GipsyTeam spoke with members from poker funds, where players train and play together to create a combined income. By doing this, they can minimize variance and hopefully, collect a decent profit.

Pool in Poker: Join Like-Minded Spins Players

GreenLine +$4,825,000

What are some goals and achievements?

– Increase the number of players to 250+, while maintaining the signature quality of training. The plan was exceeded!

– Launch the NL-->PLO(NLO) project, in which we helped those who wanted to switch from Hold'em to Omaha. Players who changed discipline are enjoying themselves! It’s a pity that only members of the Foundation trusted us, so we gave ourselves 5 for the project and 2 for promotion.

– Launch of GreenLine Junior. We didn’t expect such a demand, we even had to close the reception for a while. Now the flight is great!

Also last year, we celebrated our third anniversary and talked about how we solved our problems.

The founder of the fund, Arthur Hattab, talks about the difficulties that the fund has faced in the last two years. One project that didn’t take off, streaks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars offline, and two irreparable losses.


– Meeting in Turkey

– Party on a yacht

– Meeting of GreenLine members

– We conducted four sports challenges among the players. Staying in shape is very important, and at GreenLine it is also lucrative, as the top three athletes receive cash prizes.

– Conducted GreenGames #1 among players and fund employees.

In general, the year turned out to be very eventful.

Plans for the New Year

Further growth of the fund and maintaining a friendly professional atmosphere. We are going to hold several meetings with players in different locations. We start in February in Minsk. By the way, we bear the expenses, the players’ task is only to get to the place.

Top Winner

Ilya is one of the new members of the fund. In less than 4 months of playing with us, he earned $180k. This guy clearly knows something!

Kings of Tournaments (KOT) +$2,700,000

In 2023, the KOT team earned $2,700,000 with a 19% ROI, but struggled at the high stakes. Average ABI increased, profits increased, but the number of players remained unchanged.

Goals and achievements

We initially planned to increase the number of players on the team, but changes in the industry and a drop in average ROI showed that this did not make sense. Instead, we focused on optimizing internal processes.

By the end of the year, the team remained the same in size (125 people), but we weeded out those who did not strive for development. The goals had to be revised. Thanks to optimization, we have created one of the best educational systems for the lower and middle limits.

We have also developed and improved tools that accelerate the growth of players: scheduler, EV analysis, scoring system, custom statistics, KOT HUD, updating the “Without Water” course, and launching a free course “Introduction to MTT”. All this allowed us to increase the overall ROI of the team.

The conclusion we made for 2023 is “Quality is more important than quantity.”

We will continue to work on optimizing internal processes and focus on motivating and training players – we want them to spend more time playing the game and do it more efficiently.

Grinding in Poker: 4 Things to Improve Your Grind


Of course, we held meetings at our foundation, but due to the global situation, we organized only local events.

Top Winners

We want to recognize not the most winning players, but those who have shown activity and made noticeable progress.

Anton tohhhh joined us on the “Without Water” course at the beginning of the year, starting with ABI $3. He successfully completed the course, joined the main team and now plays at the ABI $30 level.

Anton KuraRyaba came to us as an experienced cash player, wanting to change discipline. Starting with an ABI of $17, he moved up six levels in nine months and won $90,000.

FunFarm +$12,000,000.

Goals and achievements

In 2023, we had many goals to improve internal processes in the team. There are many changes in the coaching process, we have also developed a new training system for players with any ABI. Our coaching department, under the leadership of Ilya Legenden, spent several months working daily to create this system, which shows itself perfectly and helps players grow faster in limits.

– A lot of investments in the development of IT solutions within the team. We have abandoned most types of reporting for players through the introduction of new modern solutions and continue to work in this direction.

– We created two new projects for beginners – FFStart and preFFlop. We decided that we needed to give beginner players the opportunity to receive quality training. Thanks to these projects, more than 1,000 people have already learned the basics of poker and started making money at micro-limits. More than 300 players decided to start a professional career and connected their lives with poker.


We are holding a mystery lottery with a prize pool of $15,000 and a top prize of $5,555.

Our players regularly meet with each other, such meetings take place in different ways – some gather in bars, others in hookah bars or just in good cafes/restaurants, it all depends on the interests of the players. It happens that participants join conferences to play board games or shooting/adventure games.

Last year we held a tournament among players in chess, CS, and other games.

Plans for the New Year

Many changes are planned for 2024 to improve the team's results and to make the players feel even more comfortable. We have assembled a large team of administrators who work daily on improvements in every direction.

Top Winners

Many of our players won significant amounts last year, I would like to highlight three:

JurikMaxFun – $379,873

10badboy10 – $333,883

baaaaddyyyy – $298,570

Top grinders

Vureg – 12,134 tournaments

Illadow – 10,442 tournaments

alexkoro87 – 9,665 tournaments


How much did you earn?

