At the beginning of December, PokerStars updated the client, added several new features, and increased the commission for cashouts for all-in calls.

All-in Cash Out now costs 2%. The formula for calculating payouts has not changed: (pot size – rake) x probability of winning x 0.98.

For example, let’s calculate payouts for two players at a limit of $0.50/$1, the pot is $100, and the rake is $2.5. One has pocket aces (81.95% chance of winning), and the other has a pair of kings (18.05%). In this case, the following will be charged:

  • Player 1: (100 – 2.5) x 81.95% x 98% = $78.30
  • Player 2: (100 – 2.5) x 18.05% x 98% = $17.25

Previously, in a similar situation, players were entitled to $79.10 and $17.42, respectively.

Tournament lobby. The dark color scheme has been improved, and the height of the lines in the schedule has been increased for better readability. Tournaments can now be sorted using a new filter – time until the end of late registration. Additional statistics have been added to the information side widget.

Sorting pocket cards. Now the cards after a deal will always be displayed in order of seniority, starting with the Ace. The option can be disabled in the client settings.

Animation of mixing chips. Function for fans of live poker: works when you click on the current bet (only your own).

Animation of winning a hand. The winning hand will be highlighted at the showdown.

Changes in the web client. Added Spin&Go lobby: you can play spins and Flash spins from the browser.