Big Update to Postflopizer

– Support expansion for tournaments (ICM, MTT, PKO) and more

The new year has already seen several important changes and improvements to the GTO solver for postflop Postflopizer:

Implemented expanded support for tournaments. Postflopizer has added tournament hand analysis capabilities using the advanced models available in ICMIZER (including various ICM models, MTT, and PKO support) for post-flop GTO simulations.

The introduction of ICM calculations will allow users to make more informed decisions by accurately estimating the real money value of tournament chips. This method is critical in the later stages of a tournament, where the correct strategy is based not only on the simple accumulation of chips, but also includes taking into account other factors.

One of the notable features of this update is support for calculations for PKO tournaments with the TrueBounty model, which was previously only available in ICMIZER. The TrueBounty model uses an advanced approach to evaluate bounty situations compared to the simpler proportional PKO model. This complex approach goes beyond traditional bounty analysis, taking into account factors such as bounty size, tournament phase, and stack sizes. More details about the benefits of the TrueBounty model can be found here.

Postflopizer combined with ICMIZER is the perfect set of tools for conquering tournament poker.

Calculations with ICM models in Postflopizer are available to all holders of any valid ICMIZER 3 subscription. By default, the Postflopizer license provides access to cash hand calculations and Chip EV.

Valentin Kuzub, creator of ICMIZER 3 and POSTFLOPIZER, showed how to analyze tournament hands and demonstrated the benefits of using ICM postflop calculations in Postflopizer in video format:

– Also, the Postflopizer application can now be installed on Mac OS, including devices on Apple M1 and M2 chips.

Additionally, a recent update added the ability to download hand history for both tournaments (all leading ICMIZER compatible poker rooms are supported) and cash games (currently only PokerStars ).

– Instead of a lifetime license, Postflopizer is now only available with a 1 or 12-month subscription.

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Information about opponents and the ability to use it in poker gives a significant advantage. Collecting data about your opponents can take a long time if you do it yourself, but there are special services that allow you to get this information instantly.

Statname is an online service with statistics on cash players to find weak opponents and quickly analyze weaknesses in the game of both amateurs and professionals.

Advantages and capabilities of Statname:

– Statistics are available for all stakes of Hold'em and Omaha, starting from 0.05/0.10.

– Support for popular poker rooms and networks – GGPoker, iPoker, WPN, PokerBros, Chico, 888poker, and PokerStars.

– Instant access to all statistics thanks to the use of powerful servers.

– More than 100 statistical indicators for each player depending on his position, type of game and table size.

– Support for working with auxiliary poker programs – StarsCaption, 888Caption, and others, for example, one-click auto search in StarsCaption and 888Caption .

With access to detailed opponent statistics, Statname can help you increase your chances of winning, save time, and minimize the number of hands you play against strong opponents.

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