Goals and achievements

We didn’t set any goals, we just tried to keep the quality at a consistently high level.

We also sincerely believe that we managed to create the funniest (and slightly provocative) telegram channel among all funds.

Favorite sticker

Link to the sticker pack – .

Top Winner

ITC Poker Team

How much did you earn?

In 2023, the total profit of players exceeded $5,000,000. Unfortunately, we don’t have a general schedule for the year, because GG stopped tracking on Sharkscope. The average win rate for the Basics was 10.2 EVbb/100 at ABI $13, and the average win rate for the Elites was 9 EVbb/100 at ABI $65.

What goals did you set and what were you able to achieve?

The main goal for 2023 is to be better than last year. According to the main indicators, we really managed to achieve this.

In 2023 we will:

– Created a strong ITC Analytical Department. This is a whole department of analysts who process tons of technical material into educational content that is understandable for the average player. Each video from the analytical department takes more than 100 hours of work from our colleagues.

– We set a goal to strengthen the players, including mentally, and were able to successfully launch psychology groups, as well as an additional “Pre-Elite” group for ABI $27+ players, where the ABI $150 coach prepares the Basics for the Elite.

– During the year, 114 new materials appeared at the ITC Academy, excluding tests.

– We released a new, carefully thought-out ITC Hud for H2N.

– The team has 13 new coaches. To improve the qualifications of our coaching staff, we have our own “Trainers Academy”.

– The ranks of ambassadors and team leaders were joined by Anatoly Filatov, Katya Kartinka , Roman Paks13 and Pavel Zanozin7 .

– We launched new sections on YouTube : “Debriefings with Anatoly Filatov”, “Poker Workshop”, “Cutting a Bluff”.


ITC is a very friendly team, so the guys regularly organize offline meetings in different locations. Unfortunately, due to the current situation in the world, it was not possible to gather the entire team in one place this year. Let's hope that such an opportunity will appear in 2024.

We have intra-team online meetings every month. Last year, we improved their format and now, in addition to reports and team news, at such meetings there is an invited guest (a famous player or a person from the world of poker), who answers the team’s questions and talks about himself in a fun atmosphere.

We also play games, of course. The most popular after poker are Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2 and chess. At the end of the year they even started broadcasting such matches.

We periodically organize freerolls, both internal and open. In the summer we held an ITC freeroll for $15,000, and recently a trip to the Black Sea Poker Festival cruise was won for the team in the freeroll.

Plans for 2024

In 2023, we improved the results of 2022, the goal for 2024 is to exceed the results of last year.

Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to the development of the Academy of Trainers. We understand that the key to the success of team players is the structured delivery of quality information to our students.

Top grinder

Based on the results of 2023, we have identified 16 nominations, the winners of which will receive commemorative cups. Among these nominations is the player who played the most. This is Vitaly Kuzya, his distance for the year is 18,061 tournaments at ABI $19.

Top Winner

Top player in terms of profit in the ITC Basis: Sergey SimonSunny, who plays ABI $30.

In ITC Elite, we highlight the result of ITC senior coach Alexander Mr.LuckyMan with an ABI of $300. Sasha’s profit for the year is $450,000. In November, he updated his best cash and won $154,369.


We have already trained more than 2,000 people. Today, more than 600 students play at the MVP Team poker school.


– We successfully launched the MVP GO PRO project, in which more than 500 people were trained in 2023.

– We have developed our own HUD. The work on improving the HUD does not stop now; we are constantly working to improve it.

– We changed the approach to training – we created our own methodology, the basis of which was analysis using our HUD and choosing the best strategy based on the latest data and research. This year, the council was very involved in developing new strategies and writing teaching methodology. Plans for 2024 are even more ambitious.

– At the end of the year, we partially changed the game-select system. A large pool of changes will be available soon. This will be an important breakthrough in selection, especially for mid- and high-stakes players.

There is something to be proud of:

– Over the past six months, our major leagues (GOLD and Silver H) have shown stunning results, confirming the success of the new training methodology:

Gold – ROI 27.34%, $/MTT – 12.83

Silver High (rank 6-7) – ROI 33.36% $/mtt – 9.24

– We launched our P2P platform Simpleex so that our players can quickly change, cash out and securely store their game currency.

– We launched new software for GLOBUS players. This is an innovative learning environment that integrates tournament schedules, technical analysis, statistics and much more. He makes life so much easier for the team that we can’t imagine how we managed without him before.

If someone from a school wants to receive this software, then we are open to cooperation and are ready to provide it to our colleagues. We are also ready and planning to offer it to professional and amateur poker players.

