Hustler Live hosted another epic hand, but this time in a good way.

Well-known poker enthusiast and philanthropist Bill Klein 3-bet bluffed with A-high on the river and happily showed his cards to his opponent when he folded a full house.

We've written about Bill many times, he is famous for donating to charity not only all of his profits from poker tournaments and cash games, but also his losses.

He finished this session with a profit of $280,000.

The heroes of recent months, Robbie Lew and her backer RIP, seemed to be forgotten. But something happened to refresh peoples' memories – during one of the NFL championship matches, the cooing couple was shown on national television.

The operator, of course, was interested in the yawning young man in the background, but other visitors to this event did not hide from the vigilant gaze of the poker players.

“You can’t hide from this shit even during Sunday football viewing 😂😂😂,” complained Jesse Lonis.

Ben Rolle said described what helped him become a successful player:

– In my youth, I avoided nightclubs, hardly traveled, limited my contact with toxic people, worked/studied even on weekends. I did everything that 99% of people refuse to do.

– This is probably by far the worst advice I have ever heard from a professional player – Henrik Hecklen did not appreciate his mood.

– What do you disagree with? – asked commenters.

– Everything. Henrik did not specify.

– Apparently, before this, you have never come across the rest of his “advice,” – Dominik Nitsche, it turns out, is also not a fan of Bens work.

– This is probably by far the worst retweet I have ever seen from a professional player. You couldn’t even understand what I wrote 🤡🤦, Ben countered.

– For someone who proudly claims to be toxic-free, you make a complete fool of yourself, lol. – Hecklen summed up this less than fruitful discussion.

At the WSOP Europe in Rozvadov, Paul Phua won his first bracelet in the €25,000 tournament.

The depth of play at the final table was unimpressive, with the top 6 having an average stack of 16 blinds and Phua leading with 20 big blinds. In this structure, Paul found a very effective strategy – he stopped losing all-ins. With 6 players remaining, he eliminated all opponents. Negreanu was particularly unlucky as he shoved a pair of fives and lost to Phua's pocket fours.

– Well, what a day. I finally did it,” wrote Paul immediately after the victory.

Almost all well known regulars congratulated him in the comments, and even the sharp-tongued Shaun Deeb admitted that Paul played great and deserved this victory.

Eelis "EEE27" Pärssinen, who finished in 8th place, was also playing a $1k PLO WCOOP online at the same time, where he first made the final table and then beat Ole Schemion heads-up. For the victory, the elite Finnish reg received $105,975.

The final table from Rozvadov was broadcast on twitch, some viewers noticed that Pärssinen was not distracted by playing online, so they had suspicions that he had transferred the account to someone he knew. These speculations have already been refuted – EEE27 confirmed that he played from the phone himself, but this did not get into the broadcast due to a time delay. But then a new problem arose – in the Czech Republic, playing on the PokerStars client is prohibited. One of the finalists of the PLO tournament wrote to the support, and at the moment Pärssinen's account is frozen, and an audit is underway.

In the 2+2 thread, Eelis wrote that he admits he made a mistake and is ready for any consequences. He clarified that he played from Finland for the first two days of the tournament, and finished playing from the Czech Republic, but did not know that this was forbidden.

From Rozvadov, just like from Vegas in the summer, Daniel posts daily vlogs.

The summer episodes were given a special charm by the fact that Daniel was in a state of permanent tilt. In the Czech Republic however, after winning the $300k tournament, he arrived in a great mood, and the videos are not so spicy. Even the loss with fives he took quite casually. Here, perhaps, it was also influenced by who his rival was.


Negreanu on winning the $300,000 tournament: it's all about the magic limps!


In early October, Daniel won the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl. For this victory, he received $3.3 million, taking revenge for the failures of this previously disastrous year. On the DAT Poker podcast, Daniel revealed the secret to success that he believes has become completely natural to him.

Shortly before his trip to the WSOPE, mold attacked Daniel's home in Las Vegas. The problem turned out to be so serious that it was possible to solve it in a unique way – by moving.

