To recap, I have lost a lot in high-stakes cash over the last 6 months, give or take.

I'm starting the Road to a Million series, a bankroll challenge, essentially, after losing a million in high-stakes cash, and trying to get it all back. It's been a very fun experiment, making some short-form stuff, and doing the YouTube stuff. There's a tracker, all of that.

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You know, last couple years, maybe 3 years ago, I lost 10K at the Lodge and I did a bankroll challenge from 0 to 10K again after a really big shot take. And here we are doing something about what, 100 times bigger?

And I wanted to talk about it, reflect on it, do a little catchup because I feel I haven't talked to you guys face to face for a while. I've just been grinding out, pumping out a lot of vlogs, mainly about poker, and figured I'd take some time here with a very beautiful backdrop to discuss the past couple months, and discuss the next couple of months coming up because I have some stuff happening.

Reflections on Losing

So yeah, losing a whole lot of money isn't great. But I think I was really due for one. I was, I've been sun running for a long time. So I think I was due to lose a lot. But it's also self-inflicted, as I talked about in the past few vlogs. You know, it's kind of my fault for losing a lot in the cash games because I was just punting. I was tilted, I was playing poorly, all of that.

So I needed a little bit of reset. And I felt one, taking the time to go to Australia is really nice because I get to reset and see a different part of the world, see one of the few parts of the world I really, genuinely, genuinely loved, which is the Gold Coast. I think life is just perfect out there. I was just there for 2 weeks.

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Upcoming Poker Plans

After this trip, I have some really big poker plans coming up and I just like the stress for some reason. I remember I was on this vacation and I was feeling very stress-free. And I just thought, I really miss the stress.

So why not tweet something out? I've had a lot of people, negative comments, whether it's on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or all this stuff, because I'm on a losing streak.

You know, I wanted to feed into that. A lot of chat pros out there.

So, I did an open challenge. I tweeted this thing here, basically challenging anyone open to the public if they wanted to fade me this upcoming WSOP.

I'm 0 for 2 in profitable summers. That's just due to the nature of tournaments. And, you know, I'm getting a lot of hate. So I figured, why not feed into a little bit and bet on myself?

So essentially, I want to buy myself at 1.0 mark, adding more exposure to the tournaments that I'm already playing right now. And it's an open challenge. So if you're watching this and you want to fade me, I absolutely implore you to do so. And I challenge you to fade me, essentially, this summer.

So if you want to, you can feel free to DM me on Instagram or Twitter. But basically, I just want to buy myself and get more action on myself this summer. That's just a shout-out to all the haters and chat pros out there who think I'm bad at poker.

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Million Dollar Game Announcement

So if anyone wants to challenge me, I haven't gotten anyone to accept this challenge yet. I think my buy-ins will range anywhere between $500K to $600K. And if you want to fade maybe even half of the action or 20% of the action, I openly invite anyone to do so.

So that's the challenge I had, adding a little bit of stress into my life, but also a lot of spice. You know, it's certainly spicing up a lot of dialogue in the Twitter poker space at least. People are talking about it. I get to be involved. People are arguing back and forth. I'm also in the streets a little bit there, try to negotiate some stuff. But it's fun.

Sadly, no one is taking me up on that bet yet.

But yeah, that's adding a sprinkle of stress in a very stress-free environment that Australia seems to be.

On top of that, what's coming up, also around WSOP time, May 30th, I have been announced, I am playing the Million Dollar Game. And boy, oh boy, is that also adding a lot of stress.

The main thing, obviously, is I'm not going to have 100% of myself because I don't have enough money to even support the stakes that I'm playing right now. And I think the stakes will be 500/1K last time. And I'm selling action publicly again on Stakings. If you want, the game I'm playing in will be on May 30th. So I have about a month or so to raise some money, collect all the liquidity I need to actually put it on the poker table, which is kind of ridiculous.

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It's always a fun project, but also, once again, a little bit stressful because I obviously don't have a million dollars liquid right now after losing a million dollars. That would be insane.

So I have a fraction of the money that I need.

Hopefully, I can survive and see you on the other side. See you guys next time. Thanks for watching. Peace.

– Rampage will be selling his action on StakeKings and seems to be showing no signs of slowing down, despite setbacks.