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4.6 /5
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Features of PPPoker

Minimum deposit
Bonus for new players
No restrictions
Withdrawal limits
Withdrawal fee
24 hours
Withdrawal speed
2 300
Average online
Payment systems

Description and registration

PPPoker is an Asian mobile poker application developed in 2016. Unlike regular rooms, where all users play with each other on the same site, PPPoker is more like a live game — there a variety of private clubs in which players participate by invitation from the club and it's organisers.

Most poker players play on smartphones, and opponents tend to be weaker than on other online poker platforms: there are high numbers of players from Asia, Latin America and the USA at the tables.

Unfortunately, PPPoker is not available in your country. As an alternative, we can offer you another room!
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  • Huge selection of limits and disciplines
  • Lots of weak opponents
  • Easy to play with smartphones
  • Not familiar interface
  • Need an emulator for playing with PC
  • Difficult to multitable


2 200
Average online
1 800
Cash players
24 hours a day
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Year of creation
4.8 /5
3 feedback from 45
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2 May, 23:08
This room has excellent support, they promptly help resolve any issues.
7 April, 18:50
There are weak fields at micro-limits, while the game at medium and high stakes is of high quality.
31 March, 20:56
I'm not quite sure how the loyalty program works yet.
3 feedback from 45
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Review from GipsyTeam authors
4.6 /5

PPPoker Review

PPPoker is the first of many poker apps that appeared in the late 2010s which have brought about a pivotal change in how online poker is played. On the face of it PPPoker is effectively a sophisticated home game app where players can host games and play with friends and acquaintances; similar to the home game options offered on many online card rooms.

PPPoker uses play chips which some people chose to use as denominations for privately arranged real money play. These entities, referred to as agents, manage their own clubs and games via the app. It should be noted that the makers of the PPPoker app are not responsible for any private games that are played on the app and are not accountable for any financial arrangement that players choose to enter into when using the platform.

There are now hundreds of agents and clubs worldwide operating on PPPoker. Many of these clubs have emerged in markets which don’t have access to regulated online poker services. As a result the traffic on poker apps is now comparable to that of major online poker networks such as partypoker, PokerStars or iPoker.

Players are drawn to play on PPPoker for various reasons. These include:

  • Ability to play worldwide
  • On average weaker player pools
  • High quality mobile interface
  • Freedom to play poker from any jurisdiction

Players should be aware that as clubs and agents are unregulated, it is highly advisable to only enter into playing agreements when there is a high degree of trust between players and agents. GipsyTeam can assist with finding suitable clubs and unions. As clubs are privately run, players are completely on their own when it comes to deciding when, where and with whom to play.

Game types on offer largely mirror those available on traditional poker sites, although some variants such as lottery Sit & Gos and speed poker are unavailable. There are however other game types that are unique to app play such as 5-card Omaha and Open-face Chinese Poker (OFC).

PPPoker is a great alternative for poker players who don't want to play on traditional poker sites or can't access poker services where they live.

PPPoker: play from anywhere in the world


  • Software
  • Access and Security
  • Clubs and Unions on PPPoker
  • Game Types and Limits
  • Multi-table Tournaments
  • Promotions
  • Rake and Rakeback
  • Registration
  • Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • Customer Service
  • PPPoker FAQs

PPPoker was developed by AceKingTech limited to be a primarily mobile application. This is apparent when using the interface which is extremely smooth on mobile devices and has been expertly designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Tables are always oriented in portrait mode so as to facilitate easy game play. It is possible to access the software on a PC via emulators.

The PPPoker app has integrated personal statistics for both opponent’s and user’s results in cash games and tournaments. There is also the additional option of a HUD for players who opt to acquire a PPPoker black card in the in-app store. Players cannot deposit real money of any kind on the app, add-on purchases are made with in-app Diamonds which can be purchased with cash from the store.