– Just one night in the new place, and I already feel much better. Don't underestimate the danger of mold, warns Daniel . – I advise you to use programs that track your health, that's how I understood that something was wrong. A month ago, our pipes burst and after the repair, my watch all the time showed that I was recovering only 20%, although it was usually 90%. In Korea, everything returned to normal, and when I returned home, the figures again fell to 20%. It was easy to put 2+2 together.

Ukrainian mix-game regular Roman Verenko won a bracelet in the €5,000 PLO tournament.

Former Germany striker Max Kruse became champion in the €1,650 6-max tournament.

For the win, he received €134,152, which was the biggest prize of his poker career. Kruse has been going to the World Series for 10 years .

The departure from this tournament was very upsetting for Allen Kessler.

“Out of 6-max,” he complained , “some European BB loser called more than half his stack with Q8o after I shoved from the SB, I had KT. I said "good call" and packed my bags before the board was run out.

– ''The guy is already over 50, he has a characteristic bald head, grinds micros, lives on coupons from the casino, and the loser is the guy who called with Q8...''- commented Jens Arends.

– ''You can only dream of my life'' – Kessler told him.

After that, Allen decided to dig and looked at the results of Jans live career:

– ''Ha ha, you call yourself a high stakes MTT player/coach. And where are your high stakes results?''

Russell Thomas advised Allen to delete this tweet as soon as possible.

– ''Lol, so he beats online'' – Kessler realized his mistake. – ''And where is the evidence that he plays himself and does not use prompts? I need his results in a live game.''

– ''Poker Twitter never ceases to amaze'' – Chris Hook was surprised at this skirmish.

Darren Elias remembered what he looked like 15 years ago:

– EPT London 2007 😂

His look has changed a bit over the years.

Before the start of the football season, Patrick Leonard bet 350 to 1 that Erling Haaland would become the first player in history to hit the 40-goal mark in the Premier League in a season. Now, after each goal, Pads reminds his followers of this, and readers are keenly interested in whether the bet will pay off. The bet was $2,500, so losing could be quite painful (but maybe not for Pads!)

Erling has scored 18 goals in 12 matches so far.

In one of our previous reviews, we said that at the end of September, PokerStars canceled over 100 tournaments, including the WCOOP mains.

Last week they held the WCOOP 2022 Take 2 mini-series. Artur Martirosyan and Benny Glaser won two tournaments this weekend.

Artur became the winner of two NLHE turbo tournaments with buy-ins $5k and $1k. And Benny beat everyone in NLO8 for $11 and HORSE for $1k.

Now Glaser has 15 titles in various *COOP tournaments, and this is a record.

Luis Faria of Brazil won the $10,300 WCOOP Main Event.

These days, the entire crypto world is discussing the collapse of one of the largest crypto exchanges – FTX. Naturally, the situation also affected poker players directly.

At the moment, withdrawals from the exchange are not available. Isaac Haxton advises everyone to urgently take screenshots and download transaction histories:

– I have experienced this several times (in poker rooms, not on crypto exchanges) and once received 15% of the money owed, largely due to the fact that I saved the screenshots. There was such a battle with a poker room. They closed in 2009, and I had about $400k stuck there. Then they went through bankruptcy proceedings and in 2015 they sent me a check for $60k. Not the most ideal solution, but better than nothing.

In recent years, every housewife has heard about the FTX exchange in the USA, since they spent fabulous money on advertising. In the spring of 2021, the stadium where the NBA team plays the Miami Heat became known as the FTX Arena – the transaction value was $135 million.

“In general, it was impossible to assume that FTX was spending more than they could afford,” said Doug Polk . – ''Only if you haven’t watched football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, computer games, youtube, podcasts and social networks. They've been all over the place for the last couple of years.''

“All my money was in FTX, oops,” Alex Weiss was not very happy about the latest news . – ''Preparing a party for FTX victims, see you there''

“I’ll be happy to give you backing in tournaments up to $109, like in the good old days,” Polk encouraged his friend .

Alex, it seems, was not particularly inspired by the idea and answered with a picture:

Remco Rinkema went to Las Vegas hockey and noticed that the team has a special person in charge of the players' spare sticks. As soon as the hockey player receives the puck, this employee takes up his spare stick in order to immediately transfer it to the game in the event of a breakage of the main one.