In March 2021, GGPoker updated the Fish Buffet loyalty program.

The basic rules have not changed: for playing all varieties of poker and casino games, Fish Buffet Points (FP) are awarded at the rate of 100 FP per $1 rake. Winning players have a less favorable exchange rate. After accumulating a certain number of points, the player receives cash prizes by spinning the wheel of fortune. 

The prize amount depends on two factors:

1) Paid rake, which determines the status of the player. You can earn from 15% (lowest status, Plankton) to 60% (The Platinum) PVI rake back.

2) Probability of getting a bonus on the wheel. The spread of each level is significant: at Plankton status you can win from 10% to 27% rakeback, at Whale status from 10% to 100%.

If you don't want to spin the wheel and hope for a big prize, you can switch to the alternative status system – Platinum (formerly known as Black). It pays a fixed amount of rakeback every week. There are 5 statuses in total:

Platinum Fish: 20% rakeback, requires Bronze Shrimp status or higher to transfer.

Platinum Octopus: 35% rakeback, Bronze Whale or higher required and 750,000 FP per year to maintain status

Platinum Whale: 50% rakeback, Gold Whale or higher and 3,000,000 FP per year (1,500,000 FP to maintain status)

Platinum Shark: 55% rakeback, Platinum Whale or higher and 5,000,000 FP per year (3,000,000 FP to maintain status)

GGPlatinum: 60% rakeback, Platinum Shark and 5,000,000 FP annually to maintain status

To switch to the alternate system, click on the “Switch to Platinum” button (if your status allows)

All Platinum statuses are valid for a year. To keep the status for a year, you need to gain a certain amount of FP:

LevelDurationPoints to save the levelPoints to level up
GGPlatinum1 year5,000,000 FP-
Platinum Shark1 year3,000,000 FP5,000,000 FP
Platinum Whale1 year1,500,000 FP3,000,000 FP
Platinum Octopus1 year750,000 FP-
Platinum Fishno limit--

Status system

To move to a new level, you need to score the number of points indicated in the third column within the time of the 4th column.

For example: to upgrade from Bronze Shrimp to Silver Shrimp, you need to earn 6,000 FP in 15 days. If during this time it was not possible to accumulate points, your status will decrease by one tier, and you will receive a bonus in the amount of 10% of the accumulated FP.

You can switch to a lower Platinum system at any time.

How points are scored

On average, players receive 100 FP for every $1 of rake in cash games, spins and tournaments.

The PVI rake system has not changed : the player's rake is still taken into account with a coefficient depending on the style of play, the number of deposits and winnings. Regulars and winning players get less, amateurs more.

How to change Platinum status

At any time, you can change your Platinum status to standard in the Rewards Program section:

– Platinum Fish moves to Bronze Shrimp

– Platinum Octopus moves to Bronze Whale

– Platinum Whale moves to Bronze Shark

Upon transition, all unreceived rewards are paid, and FP are reset to zero. To return to Platinum status, you’ll have to wait, equal to the amount of time to receive the status. For example, if you switched from Platinum Fish to Bronze Shrimp, you can only switch back after 15 days.

New prizes and drop rates

Bonuses and Probabilities for Whale Statuses
Bonuses and Probabilities for Octopus Statuses
Bonuses and Probabilities for Crab Statuses
Bonuses and Probabilities for Shrimp Statuses
Bonuses and Probabilities for Goldfish Statuses
Bonuses and Probabilities for Plankton Statuses



In the field "Bonus code" enter the code GT1