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4.6 /5
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Features of Black Chip Poker

Minimum deposit
100% up to $2 000
Bonus for new players
$3 000 per day (Bitcoin - up to $10 000)
Withdrawal limits
Withdrawal fee
24 hours
Withdrawal speed
1 000
Average online
Payment systems

Description and registration

Black Chip Poker is a high-traffic cardroom on the Winning Poker Network.This reliable online poker provider also hosts huge live tournaments. Their app has every feature a player could ever want, and not just decorative ones like emotes, avatars, and animations. The software has things that no other poker app does, like Bomb Pots and Double Or Nothing.

Of course, there's a First Deposit Bonus for every new player and available cashier options like Bitcoin, credit cards, and e-wallets. Black Chip Poker also lets players choose between a loyalty program or a rakeback program.

Come along as we review Black Chip Poker and a few of their freerolls!

Follow the link and register:
Registration on Black Chip Poker
Ready! Now you can play on Black Chip Poker using all bonuses from GipsyTeam.
  • Playing with amateurs from USA
  • High rakeback
  • Regular rake races
  • No iOS app
  • Only one free cashout per month


1 000
Average online
Cash players
peak time
Position in the ranking


Year of creation
Costa Rica
Sports betting
5.0 /5
3 feedback from 12
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2 May, 23:15
Although the room offers decent promotions and plenty of games, game security is of paramount importance.
7 April, 18:56
Being a poker enthusiast, I decided to try out "Black Chip Poker" room. This room attracted me with its variety of games and promotions.
31 March, 20:47
After studying the reviews and scandals with bots in the WPN network, I decided to start with micro-limits and closely monitor the gaming process.
3 feedback from 12
show all
Review from GipsyTeam authors
4.6 /5

A Quick Review Of Black Chip Poker

The new game formats make playing on this real money poker application a breath of fresh air. Black Chip Poker has been on the Winning Poker Network since 2012, constantly updating and refining its applications. The result is an app with the excitement level of a real poker game in a casino.

Black Chip Poker uses WPN software, so it’s known for fast withdrawals and instant deposits on various payment methods. In 2016 they became an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, accepting more than 60 different coins.

This cardroom bans the use of any 3rd party software that might give players advantages or edges. This keeps everyone’s capabilities even and it’s a good move for the games’ integrity.

Available Bonuses And Daily Rewards

The bonuses at Black Chip Poker are constantly changing, so contact a member of the GipsyTeam support to get the list of today’s promotions.

The First Time Deposit Bonus

Black Chip Poker has a welcome bonus that’s easy to pick up; you won’t even need a bonus code. When new players make their first deposit, the First Time Deposit Bonus will automatically be added to your account. Your deposit is matched 100%, up to a maximum of $2000. To get those bonus dollars into your account, you’ll need to build up Benefit Points.

The minimum deposit to qualify for the First Time Deposit Bonus is $25.

Benefit Points At Black Chip Poker

Earn Benefit Points, sometimes called Award Points or APs, by playing in tournaments and cash games.

Game TypeRake/Tournament FeesBenefit Points/Award Points
Cash Game$1 in rake5.5 points
Tournaments$1 in tournament fees5.5 points

How Long Will It Take To Unlock The First Time Deposit Bonus Amount?

To unlock the First Time Deposit Bonus amount, you’ll need to hit the tables and start earning yourself some Benefit Points.

For example, $50 of rake will unlock $10 of the First Deposit Bonus. That’s equivalent to 20% rakeback.

The app’s user interface isn’t laggy or overdressed with glitz and glam. There are functional HUD features during cash games and tournaments, plus an array of social elements. Playing on the Black Chip Poker application on mobile, Mac, or Windows feels more interactive than some other poker providers.

BCP uses the rake it generates to throw weekly races like Sit & Crush and The Beast. For these two promotions, players compete for positions on leaderboards. The best part is, players don’t pay for these promotions. Entry and prize pool amounts are generated from rake.

For Sit & Crush, players with enough points to top the leaderboard take home up to $500 in cash and possibly, a tournament ticket too. Playing Sit & Go earns points, but On Demand games earn double points.

If you generate $1 of rake at a Sit & Go, you’ll earn 1.25 points towards the leaderboard. At an On Demand table, $1 of rake will net you 2.5 points.

The Beast is quite similar, but players build up points and rise up the leaderboard by playing cash games instead of tournaments. $500 is the maximum cash tier, but there lower tier prizes for hundreds of other players. Just like Sit & Crush, tournament tickets are given away too, but only to a certain amount of players on the leaderboard.

Out of $0.06 of rake, $0.02 gets contributed to The Beast, giving you 1 point.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
$500 + Ticket$250$125$50

There’s serious money up for grabs with these two promotions.

