The end of the year is traditionally the best time for online poker: more and more players gather at the tables, prize pools of tournament series break records, and rooms launch holiday promotions and leaderboards. A great excuse to have a good grind!

GipsyTeam players with accounts on RedStar find themselves in the most advantageous position. We are launching a new stage of the “Winter Fishing” promotion, where every week we will hold freerolls and sweepstakes for players of all major disciplines, and closer to the New Year we will give away iPhone 15, PS5 and Airpods Pro 3.

The rules have not changed – complete simple tasks while playing on RedStar, earn points, and receive prizes every week.

What are we playing?

The festive program includes five types of draws that are well known to participants of previous fishing trips.

Freerolls. Every week there will be a freeroll with a prize pool of $500. To get into it, you will need to score 1,500 or more points within a week. The tournament takes place on the Sunday following the test week. For example, the first week freeroll (November 27–December 3) will take place on the evening of December 10.

In the fifth and final freeroll, $1,000 will be up for grabs. All players who have met the conditions to participate in two of the four weekly freerolls will be included in it.

Sit and Go for the most active. The six players with the most points for the week (in all tasks and variations of poker) will take part in a separate 6-max tournament. The prize pool for each is $250, the winner will receive $125, second place $75, third place $50. SnGs will start at the same time as freerolls.

The final SnG will take place simultaneously with the final freeroll, on December 30 at 17:00 GMT. Six people who score the maximum points based on the results of the entire Fishing will get into the SnG. It will already give away $500, $350 for the winner, $150 for second place.

Starting stack 1,500, blinds 10/20 with increases every four minutes. In case of a tie in both the weekly and final freerolls, there may be more than 6 people.

Raffle for tournament tickets. At the end of each week, we will hold a draw for tournament tickets: one for tournaments with a $100 buy-in, two for $50, and five for $10.

To receive a lottery ticket, you need to play in 10 buy-in tournaments (that is, freerolls do not count) with more than 90 participants/entries. A lottery ticket is issued for every 10 tournaments, so the more actively you play, the greater your chances.

Rake race. Every week we give away $760. $1 rake earns one point, and the top 10 at the end of the week receive prizes. Rake is taken into account in all disciplines and at all limits.


The results will be published in the promotions section.

Final draw. For every 500 points received during the promotion, one lottery ticket is awarded. On Friday, December 29, we will hold a drawing for iPhone 15, PlayStation 5, and Apple AirPods Pro 3 live on Instagram.

Time spending

Fishing rods and bait can be prepared by November 27th. Fishing consists of four weekly stages.

  • Week 1: November 27 – December 3, freeroll and SnG December 10
  • Week 2: December 4 – 10, freeroll and SnG December 17
  • Week 3: December 11 – 17, freeroll and SnG December 24
  • Week 4: December 18 – 24, freeroll and SnG December 30 (Saturday, not Sunday). The final SnG and freeroll will take place on the same day.

A day on RedStar starts at 00:00 GMT and ends at 23:59.

How to earn points?

Play on RedStar. For the first dollar of rake per day, 250 points are awarded.

Play for several days in a row. For each subsequent day during the week in which you earn at least $1 in rake, points are added.

Played days in a rowBonus Points

After playing two days in a row, you will receive 250+250+150=650 points, and after seven days of consecutive play, you will score (7*250)+2,000=3,750 points. At the beginning of the week, the “consecutive days” counter is reset.

Make over $10 in rake in a day. This will earn you an additional 500 points.

Play over 500 cash hands at any limit and get another 500 points.

Play 20 or more SnGs or Twister tournaments of any buy-in (freerolls do not count) and receive 500 points.

Get into the prizes in MTT and get 500 points. Tournaments with a buy-in where there were more than 90 participants/entries are taken into account.

Take first place in five SnGs/Twisters with the same buy-in and receive another 500 points.

All tasks are daily, that is, the results for one day are taken into account (from 00:00 to 23:59 the next day GMT). During the promotion, they can be performed as many times as you like, but no more than once per day. For example, you can play 501 hands in a cash game all week and get 7*500 = 3,500 points. However, 5,000 hands per day will bring only 500 points.

How to participate

Only holders of a RedStar account registered with GipsyTeam can earn points and take part in sweepstakes. If you don't have an account yet, create one using our link.

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All new players who make a deposit of €25 or more using the code GT25 will receive €25 from us! The entire amount will immediately be available for play (but, of course, not for withdrawal).

If you already have an account, enter your RedStar login (which is used to log into your account) in the form below and click the “Take Part” button (you must be logged in to GipsyTeam).

To enter your login, log into your GipsyTeam account.

Points are counted from the week in which you logged in. For example, if you log in on the 6th day of the first week, the results of your games for the entire week will be counted. If you log in on the second day of the second week, points will only be counted from the second week.

If you already have an account on RedStar not from GipsyTeam, but want to take part in the promotion, write to our support team.

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We respond within 10 minutes
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Bonus for new and returning players

Didn’t have an account on RedStar or didn’t play a single hand in 2023? You will receive an additional bonus: + 10% points for each completed task.

We will publish the results of draws, freerolls, and rake races in the “What's on the River” telegram channel, in the promotions section, and in a thread on the forum. The current number of points can be viewed in a separate block on the main page of the site.

Happy fishing!