Founded in 2017, CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency-only online poker room supported in several languages. This company is capitalizing on the convenience of decentralized currency and already attracts significant attention. While CoinPoker doesn’t prohibit users from any specific country, users are advised to ensure that the country they are residing in allows online gambling.

Charlie Carrel playing ₮25/₮50 on CoinPoker

CoinPoker secured a gaming license from Curaçao eGaming in 2023. It was backed and promoted by Tony G until very recently, owner of the “On your bike” catchphrase and former elected official of the Republic of Lithuania.

Tony G wearing the CoinPoker patch at a Triton event

This CoinPoker review will highlight:

  • The variants and stakes of poker available at the cash games
  • The types of tournaments taking place
  • How players can make the most of the rakeback and other promotions
  • How to download and make your first deposit

CoinPoker Software and Compatibility

The CoinPoker app is available for Mac or PC, as well as mobile users with Android or iOS-powered devices.

The CoinPoker hand replayer is one of the app’s highlights. This is a useful tool for gathering information on your opponents which could prove useful in forthcoming hands. However, utilizing a heads-up display (HUD) or hand converter is strictly forbidden on CoinPoker.

Users can select between several colors for the table background, and the felt, as well as, opt for a two-color or four-color deck. The graphics are clean, crisp, and cards stand out well from the backgrounds.

Tony G holds the nuts in a ₮7,750,652.62 pot

CoinPoker is so confident that their RNG cannot be reverse-engineered when a hand has been completed they voluntarily provide all users with the chance to see the arrangement of the deck. By allowing users to authenticate the randomness of the deck, CoinPoker is aiming to demonstrate its transparency to its customers. The creators of this network believe that all of the above is possible without any detrimental effects on their security. In fact, a one million CHP prize will be awarded to anyone who can identify any faults with their random number generator.

CoinPoker Cash Games

The cash game offerings on CoinPoker primarily center around No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, with additional variants such as Open Face Chinese. However, mixed games including Razz and Stud, along with Short Deck (6+) are unavailable at this moment in time. Currently, the developers are trying to increase the awareness of the platform and therefore, they are restricting games to the most sought-after variants.

A look at CoinPoker's cash game lobby

The stakes available mean that CoinPoker is more appropriate for micro to mid-stakes players No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tables are currently either four-handed or six-handed which should create fast-paced action.

GameMaximum Stakes
No Limit Holdem$5/10
Pot Limit Omaha (PLO4 + PLO5)$5/10
Hart PokerHoldem = ₮10/₮20
PLO4 & PLO5 = ₮0.25/₮0.50
Open Face Chinese$1 per point

Hart Poker is a new format of cash table on the CoinPoker app.

The new tables are available in Hold'em and Omaha, including five-card, and are called Hart Poker 7-2, 9-x Cap I/II (Hold'em) and Hart Poker 7-2, hx2 Cap I/II (Omaha). There are two additional rules at these new tables:

  • On each hand, you cannot lose more than 40 (in Hold'em) or 200 (in Omaha) blinds.
  • For winning with certain cards, you receive 5 extra (in Omaha – 15) big blinds from each opponent. In Holdem, it's 7-2 or any hand with a 9 (for example, 9-5), in Omaha it's the same 7-2 or at least two hearts in the hand. You don’t need to reach showdown.

If several players win a hand, additional payments are divided equally. For example, if there are two winners in Hold'em, each receives 2.5 BB from all opponents. Another payment (5 or 15 BB in Omaha) is added by CoinPoker.

Your total stack at the table is shown in brackets

CoinPoker Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs)

To encourage new players to join CoinPoker and become more familiar with cryptocurrency, the room will often hold tournaments that are free to enter, with some offering players the possibility of participating in their flagship event, The Crypto Series Of Online Poker (CSOP). These events are held several times a year and include a plethora of game types focusing on No Limit Hold’em such as:

  • Progressive Knock-Outs (PKOs)
  • Freezeouts
  • Deepstacks
  • Turbos
  • Hyper-Turbos
CoinPoker's MTT lobby

Many of these events include bounty prizes for knocking out ambassadors of the brand which vary depending on the initial buy-in.