Players can use third party hand converter software to input real time statistics. PPPoker is compatible with the following software:

  • Hold'em Manager
  • PokerTracker
  • DriveHUD
  • Hand2Note

Players can download the app for a variety of operating systems:

  • PPPoker for Mac
  • PPPoker for Macbook
  • PPPoker for iPhone
  • PPPoker for Android
PPPoker download: play straight from your phone or tablet

Access and Security

As PPPoker isn’t legally a gambling entity the app can be accessed worldwide and played from any jurisdiction. Although PPPoker has no involvement with any real money exchanges that players enter into when facilitating the app, PPPoker has gone to lengths to prevent collusion and ensure the fairness of game play.

The random number generator (RNG) which the app uses has been independently audited by Gaming Labs, and the app has a dedicated global security service to monitor and prevent potential collusion between users. Many of the more popular clubs or unions also claim to check for such practises although players are advised to make their own evaluations as to where to play.

Players are recommended to seek out an affiliate program that offers them some degree of protection and quality if choosing to play in a club or union. Contact GipsyTeam for recommended clubs and unions.

To play Poker, you need to download the app, find a suitable club and apply for membership. The clubs themselves often form unions with a common pool of players.

In traditional poker rooms players just make a deposit and sit down at the table. On mobile applications such as PPPoker things are a little bit different: each club has its own game currency and its own chip values. Money for the game is credited to the club via an agent.

Club games take place in different time zones: in one club players maybe mainly Brazilian amateurs and in another American businessmen. Players can contact the GT+ support service to find the best club for their time zone. 

PPPoker club: choose from hundreds of unions to play in

As PPPoker has both amateur and professional players from all over the world it isn't difficult to find suitable and a profitable games. At most limits the number of online players has already exceeded the traffic on large rooms such as PokerStars and partypoker.

Hold'em Games
02:00 GMT8170
13:00 GMT90144
02:00 GMT139109
13:00 GMT125248
02:00 GMT14455
13:00 GMT10285
02:00 GMT10014
13:00 GMT6916
02:00 GMT224
13:00 GMT118

The app spreads Cash Games, Spins, Sit & Go tournaments and Multi-table Tournaments. In addition to Hold'em and classic Omaha, the app has a large selection of 5-card Omaha, Chinese poker and 6+ Hold'em (Short Deck). Some unions also offer heads-up games.

The limits differ from club to club, from NL3 to nosebleed stakes. At some tables there are restrictions on VPIP or a minimum played hand limit within a certain time frame to discourage tight play.

Multi-table Tournaments (MTTs)

Initially PPPoker was primarily about cash games and single table Sit & Gos. But as more players have taken to using the app there are now various guaranteed tournaments running regularly on the app.

As the player pool is truly international tournaments can attract very large player pools and guarantees. Tournaments regularly run offering guarantees from $50,000 to $500,000.

PPPoker also hosts the PPPoker Super Tournament series (PPST). These events are not limited solely to private players and are open to all players regardless of their membership of unions and clubs.


When it comes to promotions, PPPoker is a bit more complicated than regular poker sites. As PPPoker is merely a play money platform which doesn’t deal in real money transactions, the most lucrative loyalty programs and promotions available to players are those which independent clubs and unions offer for the services they run through the app. These differ widely depending on the club and have different terms and conditions. The most common offers are for rakeback, although it is not unheard of for agents to offer deposit bonuses as well.

The play money side of the app also runs tournaments and games which offer prizes such as electronics products, PPPoker Live series packages and satellite entries for higher buy-in tournaments.

Each club sets its own rake rules and rakeback payments, but most have a similar system:

  • 5% from the pot, but no more than 3 blinds. (For NL200+, PLO200+ no more than 2bb)
  • No rake is charged before the flop
  • In Chinese poker, the rake is 3% with a cap

Rakeback is set individually by each club although on average you can count on around 30-40%. After two weeks of playing, players get a link to statistics of their rake contributions and subsequent cashback. The data is updated every Thursday-Friday and payments from agents are made before the 10th of each month.

Poker Mobile App for iPhone/iPad

The app is available for download in the Apple Store.

Poker mobile app for Android devices

The app is available for download on Google Play.

The official website also offers a PC (Windows) version. You can create an account without verification and absolutely for free.

If you don't download the app or have problems logging in to your account, contact GipsyTeam support.

In order to play for real money on PPPoker players have to arrange payments with agents.

