Paying the rake without a solid rakeback program means you take away less from each session. Many players don’t give this enough thought. They’ll play on sites with high rake and low rakeback, while their winnings are smaller than they should be.

Rake is ‌taken from your cash game sessions and tournament entries, but all poker sites do this. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay as much as other players. To pay less rake, you need to play in a poker room with high rakeback.

The problem is that most sites only give lucrative rakeback deals to high-volume players who spend tons of time at the table. If you play micro or low-stakes games every few days, high rakeback might be a faraway dream.

We’ve got a way for you to get a high, fixed rakeback on WPT Global, the official real-money poker room of the World Poker Tour.

How to Secure 40% Rakeback on WPT Global

Rakeback makes up a significant amount of money for online poker players. Anyone serious about earning money from poker needs to maximize the amount of rake that gets returned to them.

We’ve got a way to do that. GipsyTeam and WPT Global managed to come up with a 40% rakeback deal for anyone who registers through the proper link.

Usually, a new player starts with about 20% rakeback, paid back to them weekly or monthly. It could be even lower on some sites.

That’s why this deal is so special. It’s very rare to start off at a fixed 40%. On other poker platforms, you have to generate a large amount of rake to get rakeback like this. On WPT Global, as soon as you start playing, you’ll earn rakeback like a seasoned reg.

At the start of each month, WPT Global will put the rakeback you earn into your account.

WPT Global is the newest poker site today. After years of experience in the international live tournament market, in 2022 the WPT company decided to expand its influence to online platforms — and you can benefit from their welcome bonus.
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What Other Rewards Do WPT Global Players Get?

The 40% rakeback comes with a 100% match on your first deposit. You only have to add $20 to your WPT Global account to get this matched bonus. The maximum is $1,200. You could deposit more, but it won’t be matched past $1,200.

A WPT event in Amsterdam

So how does this matched deposit bonus work? On your first deposit to WPT Global, the bonus kicks in. You’ll get paid out as you play, until you are paid the exact amount you deposited.

As you play and generate rake from cash games or MTTs, your bonus is paid out. For every $10 of rake, you’ll get $2.50 of your bonus money. While you’re unlocking it, you’re essentially paying less rake. That’s one way to think about the bonus, but some view it as extra cash for signing up.

The requirements to unlock the bonus aren’t too strict either. You have 90 days to unlock the full amount, so there’s no immediate pressure. You’ll play the same games you usually do, but this time, you’ll be unlocking bonus cash as you do.

We constantly update our list of poker promotions, for WPT Global and every other major site. It’s the best place to find extra rewards, deposit bonuses, and even info about exciting new tournament series.

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What Types of Poker Does WPT Global Have?

Despite only operating since 2022, WPT Global has a stellar reputation and its player base is still growing. The software is not bogged down with too many frills or animations. Everything is crisp and well laid out, so it’s easy to find games or settings. Of course, iPhones, Androids, and PCs are all options to play on.

Let’s see what kinds of poker WPT Global offers.

NLH, PLO4, PLO5 Cash Games:

No Limit Holdem cash games are the most popular and see traffic through the low and mid-stakes. Short Deck also has action on the tables, though the PLO scene is quieter, as it usually is. There are some great variations to choose from too, like Bomb Pot tables, fast-fold (Pace), and Big Ante tables. While you play, you’ll be putting points on cash game leaderboards; $25,000 weekly for NLH and $15,000 weekly for PLO.

The bet sizings can be preset by you, which is a nice feature to have


WPT Global has a reasonable amount of daily MTTs, some ending up with an overlay. The site also throws weekly series with larger guarantees of up to $100,000.

If you like to play free poker tournaments to build up your bankroll, WPT Global has a few each day for up to $200. That being said, there is much more cash to be won on our freeroll schedule. Thousands of dollars every day is up for grabs across all of the major poker rooms.

The tournament lobby at WPT Global

Global Spins:

WPT Global’s spins range from $1 buy-ins up to higher stakes spins of $100. Of course, you won’t be sure what the prize is until the wheel is finished spinning. It could be double your buy-in, or up to 6,000x.

The great thing about WPT Global Spins is that you can win even more than just the jackpots. Their Spins have a progressive jackpot too, which will unlock for anyone who hits the max multiplier of 6,000x. When that glorious moment happens, all of the funds in the progressive jackpot (which has been slowly building up), are added to your prize pool. This makes it one of the best Spin and Go sites around.

And, the bigger the prize, the more chips your stack will have. This means that rolling a smaller prize, like 2x or 5x your buy-in, gives you the normal stack size. However, rolling a larger jackpot means more chips so that you can play more comfortably.

The selection of Spins on WPT Global

If you have more questions about the games, loyalty program, depositing and withdrawing, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are online around the clock to give you useful (and free) info about any poker room, not just WPT Global.

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