If the CSOP is too expensive for your bankroll, CoinPoker also offers the CSOP Mini, which aims to provide a more affordable option to players with the victors of each event qualifying for the corresponding CSOP event. Alongside the flagship events, several daily tournaments are offering guaranteed prize pools at various price points.

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CoinPoker Spin & Go (Cosmic Spins)

CoinPoker named their Spin & Go tournaments “Cosmic Spins.” In these 3-max games, the structure is hyper turbo, so the game moves along quickly.

These space-themed Spins have eight different stake levels, from ₮0.25 to ₮100. The maximum prize is 1,000x your buy-in, meaning a ₮0.25 Cosmic Spin could produce a max jackpot of ₮2,500. Unfortunately, there are none of the usual million-dollar spin jackpots available here.

Levels in Cosmic Spins run for just two minutes and everyone begins with 500 chips in starting stacks.

You could win the entire prize pool if the multiplier is 20x or under. For larger jackpot prizes, the winner gets 80% and the two other players receive 10%.

CoinPoker Rake

CoinPoker utilizes a unique concept concerning the rake charged to their customers. All of the monies collected via rake are distributed back to the players by ways of promotions, making collaborations, and scaling the network to be as big as possible.

CoinPoker stresses that they have no commercial incentive and are hoping to create a thriving community with a poker room that offers value to its customers. Consequently, the platform uses the term Community Contributions instead of rake where four percent with various caps is charged across cash games, seven percent is charged on tournament entries, and five percent is charged on Cosmic Spins.

Cash game rake structure:

StakesRake2 Players3 or 4 Players5, 6 or 7 Players

Rake structure for 4-max games:

StakesRake2 – 4 Players

CoinPoker Rakeback

CoinPoker encourages the utilization of their CHP cryptocurrency by rewarding customers with CHP in their account balance with 30% rakeback each week.

During gameplay players use USDT. However, players that also have CHP will have the value of the rake they paid in USDT converted to CHP which is then deducted from their CHP balance. At the beginning of the following week, thirty percent of the total rake paid in CHP is returned to each player in the form of USDT. Players without CHP in their balance will not receive the rakeback.

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How to Sign up for CoinPoker

The CoinPoker desktop client is available online. The download and installation is quite effortless. After selecting ‘Download’ located at the header, the setup wizard will automatically begin and should take less than a few moments to complete. Once the program has checked for updates, the login screen will appear.

To begin the registration process, you must select ‘Create Account’ and provide an email address, a preferred nickname, and a password.

After selecting “Register” there are two stages of verification. The initial stage is to verify your email address using the verification code that will arrive in your inbox. Following that, you must verify your mobile number and another code that will arrive via SMS. Alternatively, you can complete this stage with the use of the identity verification app known as Civic. This method requires you to scan a QR code with the Civic app to confirm your identity.

Poker players who prefer to use their mobile phones will be pleased to discover that CoinPoker is playable on Android and iOS devices. The latest APK can be downloaded from the CoinPoker website and when the download has been completed you will be greeted with the message “the app has been installed”. You will then be required to complete the same registration and verification processes stated above.

Founded in 2017, CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency-only online poker room supported in several languages including; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. While CoinPoker doesn’t prohibit users from any specific country, users are advised to ensure that the country they are residing in allows online gambling.

CoinPoker Promotions and Leaderboards

For players who have already used the first deposit bonus, ongoing promotions offer increased profit.

The CoinPoker Bad Beat Jackpot:

This bad beat promotion is available across all No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tables with separate triggers for each poker format. For instance, No Limit Hold’em players must lose with a full house aces full of kings or better, whereas, four card Pot Limit Omaha players must lose with a straight flush.

The jackpot prizes are divided between the player with the winning hand, the player with the losing hand, and the rest of the players sitting at the table where it was triggered. However, there are some rules that players should take note of. For example, there must be a minimum of three players involved in the hand when a bad beat occurs. Furthermore, both players must be using both of their cards in their hand to qualify. The jackpot payouts vary depending on the blinds.

CoinPoker Leaderboards:

What’s more, CoinPoker offers two separate weekly cash game leaderboards for both No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha players. The prize pool for the NLHE and PLO leaderboards are both ₮1000, while.

