$10,300 GG High Roller

I think it's time to knock someone out. Opening J6o from UTG, what are you doing, Ben, stop it!

Oh my God. Well, the perks of being the big stack!



Thank you.

Oh, very close. I was really hoping that someone would rejam, but now I have to think for myself. Well, he pushes QJs, JTs, K9s, K8s. You have to call. Often facing a pocket pair, pot odds are two to one... No, it's a simple call, really.


Final table bubble and they're all-in on the second table!

GG, Mr. Ponakovs. A good result, standard, but no luck.

And we are on the final table. Excellent! $90,000 already guaranteed.

Nick Maimone calls in the big blind.

Flop (762k):

Okay, we have to play pot control, so I'll be checking this flop. The player behind me may have jacks and , and with deuces, of course, he also calls preflop.

Maimone checks, Ben Rolle checks, LevMeAlone checks.

Turn (762k):

Maimone bets 377k.

Well, call.

Ben and LevMeAlone both call.

River (1,986k):

If he (BB) makes a big bet now, pfft...

BB checks.

Um, the spot for me is very marginal. He, of course, comes in a fairly wide range. And I have a queen of clubs in my hand, so he can't bluff with . Still may be , , ... Close, very close...

Checks, the third player also checks.

Yes, I was afraid of that too. But he defends A4o – it's a bad play. Even very bad. I won't open loose with so many short stacks behind me. The range of the player behind me is full of broadways and A-highs. The two of us just destroy A4o, his only hope is to catch two pair.

On the flop, I check correctly because of the chip leader, he, as I said, can have jacks, deuces, , it is also possible to slowplay aces preflop, taking into account the numerous resteal stacks to his left. There are calls in his range and – ICM is very heavy, so it doesn't make much sense for him to 3-bet a lot with this hand. All this is theory, of course – how it will be in practice, it is difficult to say.

I call correctly on the turn. I also check correctly on the river. I shouldn't bet because what can I achieve by betting? The BB's betting range on the turn is a flush draw, two pair, a straight, and traps he wanted to check-raise. Well, he could have into , certainly. Our bet will sometimes get called by A9s and ATs, but there are two against us, and if we get even one call, in most cases we will be behind. Top pair with a second kicker technically looks strong, but I don't think we have a bet.

Against a very strong UTG range, it's an easy fold.

This time, Ben calls.

Flop (927k):

Oh what a great flop for our range. You need to start bluffing right away to knock out , . Our call has T9s and he shouldn't open this hand.

Villain bets 306k.

Is he seriously betting on such a board? The only hand worth betting with is two nines. What I'm about to do looks like complete madness, but I'm just not ready to believe his story.

Ben raises to 788k. The opponent folds.

Villain calls.

Flop (770k):

Opponent checks. Ben quickly checks behind.

Turn (770k):

Both players check quickly again.

River (770k):

After thinking for five seconds, the opponent checks.

Well, now we need to choose a sizing. I think you should bet big in this spot and hope he has a king.

Bet 524k. Villain calls with .

I think it was the best sizing against his range. The situation on the river is just disgusting for him, I can not blame him for calling. Seriously, why not fold his king? I can bluff with to fold a random eight. It's frustrating to be in this position on the final table and decide on a large part of the stack. I thought about shoving too, but I would lose a lot of value by shoving. My bluffs aren't aimed at knocking out a king, they want to knock out an eight, and it's not necessary to go all-in against an eight. And he should also start folding some kings against all-in.

Um, I don't like this all-in. If you're Maimone with you can safely call, because if Vieira now finds himself with aces or kings, it will be such a tragedy... With tens and jacks, you can also call or make a small raise, but all-in? It definitely doesn't make sense.

Joao Vieira pushes all-in.

Oh my God!

I think Maimone or maybe . Vieira has +. he never has offsuit ones, I'm quite sure.

Francisco can even fold now. After all, he made a big raise, but not all-in! The pay jump is about a hundred thousand. Although if he has It's probably hard to throw it away.

What?! Did he call with AQo? What? WHY?? I have no words.

What nonsense. Maimone has a lot in this spot and some , and I still feel like Vieira should fold in ICM with AKo.

Ben calls.

Flop (808k):

Ben checks. Villain bets 288k. Ben calls.

Turn (1,385k):

Ben checks. Villain bets 954k.

Must fold. I have too many dirty outs. He may, for example, have or , and if the river hits a nine of spades...

Folds but checks the river.

Oh, now it hurts. It hurts a lot, chat. But it's a good fold and we have to make good decisions.

And I'll call. I don't want to go all-in! And I'll call with aces too.

Calls. LevMeAlone folds. The player in the BB bets all-in. The UTG player goes all-in.

That sucks, but we have to be patient, wait for good hands, even if we have ten blinds left.

In fact, blind v blind, you can play more hands and play more aggressively. I think this is a good moment for bluffing. We must have raises with garbage.

Raise up to 746k.

Look, he just said to wait for good hands and raised with 42o!

The opponent bets all-in.

Well, yes, he will also have traps, so we don’t want to raise something like or . It's better to bluff with hands that you don't mind folding.


I have an easy all-in on the open raise of the chip leader. Eights, 20 blinds, good luck. If Bruno calls, I'll shove anyway – more dead money in the pot.

Bruno folds.

We have reached a stage where we sometimes have to risk our stack. There's nothing you can do, that's life. Let's go all-in!

Goes all-in. Both opponents quickly fold.

There is absolutely nothing to play with, but the other guys are at least close. It would be worse if the two guys on my right had six million each, and so – one double, and we have the third stack. Plus they can bust.

One of two things: either today is not my day, and without some luck my ceiling is fifth place, or... or we will suddenly spin it up. Which button do you need to press to get good cards?

Well, that's it, it seems. If the chip leader goes all-in, I'll call. Seven blinds, A9o...

The chip leader folds.

Even better! Of course, I call any all-in. But not two!

Maimone goes all-in. Bruno thinks.

I'm rooting for the fold! Our call has a lot of equity against the button. He pushes A2, K5s, 98s...

Bruno folds. Ben calls.

No diamonds!

Hmm. That's it.


Now we have to gamble with 76o.

Okay, we can quadruple. 76o plays well in multiway pots.

Calls all in, BB also calls. Opponents check to showdown.

Even the pair outs were live! But now it's all right. GG!

$260,000, and nothing we could do. Decently unlucky, of course, but there was no chance. Thank you for watching. It turned out, alas, disgusting. This prize more or less covers my minus for the last couple of weeks, so it's all for the best. The series went to zero. Hope you enjoyed it – see you next time!