Avatars, Animations, And Emotes

Download the app and represent yourself with a huge selection of different avatars, including Barack Obama and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Click on the orange speech bubble beside your character to select your emotes and animations. During games, you can congratulate or show your displeasure by sending an animation over to another player. There are fireworks, toilet paper rolls, and much more.

Emotes work a bit differently, hanging over your character for a few seconds. Let the table know exactly how you feel about that last hand!

How To Get Started At Black Chip Poker With GipsyTeam

Download the Black Chip Poker software here and then sign up for an account.

Remember to send us your account details to get the full GipsyTeam experience.

Members receive:

Responsive, professional support 18 hours every day.

Mediation and problem-solving for a variety of issues that players may face.

The GipsyTeam regularly gives away huge prizes like EPT and WPT tickets.

Enter rake races, GipsyTeam freerolls, and private tournaments.

Black Chip Poker software is designed for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. The IOS application isn’t available yet, but it’s being developed.

Download the right software for your device here and get to the tables!

Cash Games

Black Chip Poker has all of the poker games that customers ask for and a wide range of stakes. Cash game stakes at BCP peak at $150/$300 blinds at Omaha Hi/Lo tables and $100/$200 for hold ‘em and PLO tables. The micro stakes start at $0.01/$0.02 for no-limit hold ‘em and all of the Omaha variants.

Some players hope to see games like heads-up hold ‘em and PLO games coming to Black Chip Poker in the future, but they aren’t offered now.

Play It Safe

Collect the value of your equity instead of playing out the hand. In situations where you want to reduce variance, the Play It Safe feature lets you take the equity right there and then. Black Chip Poker takes 1% of your equity in exchange for this cash-game-only feature.

Bomb Pots

This electrifying game mode is available for designated cash games. A bomb symbol beside the table name indicates a Bomb Pot table. 4 times an hour, every player at the table puts a set number of blinds into the middle. The dealer button is randomly placed, and the hand begins at the flop without any pre-flop action.


This hyper-turbo sit & go has 3-minute blinds and a randomly decided prize pool. Prizes are always double or more, so there’s always profit on the table.

Lucky players can win a life-changing $1,000,000 with a $5 buy-in by playing in the $1 Million Jackpot. Entry to the $1 Million Jackpots costs $5, $15, or $50. The regular Jackpot buy-ins are $2, $10, $25, and $40.

The Jackpot Maximizer automatically queues you for games and eliminates wait times. Set your buy-in preferences and the application will enter games on your behalf.

Blitz Poker

This is Black Chip Poker’s version of Zoom or Snap poker. Players can Fold Now and instantly move to another table, without waiting while their opponents think of the next moves.

Play no-limit hold ‘em or pot limit Omaha with stakes starting at $0.05/$.10 and peaking at $5/$10.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Game NamePlayersMinimum StakesMaximum Stakes
Texas Hold ‘em - No-Limit6-9$0.01/$.02$100/$200
Texas Hold ‘em - Fixed Limit6-9$0.02/$.04$40/$80
Texas Hold ‘em - No-Limit Cap6-9$0.01/$.02$25/$50
Texas Hold ‘em - All In Or Fold6-9$0.05/$.10$50/$100
Texas Hold ‘em - Bomb Pot6-9$0.01/$.02$100/$200

Omaha And Stud Games

Game NamePlayersMinimum StakesMaximum Stakes
Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)6-9$0.01/$.02$25/$50
No-Limit Omaha6-9$0.01/$.02$100/$200
Fixed Limit Omaha6-9$0.02/$.04$75/$150
Pot Limit Omaha - Cap6-9$0.01/$.02$25/$50
Pot Limit Omaha - All In Or Fold6-9$0.10/$.20$100/$200
Pot Limit Omaha - Bomb Pot6-9$0.01/$.02$25/$50
Omaha Hi/Lo - All Formats6-9$0.01/$.02$150/$300
5 Card Omaha - All Formats6-9$0.01/$.02$25/$50
5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo - All Formats6-9$0.01/$.02$25/$50
7 Stud - All Formats6-9$0.04/$.08$40/$80
7 Stud Hi/Lo - All Formats6-9$0.04/$.08$40/$80

Sit & Go

Buy-ins for the Black Chip Poker Sit & Gos range from $0.55 to $215 at the upper end. Once all of the players join, the tournament begins. There are many different structures, from regular to hyper-turbo. There are several games to be played too, from hold ‘em to Omaha. Prizes can be cash or high-value tournament tickets, depending on the Sit & Go.

Black Chip Poker has freerolls every day of the week, with no freeroll passwords required. The freeroll tournaments change games each day of the week. Only 2000 entries are allowed for each tournament, with 30 minutes of late registration time.

