The daily schedule at 888poker has been enriched with new Hold'em tournaments for micro-limit players. Daily Micro Rollers with buy-ins from $1 to $5.50 will give out $150,000 each week.

888poker Micro Rollers

The Main Event is held in the Mystery Bounty format: with a modest buy-in of $3.50, the prize pool will be $10,000. You can join the game from Monday to Saturday (20:00 GMT), the final is scheduled for the same time on Sunday.

Daily freerolls will help you save on buy-ins, in which you will win $10,000 in tickets to series tournaments every week.

Days of the weekTime (GMT)Freeroll nameTickets guaranteed
Every day12:00Daily Freeroll Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty 1200
Mon-Sat13:00Daily Freeroll Micro Rollers – Big Shot 3.3090
Mon-Sat14:00Daily Freeroll Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty 5.5090
Every day15:00Daily Freeroll Micro Rollers – PKO Rumble 2.20115

Tournament Schedule

TimeTournament nameBuy-inGuaranteeNote
21:00Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty Turbo 2.2$2$400every day
22:00Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty Turbo 1$1$200every day
16:00Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty 1$1$2,000every day-
17:00Micro Rollers – Big Shot 3.30$3$3,000Not available on Sundays
17:30Micro Rollers – PKO Rumble 5.50$5.50$3,000every day
18:00Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty 2.20$2.20$2,000every day
19:00Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty 5.50$5.50$5,000Sun: $7,500 guarantee
19:30Micro Rollers – PKO Rumble 2.20$2.20$2,000every day
20:00Micro Rollers – Mystery Bounty Turbo 3.3$3.30$600every day
20:00Micro Rollers Main Event – ​​Mystery Bounty 3.50$3.50$10,000Mon-Sat: Day 1, Sun: Day 2
20:30Micro Rollers – Big Shot 5.50$5.50$2,000every day