In December, we talked about Dan Smith's tennis bet, according to which his opponent, Marcus Gonçalves, had to play with a frying pan.

Eric Persson's downswing, Allen Kessler's upswing, Dan Smith's new bet, WPT and EPT records break and other short news stories.


The match took place at the end of March. On the eve of the fight, Markus carefully approached the choice of accessory and won without any problems.

The match ended with a score of 6-2.

It would seem that Dan had no chance of success, but this did not affect his confidence:

– We drank a little at lunch, word for word ... In general, we agreed with Markus that on May 1 we will play a rematch. My $100k vs his $125k 👀

Thanks to poker, Dan will be able to afford such bets for a long time to come. He recently won the $25,000 tournament at the US Open for $399,000.

Isaac Haxton also became the champion of this series.

– The best thing in victories is, of course, money. In second place is the frenzy that idiots on Twitter get when they see the mask in the photo of the winner.

These days in Las Vegas, in an atmosphere of scandals and mutual insults, a heads-up duel between Matt Berkey and Nick Airball is taking place. $200/$400 play with a minimum buy-in of $100k, the match will last 100 hours or until someone loses $1 million. On social networks, the duel was awarded with the bright title HU4SOULZ.

The beginning of the fight was preceded by a comical scene, which was filmed by the “tennis player” Marcus Gonsalves mentioned above.

Three sessions were played in the first week. Landon Tice is keeping a close eye on the action and tweeting out the big hands.

Overall result: Matt +33.5k

Number of breaks: about 30

Hours played: 19.5

Secret negotiations: Many

Emotional swings: A lot

The first week was crazy, back on Saturday, then there will be clarity on controversial issues, including "Breakgate" (Nick constantly goes on breaks, during which he actively discusses strategy with one of his friends).

Nick and Matt clearly genuinely hate each other.

“Here’s something else fun for you,” Airball wrote after another session. “In every big pot, Berkey tries to shove me – he constantly makes fake folds or calls. I think it's a clear scam.

The referee of the match is Phil Galfond, who, it seems, has already regretted a thousand times that he got involved in this story.

Bill Perkins recently won $200,000 from Doug Polk in a weight loss bet. Doug was supposed to cut his body fat percentage to 13.85%, but settled on 15.1%. But, by his own admission, he scored the best shape in his life.

Bill's new "victim" was Sean Deeb.

Josh Arieh posted on Twitter a video of Sean eating chicken right at the table.

"OK, Sean," Perkins couldn't help it . – 10% body fat in 14 months. Your $50k versus my million. I know that you have been preparing this trap for a long time, and I fell into your web...

After some negotiations, the participants slightly changed the conditions: Bill's $1 million against $100k, by May 30, 2024, Dib's body fat percentage should not exceed 17%.

– It will be a long 14 months – on the first day of the bet, Sean posted a video from the gym.

Ashley Deeb promises to closely monitor her husband's diet.

GGPoker tweeted a poll to see which superhero would win the poker match:

– The Flash
– Superman
– Doctor Strange
– Professor Charles Xavier

Ike Haxton disagrees with this choice:

– If the game takes place on GG, most likely everyone will lose.

Benny Glaser has shown that his interests are not limited to poker.

But he's great at poker too. Today, Ben became the champion of the €5k High Roller at the Irish Open.

For Niall Farrell, the tournament did not turn out so well, but he does not lose optimism:

– Bad news – busted out of the €5k tournament on the bubble. The good thing is that the sober part of the trip is over.

Gia Skhulukhia crushed it in American live events in March.

On the official Twitter account of the Venetian Casino, Gia's photo after winning the $600 tournament made a big splash.

– He looks extremely excited.

It seems he didn't sleep for 72 hours before this run. Impressive.

“I wonder what could possibly make him smile?”

– Looks like a man who sold 200% of his shares.

He just couldn't wait for the break to go to the bathroom. I myself have been in such a situation.

Here is a truly lucky winner!

Elky ran the Seoul Marathon:

– An incredible experience 🤯 I have never subjected my body to such a test in my life! A little short of my goal of 4 hours, but for the first time and 4 hours 16 minutes – a great result. I will keep running 🏃‍♂️

Jungleman ranked the things that annoy him:

– When people climb into the already huge line for the plane

– When they are offended by everything

– Hypocrisy

– “Experts” confidently promoting their dubious theses

– “Influencers” and their “inspirational” photos of expensive cars

This is all unhealthy bullshit. Get in line for boarding at the very last moment.

Phil Galfond commented on the rake increase on GG:

– Curious and scary decision. I am sure that smart people are sitting in the leadership of GG. Either they decide it's good for their business, or it's a test and it looks like they're likely to succeed.

But what if the future of online poker does not include players who win big money at all?

You-mad-br0 was happy to note that during the boycott of high rollers in the ACR room, 6 tables of NL5k are playing at the same time, and one amateur is sitting all alone in the lobby on GG.

On our forum, avr0ra confirmed that the boycott is "unexpectedly going well":

– During these 5 days, 80k+ hands should have been played in VIP games, and about 3 thousand were played) the lobby is constantly completely empty. Elky got in touch yesterday with a proposal to negotiate. Will this be the precedent when something will work out?

Daniel Negreanu proposes to organize a team tournament:

– Players take turns changing on each street. Here are the couples: Johnny Chen/ Phil Hellmuth , Doyle Brunson / Phil Ivey , Gus Hansen/ Patrik Antonius , Alex Foxen/Kristen Foxen, Stephen Chidwick/Seth Davis, Daniel Negreanu /Doug Polk, Matt Berkey/Nick Airball…

Oh yeah, I completely forgot – Garrett / Robbie.

“Years ago, Full Tilt did a show like this,” Phil Galfond recalled. – I played with Howard Lederer and strongly advised against raising 3.5x in 20bb stacks. He agreed but continued anyway.

Charlie Carrel tries his hand at cash:

– Meet the red line grinder 🔥

Played 25,000 hands in his $500 to $100,000 bankroll marathon. 80% played in NL200 Rush 'n' Cash.

I wanted to accept the $100,000 bet, but my opponents began to mess it up and offered to play lower limits. I decided to play without side-betting.

In the comments, Charlie clarified that the schedule is rake-adjusted, and he planned to accept a bet on a win rate of 5bb/100 (15bb without rake).

Bencb has published their career-wide results:

At 2+2, BERRI SWEET continues to cover their heads-up duel against AmSoGood:

“+7 buy-ins this week,” he wrote in early March.

As a reminder, they play PLO $50/$100 at PokerStars with a 6x crossbook.

“Great job, boss,” praised the owner of the dog named Berri, “to celebrate your success, we made a collage.

– Let me know if your dog has a favorite hand, I promise to 3-bet it throughout the match.

– K977ss, this hand is also called “happy dog”.

“I finished this week at minus 7 buy-ins,” Berri said a few days later. – Chuyka tells me that I will lose until they give me K977ss.

There was no news for a couple of weeks after that, but at the end of March, Berri broke the silence:

– Tomorrow our match will continue. I think they will give me K977ss at least once. It would be fun to play with Stefan in the next match.

“Finally, I’ve waited,” Berri delighted his fans, “I must admit that in PLO it’s incredibly difficult to get a specific hand.

Name another hand, I also promise to 100% 3-bet with it.

Readers have suggested A825ss, A5T4r, AAAx, and 2222.

– For now I'll take A852ss, AT45r and 2222. AAAx too many combinations, I can't even count so many.

In the archives of 2+2, they found a hand from 2012 between Berri and Isildur.

– BERRI SWEET can now tell all his friends how he reset Isildur. Sick brag.