is cool because some people like it because they don’t like Nick Howard, and someone likes it because they don’t like jacks, and the second are much more numerous,” commented Sam Greenwood.

“But no one admits that they consider poker to be hard,” said Pascal Lefrancois.

Espen Jorstad summed up his financial results at the WSOP:

– Not counting the main, I won +$29,690 live and $10k-$15k online. In the main tournament, I swapped action with 14 players, I had 56% of my own. Great feeling when you win a lot of money for your friends! 🙌

I'm asking just out of curiosity. How much did you leave for tea? Jans Arends asked.

– Until I received the prize money, so I didn’t even think about it. There were some problems with obtaining ITIN ( ed. – individual tax number ).

Hustler Casino is famous for streaming expensive cash games. They don't do well in tournaments.

In August, they planned to hold a $250k guaranteed tournament with 12 starting days. During the first 4 days, the prize pool stood at only $27k, and in order to avoid an overlay, the organizers simply cancelled the guarantee and all the remaining starting days.

Players who managed to bag on the second day were given the opportunity to finish the tournament, but only for $27k.

This decision caused expected anger amongst the community, and a couple of days later, Hustler managers released a rather strange apology video.

They admitted that canceling the tournament was a big mistake. As compensation, the buy-in was returned to all participants who played. That is, the participants of the second day received a $27k freeroll. In addition, $50k will be added to the prize pool of one of their upcoming tournaments.

In September, Cyprus will host a $200,000 invitational tournament as part of the Triton Series. Each amateur participant can invite one professional. A similar format was already used in the 2019 Triton Million tournament .

Rob Yong has announced that Espen Jorstad will be his guest, and Paul Phua brought in Phil Ivey.

Rob Yong has announced that Espen Jorstad will be his guest. And Paul Phua brought in Phil Ivey .

Niall Farrell enjoys life :

“I’m 34, it’s Thursday at 1:00 pm, sitting in my Harry Potter pajamas that I got for Christmas (I’ve never read the book), watching The Sopranos and drinking can after can of beer. Maybe it's time to turn around and ask yourself:

At what point did my life go in the right direction?

Jason Mercier on raising children :

My sons, who are 2 and 4 years old, couldn't agree on what to watch on TV. Made them flip a coin… These guys are learning about variance as kids!

And I'm very impressed with how the youngest (soon to be 3) took the situation. Completely obeyed the will of the coin...

GG have announced the WSOP Online schedule.

Participants are waiting for 33 bracelet tournaments, among them:

– $210 Mystery Bounty with a $1M max bounty
– $10,000 Heads-Up Tournament
– ​​$5k Main with $20m Gtd – Super MILLION$ with $10,000 Buy-in
– Millionaire Maker with $1,500 and $ 5m Gtd

The series will run from August 14 (qualifiers start on the 8th) to September 27.

Full schedule.

Landon Tice and Patrick Leonard are discussing a bet that will require Tice to live at Bally's for a full year. At the same time, he himself pays for the entire stay and food, but he will be able to play poker, slots and enjoy all the other benefits of the casino. The main condition is that you can not leave the hotel or use the pool. First there was an offer of $100k, which Patrick agreed to. But Landon was quickly convinced that he would spend about that much on household expenses in a year. At this point, the negotiations stalled.