Winamax offers €12,000 in leaderboards to its players every day. All leaderboards start at 22:00 every day and close at 21:59 the following day, GMT.

Here's how to take part and win in each category:

Cash Game Challenge – €1,500 in cash daily

The more flops you see, the more points you earn, at any cash game table, for real money, and in any kind of poker (Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, etc.). Overall, there are four categories with their own leaderboards:

Micro limitsFrom €0.01/€0.02 to €0.05/€0.1 for No-Limit and Pot-Limit
From €0.05/€0.1 to €0.25/€0.5 for Limit
Low limitsFrom €0.1/€0.2 to €0.25/€0.5 for No-Limit and Pot-Limit
From €0.5/€1 to €1/€2 for Limit
Medium limitsFrom €0.5/€1 to €2/€4 for No-Limit and Pot-Limit
From €2/€4 to €10/€20 for Limit
High limitsFrom €3/€6 to €25/€50 for No-Limit and Pot-Limit
From €25/€50 for Limit

The players who see the flop the most times are rewarded according to the table below (in Razz and Stud, the flop is counted from 4th Street onwards):

Daily Cash Game Challenge prizes
PositionHigh LimitsMedium LimitsLow LimitsMicro Limits

Sit & Go Challenge – €500 in cash daily

Earn points by winning in any SNG with a buy-in of more than €0, except Expresso. The number of points earned is equal to the prize won divided by the buy-in amount. For example, if you win €20 in an SNG with a buy-in of €10, the points earned are equal to 2.

There are two different SNG Challenge leaderboards, for 2-4 players and for 5+ players. Each one is divided into three categories.

Medium and high limits

Buy-ins above €16

Low limits

Buy-in from €4 to €16

Micro limits

Buy-in less than €4

The prize distribution is shown in the table below:

PositionMedium and high limitsLow limitsMicro limits

Expresso Challenge – €10,000 every day

Expresso Challenge rewards the top Expresso winners with a share of the 10,000 euros allocated to the leaderboards.

There are no points, only tournaments won, meaning that whoever wins the most tournaments will get the biggest prize (Expresso tournaments give 1 point per win, while Expresso Nitro tournaments give 0.4 points per win). In case of a tie, the player who reached the final number first will be ranked higher. There are nine types of rankings according to the size of a buy-in. Have a look at the prizes for each one:

Position€0.25/€0.5 Expresso €1/€3 Expresso€4/€7 Expresso€8/€15 Expresso
6th and 7th€2€5€10€20
8th to 10th€1.5€3€7€15
11th to 25th€1€2€5€10
26th to 50th€0.5€1€3€5
Position€16/€25 Expresso€50 Expresso€100 Expresso€250 Expresso€500 Expresso
4th and 5th€75€100€150€200€250
6th and 7th€50€75€100€150-
8th to10th€25€50€75€100-
11th to 15th€10€25€50--
16th to 25th€10€25---

Grand Prix Challenge

Winamax's Grand Prix Challenge is a kind of parallel leaderboard for glory. As you play tournaments, you accumulate points and get listed in the leaderboard. It's like a "Hall of Fame" of the last 50 tournaments on the website. There is no prize money involved.