Starting from the New Year, a ranking system has appeared for Spin&Gold at GGPoker. Now, in the spins you can earn a rating and compete with other players.

Points are awarded according to the ELO rating system: similar to the one used in chess, checkers and some eSports games. Only the fact of victory or loss and the rating of opponents are taken into account – the limits played or the multipliers played do not affect ratings in any way.

There are 7 ranks in total:

  • E: 1,200 points
  • D: 1,500 points
  • C: 2,000 points
  • B: 3,000 points
  • A: 4,000 points
  • Master: 5,000 points
  • Grand Master: top 100 players

The level cannot be lowered, ratings do not affect the selection of opponents. Any spins are taken into account, except for VIP games. There are no monetary bonuses for the rating.

You can keep track of your own level and the best players in the Spin&Gold lobby ("ELO Rating" tab). The data is updated daily at 00:00 GMT.