PokerOK has launched a unique Pick&Go format: tournaments tied to real matches of the European Championship and the Copa America in football. Here's how it works.

The next match, Round of 16, starts on July 1 at 16:00 GMT. At the same time, the Pick&Go tournament will begin, consisting of two phases:

Until the end of the match. When buying in, you can choose one of the participating teams and get a discount, which depends on the team's chances of winning. Choosing the underdog will save you more money.

After the final whistle. Players who chose the losing team are eliminated but can re-enter without a discount until the end of late registration. If the match ends in a draw, all players remain in the tournament. Extra time and penalty shootouts are not considered.

Pick&Go tournaments will be marked in the lobby with the flags of the participating teams, and the buy-in without a discount is $10.

Tournament Schedule 

European Championship

DateTime (GMT)Tournament NameGuarantee
Mon, July 116:00Round of 16TBD
Mon, July 119:00Round of 16TBD
Tue, July 216:00Round of 16TBD
Tue, July 219:00Round of 16TBD
Fri, July 516:00Quarter-finalsTBD
Fri, July 519:00Quarter-finalsTBD
Sat, July 616:00Quarter-finalsTBD
Sat, July 619:00Quarter-finalsTBD
Tue, July 919:00Semi-finalsTBD
Wed, July 1019:00Semi-finalsTBD
Sun, July 1419:00FinalTBD

Copa America

DateTime (GMT)Tournament NameGuarantee
Fri, July 501:00Quarter-FinalsTBD
Sat, July 601:00Quarter-FinalsTBD
Sun, July 622:00Quarter-FinalsTBD
Sun, July 701:00Quarter-FinalsTBD
Wed, July 1000:00Semi-FinalsTBD
Thu, July 1100:00Semi-FinalsTBD
Sun, July 1400:00Third place play-offTBD
Mon, July 1500:00FinalTBD