Since the beginning of June, all the attention of the poker world has been focused on Las Vegas. Relative calm reigns at high stakes online. There were practically no tables on GG for more than $50/$100, there was quite a lot of action on the WPN network, but this room is completely unsuitable for streamers and ordinary viewers.

Americas Cardroom is a popular poker room with over twenty years of history. Since 2011, it has been part of the Winning network, known for its soft fields with americans and canadians.

However, at the end of June, a player from Hong Kong with the nickname EEE- broke the calm. He immediately went to test the strength of the strongest regulars at the $200/$400 tables with antes.

The first big pot went to Viktor Kudinov.

Enlight opened with a $1,000 raise, called a $3,600 3-bet, EEE bet 30% on the flop, the turn was checked, and on the river Victor bet straight into the pot.

A few hands later, the cocky newcomer with no outs gave the stack to David Yan, who plays with a photo of the deceased Ukrainian player Pavel Kolinkovsky on his avatar.

EEE- raised preflop to $1,200, David raised to $3,800, and called a 4-bet to $11,400. The Hong Kong representative bet a quarter of the pot on the flop and shoved on the turn.

The biggest pot of the evening EEE- lost to Viktor Malinovsky.

EEE- maintains VPIP in the region of 50-60% throughout the week on the high stakes tables. Therefore, at showdown, he sometimes shows not the strongest cards. In one of the hands against Markus Leikkonen, he also called a 3-bet with a hand that was not the most obvious. The flop did not improve him, but this did not prevent him from immediately starting to gain.

Especially confident that day he was playing with gutshots. Manuel Saavedra didn't believe him on the river with top pair.

The hand against Markkos Ladev also turned out to be very creative.

In the next session, a new lineup of players gathered.

Against MMAsherdog, EEE- 3-bet and three-barreled all-in on the river.

After a couple of warm-up sessions at $200/$400, EEE- moved up to $200/$400/$800.

Enlight made a 3-bet, and post-flop, he went on the defensive and all the streets played a check-call.

This crash didn't faze EEE- and he almost immediately doubled up against Viktor Malinovsky. The saving gutshot hit again on the river.

EEE- took the line with a preflop 3-bet and a flop c-bet, he check-called a 25% pot bet on the turn and confidently called an all-in overbet on the river.

EEE- couldn't dodge the dead cooler against David Yang.

David called the 3-bet and the flop was checked. Ian bet a third of the pot on the turn, overbet $39,000 into a $32,000 pot on the river, and was raised to $80,000. After some thought, Ian made a call for all the chips.

EEE- did not lose heart and quickly recovered again.

Stanislav 3-bet, c-bet a third of the pot, and called the 4x raise. On the turn, EEE- bet $33,000 into a $53,000 pot, and the river was check-checked.

Crazy bluffs are clearly one of EEE-'s favorite tricks. Thanks to one of them, David Yan won the biggest pot in recent memory.

In the next hand, EEE- shoved the rest preflop and made four of a kind against David's aces.

But it was not possible to build on the success.

Enlight 4-bet, the flop was checked, Victor called half the pot on the turn, and EEE- shoved on the river.

EEE- started the next long session by losing a big one on the river.

Victor opened preflop and check-called all streets. On the river, EEE- bet $21,000 into a $30,000 pot.

Stanislav Melhui and Viktor Malinovsky played a big pot without a showdown.

Limitless called a 3-bet, check-raised the flop, bet $28,000 into a $37,000 pot on the turn, and bet and folded on the river in the final seconds of the time bank.

Jorma Nuutinen raised with aces and hit all streets.

After a few rounds, Victor Malinovsky received aces, but the result for him was not so successful. Straight is clearly the favorite combination of the representative of Hong Kong.

After EEE- raised and Nuutinen called, Viktor squeezed $10,000 in the BB, and the Finnish player folded. Limitless check-called a quarter pot bet on the flop and check-shoved on the turn to see he had no outs.

The representative of Hong Kong liked to beat the aces, the next victim was Stanislav Melhui.

Stanislav opened preflop and bet two barrels on the flop and turn, the river was check-checked.

The session ended with a hand which Avr0ra advised us to definitely take for analysis in “big pots”.

EEE- raised to $2,000, Nuutinen paid, Malinowski raised to $11,200 and called a $26,400 4-bet. The flop has been checked. On the turn Victor bet $8,900 into a $57,000 pot, Villain raised to $29,600, and called. On the river, Malinowski bet $11,600 into a $116,000 pot, EEE- raised again to $48,000. Limitless thought a little and paid.

Two hands later, EEE- 3-bet shoved the rest of his stack and turned down Victor's offer to spin twice.

Throughout the marathon, his VPIP never dropped below 60.