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You can take part until June 15 anytime you buy software, which gives you lottery tickets. Cost doesn't matter – you'll be automatically entered into the draw after any purchase.

Rewards for participants:

We will announce the names of the winners in the update to this article! Lottery conditions:

  • All products available in the store, regardless of cost, take part in the drawing;
  • To receive a lottery ticket, you must make a purchase between May 31, 2024, and June 15, 2024.
  • You can get a maximum of one ticket.
  • The prize draw will take place on June 16th, 2024 on our Instagram.

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Just a reminder – GT+ professionals receive some of the software completely for free. Stay tuned – and good luck!

DriveHUD 2 and its Unique Features for Holdem and Omaha

DriveHUD 2 is an alternative to classic trackers, with an original interface and a set of functions for displaying a HUD during the game, as well as storing and analyzing hand histories. To do this, the program tracks and records all the hands you play, then allows you to view, play, and filter them. Also, you can build graphs and analyze individual hands.

DriveHUD 2 has some highlights and impressive capabilities:

  • Innovative R&D Research Tab: Create custom charts and analyze your and your opponents’ play to maximize EV.
  • Player Profiles: Use DriveHUD's predefined player type profile to quickly determine whether you're playing against an unpredictable LAG, a regular player, or a fish. You can easily create an unlimited number of player profiles based on your opponents' statistics.
  • Built-in GTO tools: With a few clicks, you can select any hand or situation, and DriveHUD will show you the optimal strategy or allow you to create your own.
  • Badge System: Identify player trends with a built-in sticker system that alerts you to weaknesses in your opponents' gameplay. The number of player identification badges is limited only by your imagination!
  • Professional HUDs: 12 pre-installed custom HUDs, including simple ones that make it easy to generalize players. For more serious games, use advanced profiles filled with statistics allowing you to easily compete with the best regs at your stakes.
  • Field Stats in HUD: Turn on field reports in the HUD and see what your opponents are doing and how their stats compare to the field average.
  • Custom drills: Generate drills focused on various aspects of the game and test your knowledge.
  • Hand Chart Deviation Report: Based on your own hand chart, DriveHUD 2 will tell you which hands you played incorrectly.
  • Exportable graphs: A variety of graphs with the ability to export as images.
  • Filter creation language: create any filters for any scenario.

Other highlights:

  • Two theme options – dark and light.
  • Supports most popular poker networks and rooms.
  • Asian Hand Converter supports PokerBros, PPPoker, ClubGG, WPT Global, Pokerrr2, Upoker HUD, X-Poker, Suprema Poker, Poker King, Red Dragon, Bingo Poker, and PokerTime.
  • Free updates.
  • 1-year license for 2 computers. A free trial period of 30 days is available.

Learn more about subscribing to DriveHUD on our foreign store page, which you'll need to translate using your browser (right-click on Google Chrome and select Translate).

DriveHUD 2 review:

Mastering Double Board Bomb Pots Course by JNandez and Georg Funke

Get an edge in bomb pots! The bomb pot game is rapidly gaining popularity both in apps and offline.

What are Omaha Double Board Bomb Pots (DBBP)?

Every few hands, everyone pays a certain number of BBs preflop and immediately sees the flop. The amount of BBs and the frequency of bomb pots depends on each table. As a rule, players add around 5 BB, building a huge pot automatically. It is often played with two boards, meaning two flops, turns, and rivers.

This is the poker format the course is dedicated to. In bomb pots (especially on the two board version), even regulars often play very weakly. Thanks to this, you have a chance to get ahead of many players and become a Double Board Bomb Pot specialist.

Course structure:

  • The nature of DBBP
  • Playing in multi-way pots
  • Playing with different hands
  • Results of split pots
  • Interaction of boards
  • Hand strength profiles
  • Draws in DBBP
  • Bluff
  • Operational adjustments
  • Betting strategies
  • Analysis of sessions with two boards

You will receive lifetime access to:

  • The Mastering Double Board Bomb Pots Course.
  • Mastering Double Board PLO Bomb Pots eBook.
  • Access to Discord.
  • Post-WSOP 2024: Lessons from DBBP advanced strategy.
  • Post-WSOP 2024: Live Q&A with Georg and JNandez.

What you will learn:

  • Theoretical and strategic foundations – Understanding the mechanics of the game to quickly develop skills and make optimal decisions.
  • How to roughly calculate EV (and when it doesn’t matter) – determine when it’s profitable to play if you only hit one board, and when to bluff to maximize equity.
  • How to analyze hands – Learn to compare different bet sizing strategies and think outside the box.
  • After WSOP 2024: Strategies for difficult situations. Confidence in playing with a short stack, against short stacks, and with average strength hands.
  • Post-WSOP 2024: Frequency-based approach and MDF (Minimum Defense Frequency). How often and what kind of hands you get on the flop, and what this means for your overall strategy.
PLO Mastermind
from $119

Learn how top PLO players think, so you can play better and earn more


Daily Dose of GTO E-Book from GTOWizard

Want to significantly improve your GTO knowledge and take your game to the next level? You could try Daily Dose of GTO!

This unique free e-book is designed specifically for players looking to improve at poker and grasp GTO concepts. The book contains more than 300 poker quizzes, hand examples, theoretical data, and valuable tips that will help you better understand the basics of GTO and apply them in practice.

Daily Dose of GTO is the ideal assistant for daily training and self-development. The book takes you step-by-step through the key aspects of GTO, from basic concepts to advanced strategies. You will learn how to analyze hands, evaluate table positions, and make optimal decisions in various game situations.

In addition, the book includes many practical examples and problems that will help you consolidate your theoretical knowledge and improve your skills. You will be able to solve quizzes yourself, analyze your mistakes, and improve your game using the knowledge you have acquired.

Link in the description of GTOWizard in our store.

GTO Wizard
from $39

Efficient GTO study and practice for most disciplines in your browser


Discounts on ICMIZER 3

From May 16, 2024 to June 7, 2024, there is a 20% discount on all annual ICMIZER 3 subscriptions!

ICMIZER 3 combines three tools for tournament poker players to help improve their gaming performance:

  • ICMIZER is a powerful poker calculator with an improved interface that will help you find the right solution in SNG and MTT.
  • MTT Coach is a personal push-fold trainer designed to quickly and effectively improve your playing skills in the push/fold stage.
  • Replayer is a hand player with easy navigation and the ability to instantly send hands to a preflop calculator and track changes in equity across the streets.
from $18

An essential tool for pre-flop training and tournament hand analysis


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