– In 2023 we launched the Stream Team project, our team of streamers is on air every day!

– At the beginning of the year we launched our hand converter.

We also plan to make our calculator publicly available.

Plans for the New Year

In 2024 we have ambitious goals. We have chosen a development vector: we will strive for a technological boost and the introduction of an individual approach to learning – now each student has a personal manager! We have great training plans, this applies to both the main team and MVP GO PRO. We will do something that no one has done before.


– Team party in Mexico for the winners of the leaderboard, which started in February.

– Summer MVP Cup with prizes worth a million rubles.

– Gave players tickets to the Sunday Million.

– We held a series of tournaments for beginners with large prize money and the opportunity to play heads-up with Gleb Tremzin. Our streamers commented on this epic finale.

– Now the guys are fighting in the new leaderboard for a trip to Antalya.

Artem VeA // SV School

2023 was a year of reinventing myself both at SV School and in poker. Previously, I felt like I was primarily a player and coach, but now I feel more like a leader and mentor. I spent a lot of time teaching and preparing materials for complete beginners, working with coaches and analyzing their games.

Last year we doubled the number of players, this year we will focus on the quality of everything we do. I plan to be much more involved in content creation, so you’ll see for yourself!


I organized a New Year's corporate party in Phuket with fireworks.

New Age

How much did you earn

Unfortunately, we cannot show the general schedule due to the out-of-date data and the large flow of players throughout the year. The graph for the last three months without GG looks like this:

Over the same period, 24k tournaments were played on GGPoker with a profit of $65k. In total, over the past year, at an ABI of $8.5, our players earned about $450k. For 2024, the plan is to at least double profit and try to break the million mark.

The best promotions now
New spin formats with jackpots up to $150,000
150% bonus on the first deposit up to $2,000
Weekly rake bonuses

Goals and achievements

In 2023, we have placed a big emphasis on working with beginner players. We have a separate LIFT project, within which we teach from the very bottom – these are the first four levels from ABI $1 to $4-5. For this project, we created YouTube and Twitch channels and made some of our educational content publicly available.

We believe that we are currently one of the market leaders in terms of the attention we pay to players at the lowest limits (ABI $1). From the very beginning, we provide training in groups of a maximum of two people, and do not just select the most capable from large groups. We control the speed of response to all players; it is important for us to solve problems quickly and efficiently, so that the player can calmly do what he should do in the fund – develop and play a lot.

For the system to work, we have to put up with a lot of turnover, because not everyone is ready to devote the necessary time to poker, and without the attention and desire of the player, there is no point in working at a loss. We calculated and realized that the LIFT project is unprofitable for us, so it is in our interests to give the student the opportunity to grow as quickly as possible in the limits to move to the main team. Since the middle of the year, we have placed the main emphasis on quickly increasing the limits in LIFT, which has brought good results. Many students who came to us in July and were able to stay, today have already become ABI $10-15 regs with good results.

Here, for example, is a graph of those who came to ABI $1 in July 2023 without experience or knowledge:

So we can rightfully call ourselves a reg forge!


We help our players from the Russian Federation move to Gyumri (Armenia). Just recently we organized a meeting there, where we had a great time and talked. And on our server, there is an atmosphere of respect, attention, and support.

Plans and goals

This year our main goals are to expand the team to 250 players (we currently have 90 students), improve the quality of training, and create an even more pleasant atmosphere not only for beginners but also for players of higher limits.


How much did you win?

Goals and achievements

When we started behind closed doors at the end of July 2023 with one team of four people, we did not have specific financial goals. First of all, we were driven by the desire to create a high-quality project that would be attractive in the eyes of players. As a result, we really managed to launch a machine called Moon with an original curriculum and a unique bonus system. Judging by the feedback from the players and the fact that their number increased significantly by the end of the year, it turned out well. We also launched our website.

Team events

For the New Year, we organized a “Secret Santa”. This is when you blindly send a gift to another team member, and you yourself receive a gift from someone from the fund. As a bonus, we received a bunch of lamp photos and a half-forgotten feeling of a holiday from childhood.

Plans for the New Year

Focus on specific tasks rather than money or ROI goals, as these will be the result of quality work done. We plan to continue investing resources in the development of the curriculum and training system, useful software, and the most accurate and up-to-date analytics. We will continue to pay attention to the needs and problems of players and promptly help solve them. We will maintain the most friendly and pleasant atmosphere, a mutually beneficial format of cooperation. Well, we will try to let as many people know about us as possible.

Top Winner

Arthur Hatenow. He came to us from another fund, where he played at ABI $12, and in just a couple of months, he made a jump to ABI $25.

Top grinder

We do not encourage fierce grinding and the pursuit of a large number of tournaments, so there will be no winner in this category.