Several deposit and withdrawal methods are available in the application:

  • Skrill (USD\EUR)
  • Neteller (USD)
  • Cryptocurrencies (USDT\BTC)
  • Luxon

All real money transactions have to be arranged independently from the app as PPPoker is not in any way responsible or liable for financial exchanges made on the platform. As a result there is no standard procedure for making either deposits and withdrawals and the process may vary widely from agent to agent.

Due to its unregulated nature making transactions this way comes with unavoidable risk. Players should proceed with extreme caution when parting with their money to a third party. PPPoker will not and cannot intervene with financial arrangements made by players using its product.

Clubs can set withdrawal fees and impose a percentage on transfers between players. The minimum deposit amount is $150.

The main advantages include:

  • A lot of weak recreational players
  • A large selection of games
  • Lower than in standard rake
  • 30-40% rakeback in some rooms
  • Assistance with creating an account and installing and configuring software
  • Assistance in choosing a club and depositing and withdrawing funds

There are also some disadvantages:

  • Vertical display of tables
  • Different deposits required for each club
  • No common lobby or schedule filters
  • Lacking financial protection or oversight

Ultimately PPPoker may not be the right service for everyone. Players using clubs and unions incur an obvious risk in having to entrust funds with third party agents with no safeguards or regulatory oversight to protect their money. This is akin to playing in a live home or private game outside of a casino. Players have to make their own decisions and take their own risks.

However, PPPoker does provide an alternative to traditional poker sites for players who cannot access online poker in their home country or players who want to play independently. Due to the international reach of the games a lot of players report softer competition than can be found on regular sites and game types not normally offered. The software is impressively good and there are generous rewards deals being offered in certain clubs for regular players.

PPPoker is somewhat like the new wild west of poker; if you can handle yourself and fend for yourself you may just come out on top. But greener players may want to stick to the safety and security of the regulated poker rooms.

Customer Service

As PPPoker doesn’t have a registered gaming licence and doesn’t handle real money transactions players will need to converse with agents operating within the app itself with regards to issues they encounter with deposits and withdrawals.

Email: info@pppoker.tech

  • Install the app from the Apple Store, Google Play or from the official desktop website.
  • Choose the right club to for you to play in depending on the limits and timezone. GT+ experts can help with this choice.
  • Create an account directly in the app and submit an application to join the club.
  • After confirming the application, make a deposit and start playing!

Q: How do I start playing on PPPoker?

A: If you are a beginner, you will need 20-30 minutes of free time.

Q: If a club only accepts players from a certain country, how do I get into it?

A: You need to install a VPN (and download an emulator if you are playing with a PC). GT+ specialists can help with this setup.

Q: Is it possible to play in more than one club?

A: Yes, but each club will need require a separate deposit. We recommend creating separate accounts for each club.

Q: How many maximum tables can I play at once?

A: 4 tables from a phone or tablet, 5 tables from a desktop application. In the latter case, in practice, you can play as many tables as you want, if you install emulators - the upper limit will be limited by computing power.

Q: Is it possible to lose money when playing in the app?

A: Playing on PPPoker is reliable: the security of deposits is guaranteed. During all the time working with our partner clubs, our players have never lost their own funds. The application itself is certified by the company Gaming Labs, which verifies the honesty of the random number generator.

Q: Are statistics and HUD programs supported?

A: For Holdem Manager 2/3, Hand2Note and PokerTracker4 to work, you need to download the converter. Active players can get a free subscription to the PMSuite program, which allows you to automatically place tables, configure hotkeys and make color labels.

Q: Can I play for free?

A: Yes. PPPoker has play money tables for all game types.

Q:Is there a PPPoker US client?

A: Yes. PPPoker is available in the US.

Q: Is there a PPPoker Canada client?

A: Yes. PPPoker is available in Canada.

Q: Is PPPoker rigged?

A: PPPoker Canada is not rigged. But because online poker apps like PPPoker typically deal hands 3 times faster than a live poker game, you should expect 3 times as many bad beats.

Q: Is there a PPPoker UK client?

A: Yes. PPPoker is available in the UK.


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