With the update of the GGPoker client, the traditional leaderboards in all types of poker have been updated: $10,000,000 will be drawn in September. Let's talk about other changes.

Tournament Hall of Fame

Now the champions of each tournament series are presented in the lobby:

  • By prize money
  • By hitting the final table
  • Latest Winner

Bankroll Challenge Changes

Small improvements in the Prop Bet section have affected the Bankroll Challenge format: the challenge can be set up to $100,000, and bets up to $1,000 (cannot exceed the amount of the challenge).

The rules for calculating prize money have also been adjusted:

  • If the registration time for the Honeymoon promotion is at the start of the Bankroll Challenge, all Honeymoon rewards will not be counted toward profits
  • Fish Buffet rewards received prior to the start of the Bankroll Challenge will not count toward profits
  • For Fish Buffet Platinum players, only rewards accumulated after the start of the Bankroll Challenge will count

New 9-max hold'em tables

A new limit has appeared in the cash game lobby – $0.50/$1 (ante $0.50), represented by 9-max tables. Tables are already included in the leaderboards: $2,200 will be raffled daily among their participants.

Daily cash drops and envelopes with prizes

The Mystery Envelope promotion will drop $28,888 in cash dollars (C$) every day at 9-max hold'em tables.

In tournaments marked with an envelope icon in the lobby, you can win additional cash prizes (depending on the buy-in of the tournament). Envelopes do not drop in Spin & Gold, Battle Royale, Flip & Go, AoF Sit & Go, and Express Satellite. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars (C$).