The long-running dispute between Tom Dwan and Peter Jetten, which we talked about in recent reviews, is finally over.

Get the scoop on Tom Dwan's debt troubles and the surprising decision by ACR Poker to hire him amidst the controversy.


In early April, Peter wrote:

– As expected, Tom lost the arbitration. It looks like the sponsorship deal has helped him become solvent again. Good luck to everyone he still owes. I hope he pays you back someday too.

A few days later, Peter deleted this tweet and all other messages about Tom's debts. Dwan did not comment on the arbitration that took place.

Recently he joined the list of participants in the Million Dollar Game, along with Jungleman, Rampage, Doug Polk, Tony G, and Alan Keating. The game will take place at the end of May.

Nick Airball, who was also listed as a participant in the Million Dollar Game, was rumored to have been banned from Hustler.

One of the reddit users wrote:

Nik Airball has been banned from Hustler for breaking their rules about passing/selling chips. After multiple warnings they have banned him for 12 months.


The author claims to have heard this directly from Nick during the game. There has been no official confirmation of this information yet. Airball last played on the Hustler stream on March 22.

Billionaire and former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya revealed new details about Carl Chappe-Gatien's million-dollar losses and gigantic tips on the Triton series in his podcast:

– I won’t mention the name, but one guy lost $8 million in expensive cash on Triton and gave $450k in tips. He simply handed out $25k chips to everyone around him – employees, dealers, masseuses.

– Do we split the tip among everyone? – rained down from all sides.

– No, we don’t share anything.

Karl posted this video with the caption “chips and money on the screen are no different.”

– "Do you watch All-In podcast on weekly basis when they release it or you just had this clip sent to you?" – they were surprised in the comments.

– "No, they just sent me a clip because it’s about me."

The other day, Karl boasted of the results for February and March in his main profession – crypto trading:

– There were a couple of bad days, but overall everything was fine.

– Don’t you feel stressed at all from such streaks? – asked in the comments.

– I have been stressed for many years trying to reach my current level. I always acted very risky, so I had to wake up every 2 hours to check transactions. There have been very difficult periods, but now I don’t feel stressed at all. Sometimes I even miss it.

Oleg Ostroumov made his solver for Chinese poker publicly available :

George Froggatt reported that his friend MrBuilderman was back from holiday :

– "How did he play at the tables?" – the readers clarified. – Cash games on GG doesn’t seem to work without rakeback.

– "I won about $20k in this session."

High-volume NL1k crusher MrBuilderman reflects on his poker career, work ethic, strengths and weaknesses, and future plans.


Doug Polk asked readers an important question :

– Do you wear street shoes at home?

“I’ve never understood those who wear boots indoors,” one commentator marveled.

“I’m in the minority here,” Doug admitted. “I’ve been wearing shoes at home all my life, and I’m even a little offended when someone at a party tells me that I need to take off my shoes.”

Note: I have oddly shaped feet and my insoles are custom made, so it hurts to walk barefoot.

Chance Kornuth shared some sage advice:

Rob Kuhn and Shawn Deeb completed their bet ahead of schedule, which we talked about in the last review .

Recall that Rob had to go 30 days without food. The bet amount is $3k against Dib's $60k. In 17 days, Kuhn lost 11 kg, after which Sean paid off for $25k.

Yesterday, Rob recorded a video in which he admitted that he had no doubts about his final success, but agreed to accept $25k, since his relatives and friends were very worried about his health, and he was tired of the constant pressure from them. He will still continue to lose weight but under the supervision of Sean and his team, who helped him win his own bet against Perkins. “I know that my example has inspired many, but be sure to consult with your doctors before you decide on such experiments,” Kuhn concluded his speech.

“Yup I’m so glad he did the buyout before the dangerous days,” wrote Sean Deeb . "I want to see him succeed and feel as confident as I do and now I can show him the right way to lose weight and he’ll get spoiled with
@crashleydeeb's cooking" ( ed. – Crashley Deeb is Sean's wife, who monitored his diet throughout the bet with Perkins ).

Daniel Cates asked subscribers for advice:

"How many times can you ask for someone to do something (important) before getting angry?"

One user had some advice on this:

There are at least two options,

1. Take responsibility and do whatever it is you feel needs done yourself.

2. Complain on social platforms

"That works for me," said Jungleman.

Daniel Negreanu criticized Sam Greenwood :

Sam responded by posting a screenshot of the hand with that same face:

– Sam responded by saying, "I've played ~5000 hands of PLO since they cancelled Supernova Elite. I'm not a great player and am mostly playing tournaments because they're fun and play to my strengths, but for you I'll make an exception and play HU."

Neymar faced a difficult choice: poker or his 6-month-old daughter's birthday?

You can see that Neymar is playing on PokerStars mobile, probably in a high-stakes tournament.

PokerStars starting out holding online poker games back in 2001 and now the company is worth over 6 billion dollars. They sponsor a slew of tournaments like the European Poker Tour, UK and Ireland Poker Tour, plus a handful of others. Over the years, PokerStars has remained on top of the online poker industry. They’ve expanded to offer fantastic online casino games and sports betting.

Will Jaffe, who made his debut as a commentator at the Triton series in Korea, was imbued with respect for the regulars :

– Before doing Triton, I didn’t understand why tournament players took so long to act and it always tilted me. I knew they were under a lot of pressure to make difficult desicions on the biggest stage, but it’s just 2 cards. Can it really be that hard? And the answer was a resounding yes.

The level of competition in these big buy-in tournaments is insane. To say these players are trying extremely hard just dosent do it justice. They are scrapping, clawing, and fighting to the death for every inch. If you aren’t willing to do that, then you aren’t going to have a chance to compete with them.

I also came in under the impression that there wasn’t a huge skill difference between the guys at the top and the ones right underneath them. There is a lot of variance in tournament poker and how much better is someone that plays 100ks than someone that plays 10 and 25ks?

I walked away feeling like the difference was much bigger than I had initially thought. To put it simply, the guys at the top are doing things that the other players aren’t. A lot of it is very subtle and hard to articulate but when you are in there day in and day out you see it.

I feel bad for making fun of guys like Stevie in the past for “tanking”. I truly had no idea how competitive it was at that level. I walked away from the trip with a newfound respect for anyone willing to compete in these fields, especially those who have been crushing it for years.