Both CoinPoker leaderboards pay out winnings to the top fifty players that generate the most community contributions (measured in big blinds) during that week. Throughout this promotion, players that have a CHP balance are awarded fifty percent more leaderboard points.

However, CoinPoker doesn’t just reward their cash game players. Tournament players can take part in a monthly tournament leaderboard that boasts a ₮15,000 prize pool. The points allocated to each player are determined by the cost of each buy-in, the number of tournament entries, and which position that player finished. Along with cash prizes, players are also rewarded with tournament tickets including a ₮500 ticket to the Crypto Series Of Poker.

As soon as the sign-up process has been completed, the existing player will be granted thirty percent of the CHP that the referred player pays in community contributions while they continue to participate on this network. However, there are a number of conditions that are necessary before the existing player can receive any referral rewards. Firstly, they must successfully refer two new customers to the network. Additionally, both of those players must make at least ₮2 in community contributions.

The best promotions now
Daily leaderboards in Hold'em and Omaha with a ₮2,000 prize pool
₮15,000 Monthly Tournament Leaderboard
150% bonus on the first deposit up to $2,000

CoinPoker Bonuses for New Players with GipsyTeam

CoinPoker has a first deposit bonus and newcomers are offered 150% of the amount up to $2,000.

To receive the bonus, you need to deposit a minimum of $10. The bonus is cleared in parts of 10% of the deposit over 30 days. To receive it, you need to generate twice as much rake (effectively 50% rakeback).

For example: If you decide to deposit $100, the bonus will be $150. In this case, for every $30 of rake generated, $15 will be credited to your account.

The GipsyTeam CoinPoker Freeroll

Every week, we are hosting a freeroll for our members on CoinPoker for ₮100.

Getting in is simple. Register with the approved link to guarantee your spot and compete for 100 USDT every week.

The GipsyTeam Weekly ₮100 Freeroll starts at 12:30 EST every Sunday, and the prize fund is ₮100. The starting stack is 100 blinds and levels last 8 minutes.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options at CoinPoker

Unlike conventional poker rooms, CoinPoker doesn’t accept real money deposits from credit or debit cards, e-wallets such as Skrill, bank transfers, or cashier cheques. CoinPoker only accepts deposits from cryptocurrencies including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDT (Tether)
  • CHP (Chips)

As CoinPoker is a poker room that only accepts crypto, this means that potential players must initially purchase cryptocurrency and then transfer their funds to a crypto wallet. From there, users can make an initial deposit from the lobby by providing their wallet address and the sum you would like to deposit.

When your deposit is successful, make sure you have converted some of your cryptocurrency to CHP to take advantage of the 30% rakeback and 50% extra points toward the weekly and monthly leaderboards.

Withdrawing your funds is as straightforward as transferring the currency from your CoinPoker account back to your crypto wallet. At this point, you can convert the CHP into other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which can be converted back into Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc using an exchange. However, making a withdrawal may incur a small fee.

Final Comments About CoinPoker

CoinPoker’s strong reputation comes from a community-focused approach and well-known ambassadors like Tony G. Cryptocurrency, decentralized RNG, and low rake are three of the flagship features.

There are a few other main advantages and disadvantages of playing on CoinPoker:

Rake is low and is reinvested into making improvements to the network.Cash game offerings are quite limited. The primary focus is NLHE and PLO with no fast-fold option and without many other poker variants such as Short Deck. Traffic is also quite low.
There are a variety of promotions available including rakeback, bad beat jackpots, leaderboards, and referral programs.HUDs and hand converters aren’t permitted.
The decentralized RNG demonstrates complete transparency with its players.Being a crypto-only poker room may discourage users who aren’t comfortable or familiar with cryptocurrency.

CoinPoker Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does CoinPoker have first deposit bonuses for new members?
Answer: CoinPoker offers a 150% deposit bonus the first-time players add funds to their bankroll.

Question: Does CoinPoker have freerolls?
Answer: Along with regular freerolls hosted by CoinPoker, we have a weekly ₮100 freeroll for our members.

Question: How can I contact CoinPoker for support?
Answer: If you are having trouble with sign-up, you can ask our 24/7 free support service to help, or send an online message directly to CoinPoker.

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