On October 12, the PokerKing client was updated: an unusual way to deal cards preflop is being tested on the PLO5 tables. We'll tell you about this and other new products.

Fighting team players. You can now look at your hole cards only when it’s your turn. If a player discards cards, they are returned to the deck and can be dealt to the next player.

The automatic fold, call and raise buttons will not work. The function is currently being tested on PLO5 tables (marked with a special symbol), but they plan to introduce it everywhere.

The purpose of the new feature is to counteract unfair play: it is now useless to inform your accomplice at the table about your cards.

Changes in the backing section. Two tabs have appeared: Favorite Players, where you can add players (for example, whose shares you buy often) and Players You're Staking with purchased shares and information about them. The nicknames of the players whose shares you purchased will be highlighted in the tournament information window.

Improvements to the reentry option. You can set a minimum stack in the blinds for re-entry (for example, do not do this with a starting stack of 15 or 20BB). When you drop out of a tournament, you can make a choice: re-enter immediately or a minute before the end of late registration.

Information about satellites. In the window with information about the tournament, data on the number of tickets won in satellites will appear.