After our last review, its main character EEE- spent several more sessions at expensive stakes.

Let's get acquainted with a player from Hong Kong, who has turned the heads of all the regulars in just a week of playing at expensive stakes.


However, the regulars played the biggest pot without his participation. It was analyzed in detail by Misha Inner in our Big Banks YouTube show.

EEE- played a long session on two tables at once on July 17, and after a bad start, he managed to win a small profit. In one of the first hands, Stanislau Melhui had a full house against his nut flush.

But then EEE- took convincing revenge when Stanislav shoved on the turn drawing dead.

In an interview with Alexander Yelensky, the famous Belarusian high roller spoke about the transition to Omaha, remembered the most uncomfortable opponents, and explained why he changed regwars to a careful selection.


EEE- also got on the nerves of other regulars. One of his victims was Tobias Duthweiler, who recently finished second in the $200,000 Luxon Invitational at the Triton Series in Cyprus.

Viktor Kudinov fell into the trap with an overpair on the flop.

Sometimes EEE- made daring 4-bet calls and flopped the nuts, helped him earn a win.

But the regulars did not always succeed. Estonian Prlit Parmasto defended the BB and seemed to hit the perfect flop...

However, all these successes were local. The overall high-stakes results for EEE- in the past month are impressive:

The most profitable players for the same period:

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The Chinese-tiger, who is 3rd on the winning list, only appeared at the expensive tables last week.

His first day at the high stakes saw a 1,000 blind pot.

However, there is a suspicion that this player is not quite a newcomer to high stakes.

– Chineses-tiger is most likely a new crazy trader account (you can call him a high-stakes legend for GGPoker, there were active games with him in 2020), Avr0ra suggested.

GGPoker is a Hold’em and Omaha focused site on the Good Game Network. Offering a broad range of playing formats such as Randomised Sit & Gos, All-in or Fold, and 6+ Short Deck as well as fast cash games, and a plethora of tournament series including: GGMasters, Multi Millions and Bounty Hunters.

Crazytrader first appeared at the tables in August 2020. In July 2022, Crazygamble caused a stir, but his time at expensive stakes was very fleeting.

And now, by a strange coincidence, at about the same time, Chinese-tiger has arrived. In the history of his nickname, it is clear that he took a new nickname on July 18, just on that day he sat down at expensive tables for the first time.

Moreover, he carried out the name change right in the middle of the action. Under the old nickname, he even managed to play 3-max with Kevin Paque and Enlight.

In one of the hands, Enlight spent two minutes of the timebank on the river, which, by his own admission, he had not done for a very long time.

Full tables under the "Chinese Tiger" are collected with difficulty. Apparently, the stakes are too high by the standards of modern online. In 2020, Crazytrader faced a similar problem, but then some variety arose thanks to MTT regulars – Stephen Chidwick, Michael Addamo, Sam Greenwood, and even Ali Imsirovic managed to play with him.

This time Chinese-tiger also tried to collect full tables.

Chinese-tiger: Nobody else?
Viktor Kudinov: Looks like it.
Linus Loeliger: I'll call Viktor, he's probably still asleep.

Waking up, Viktor Malinovsky tried to invite one of the MTT players.

W Malinowski: Trying to get through to Addamo.
W Malinowski: We need one more person for straddle, it's more fun
Chinese-tiger: Yes, this fish will definitely be fun.
W Malinowski: Haha, don't bully Michael, he plays with his heart!

Curiously, in the chat, Chinese-tiger writes in hieroglyphs, which is rather strange if this is really a crazy trader. It is known that the Frenchman Gilles Mauryan played under this nickname.

In any case, thanks to the translator built into the client, everyone understands it perfectly.

In search of action, Tiger sometimes goes to PLO, and there is a full table after all.

On July 23, he actually had to spend some time alone on $500/$1,000.

Makeboifin decided to brighten up his leisure time and eventually managed to collect five players.

Almost all the biggest pots of the session went to the regulars. Against the Finnish high roller, Chinese-tiger confidently placed three barrels in a bluff.

And against Viktor Malinowski, he was dealt a 300bb cooler preflop.

Stanislav Melhui chose the check-call tactics on all streets.

Tiger won his biggest pot back in heads-up, and for this, he had to catch a set. True, at the showdown it turned out that one four would be enough.

And in one of the hands, Tiger got the thinnest value on the river.

In two more six-figure pots, Chinese-tiger acted as an observer.

In the next session, Chinese-tiger was forced to play heads-up with Linus Loeliger.

Linus rebuyed and doubled up almost immediately.

The session lasted about an hour, but no one else showed interest in hold'em, and the Tiger went to PLO. There, too, not the easiest opponent was waiting for him.

They didn't have to be bored for long.

Laszlo made a $9,000 preflop raise, called a $13,000 bet on the flop, check-shoved on the turn, and was instantly called. River blank.

Chinese-tiger rallied to $500,000, then dropped to $300,000 and left the table. At the end of a busy day, he managed to play several hands of short deck with Katya_18.

Chinese-tiger started his last session at the moment with PLO.

At first, he did well against Laszlo Bujtas.

Then Andre Santos won a huge pot with four players all-in on the flop. Surprisingly, the hand that won was the favorite.

Timofey Kuznetsov joined the game for a short time.

The session ended with this hand of Tiger against Stanislav Melhui, in which the latter did not tempt fate and took a cashout.

Over the past few days, another Chinese high roller with an optimistic nickname BTC200K-FORSURE has played a lot of low stakes PLO. In one of the biggest hands, Omaha4rollz suffered yet again.

In the last $200/$400/$800 session, two players had stacks over $700k, and Chinese-tiger had over 500k.

This time, the amateurs left with a decent win, but were not delighted with the pace of the professionals' game. In any case, the current results practically guarantee that the confrontation will continue in the near future.