DayTournament NameHow OftenGame Type
Monday$50 GTD FreerollEvery 3 hours starting at midnight (Except 6 pm)NLH
Tuesday$50 GTD FreerollEvery 3 hours starting at midnightPLO 6-max
Wednesday$50 GTD FreerollEvery 3 hours starting at midnightPLO8 6-max
Thursday$50 GTD FreerollEvery 3 hours starting at midnightNLH 6-max
Friday$50 GTD FreerollEvery 3 hours starting at midnightPLO 8-max
Saturday$50 GTD FreerollEvery 3 hours starting at midnightPLO8 8-max
Sunday$50 GTD FreerollEvery 3 hours starting at midnightNLH 8-max

Double Or Nothing

This is an optional feature for players who like a little bit of risk.

Choose either red or black, and a card is drawn from a deck of 52 cards with 2 jokers. Slowly reveal the card, and if it’s your color, you’ll double up the offered amount. Turn over the wrong colored card or a joker to lose the game.

Let’s say you leave a cash game table after losing $2. The Double Or Nothing window will appear and ask you if you want to take a chance on red or black. After you choose a color, you’ll reveal your card. For our $2 example, players might walk away with $4 after guessing correctly, or lose an additional $2 if they’re unlucky

Double Or Nothing will also be an option for players who are eliminated from a tournament but still win a cash prize.

Players can opt-out and never be offered Double Or Nothing if they choose.

Win/Loss Tracking

This helpful creature will constantly update and feed you information about your session at a table. Track your win/loss amounts, and find out if you are playing too many or too few hands!

Run It Twice

This feature isn’t enabled by every player on Black Chip Poker, but it is tons of fun when you get to use it. Just like in real casinos or cardrooms, get the dealer to Run It Twice to double the tension!

Show Or Don’t Show

Here’s another interactive feature that players love. Choose to show one or both of your cards, as long as you are the last player to act in a heads-up pot.

The Show feature is enabled when you fold. It’s only available if you are the last to act, and showing your cards can’t affect other players’ actions.

The Show feature is also enabled when your opponent folds to your bet. If you were bluffing, show them after they fold!

Elite Benefits

This is Black Chip Poker’s rewards program, and the incentives are massive depending on the rank. As your balance of Benefit Points grows, you’ll make it into the higher ranks of the Elite Benefits program.

Each rank comes with exclusive benefits, but you have to collect points to maintain your rank.


Benefit Points


Per Month

Yearly Benefit Points To Reach LevelN/AN/AN/AN/A100,0001,000,000

Prizes for the Icon level include a $20,000 Legendary Bonus and tickets to international poker tournaments. Even at the lower ranks, players can earn Player Points to redeem for cash or use in the Black Chip Poker rewards store.

Benefit Point Happy Hours

Another way Black Chip Poker sweetens the pot is with their Happy Hours, where players can earn multipliers on their Benefit Points. Download the app and get notified about the next Happy Hour!

Player Points

These points can be converted directly into cash, and you earn Player Points just for playing tournaments and cash games at Black Chip Poker.

Depending on how many Player Points you have, you might be able to get some serious cash. 100 Player Points converts to $1, or if you have enough, you can convert 625,000 Player Points into $10,000.

Different ranks have different multipliers.

RankBenefit PointsPlayer Points

The cashier is secure and transactions are processed at lightning speed.

Black Chip Poker accepts all of these deposit methods shown below. Options include 30+ different cryptocurrencies and even player-to-player transfers.

There are several methods to withdraw money, the fastest being crypto, bitcoin, and Interac E-Transfers.

Find your preferred withdrawal method below and message the GipsyTeam staff if you have any questions.

Rake at Black Chip Poker doesn’t get higher than 5% and the dollar amount is capped at $3 for all games.

Pot Limit + No-Limit Rake

StakesPlayer CountRake AmountRake Cap


Up to

and including









$5/$10 and above


Fixed Limit Rake

StakesPlayer CountRake AmountRake Cap










Tournament fees and rake from cash games can be paid back to your account by switching to the Rakeback program.

Black Chip Poker automatically enrolls your account in their Elite Benefits loyalty program, but you can switch to their Rakeback program instead. Claim 27% rakeback by contacting customer support and changing your account details. It will take around 72 hours for the changes to be finalized.

You can’t enroll in the Elite Benefits and Rakeback program simultaneously, so choose wisely. Do you want lucrative player rewards as you earn Benefit Points or just cold hard rakeback in your account?

See this guide for more information on switching to BCP’s Rakeback program.



  • Outstanding software with social features
  • Optional Rakeback or Elite Benefits
  • Wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Supports Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • Freeroll tournaments every 3 hours
  • Bomb Pots, Run It Twice and other advance options



Follow the link and register:
Registration on Black Chip Poker
Ready! Now you can play on Black Chip Poker using all bonuses from GipsyTeam.

You can learn more about the features of the room, promotions and commissions, as well as ask a question to a representative of Black Chip Poker on our forum.

Register using this link to get access to GipsyTeam bonuses:
  • Increased first deposit bonus
  • Increased rakeback and reloads
  • Help with deposits and cashouts
  • Access to private freerolls
  • Round-the-clock support