A new format of cash tables has appeared in the CoinPoker appHart Poker.

The new tables are available in Hold'em and Omaha, including five-card, and are called Hart Poker 7-2, 9-x Cap I/II (Hold'em) and Hart Poker 7-2, hx2 Cap I/II (Omaha).

There are two additional rules at these new tables:

  1. On each hand, you cannot lose more than 40 (in Hold'em) or 200 (in Omaha) blinds.
  2. For winning with certain cards, you receive 5 extra (in Omaha – 15) big blinds from each opponent. In Holdem, it's 7-2 or any hand with a 9 (for example, 9-5), in Omaha it's the same 7-2 or at least two hearts in the hand. You don’t need to reach showdown.
Your total stack at the table is shown in brackets

If several players win a hand, additional payments are divided equally. For example, if there are two winners in Hold'em, each receives 2.5 BB from all opponents. Another payment (5 or 15 BB in Omaha) is added by the poker room.

Available limits:

  • Hold'em: from ₮0.02/₮0.05 to ₮10/₮20
  • Omaha and Five Card Omaha: ₮0.25/₮0.5