Playing on the most expensive tables of GGPoker does not happen very often. Most often, the initiators of the action are wealthy amateurs from China. We have already described the battles that unfolded in July where Chinese-tiger and EEE- played.

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In recent days, regulars and amateurs have been actively sorting things out at the $500/$1,000 tables, not only in Hold'em, but also in PLO.


Chinese-tiger did not always even collect full tables, and according to SmartHand, he generally ended his adventures in NLH in the black.

Since July, he has not played a single hand of Hold'em, however, due to the lack of action, he often visited PLO, and there his results remained shrouded in mystery.

In November, the action at the top tables resumed thanks to a player with the nickname "colorfull". This is not his first time at high stakes. For example, in May, several hands he played were included in an analysis video of Inner and Ilya Gorodetsky.

For a brief description of this player, we turned to Alexey Borovkov, GT’s permanent consultant for the expensive games:

– He first appeared about a year ago, first playing under the nickname Cidd. He rarely comes to high stakes, hasn’t appeared at all for the last few months, and only returned in November. Plays limits NL20k-100k, prefers tables with antes. Moreover, in terms of the game, in fact, he is not so bad, but, as is usually the case with amateurs, at some point he gets very tilted. This time, too, it ended with a 20-hour session in which he lost a lot and played much worse than usual. Action with him is very expensive, since he constantly 3-bets, and in general plays pots well above average. Because of this, even NL40k ante tables with him were not always collected at first.

For almost the entire month of November, "colorfull" played the $200/$400 tables with varying success, with rare sessions higher. In one of the first sessions at a small table of NL100k, he bluffed his entire stack, but was called by A-high.

The marathon session that Avr0ra mentioned took place on Tuesday, November 29th. At some point, the action moved to the NL200k tables, where the game happens several times a year. The Chinese oligarch was accompanied by the bravest ones – Viktor Kudinov, Wictor Malinovski, and Barak Wisbrod.

This action awakened Timofey Kuznetsov from his poker hibernation, and a little later Elton Tsang, familiar to poker fans from broadcasts from tournaments and cash games on the Triton series, joined the game. With him, the game immediately became even more fun; he almost immediately pitted himself against Enlight.

Wictor opened with a raise of $5,000, Elton raised to $20,700 and immediately called the all-in.

A few hands later, Elton was all-in again.

Limitless simply shoved in response to a raise from the button, and Tsang called. On the second board, Wictor got two outs on the river.

Colorfull sat back for some time, but this could not continue for long. First, Barak Wisbrod made the most of it with aces.

Colorfull was unfazed and made another unsuccessful attempt to bluff Barak.

After this hand, colorfull sat out and the game fell apart. At the very end, Elton Tsang took a decent pot from Enlight without showing after an overbet of the river.

Colorfull went to lick his wounds at his home tables $200/$400, but even there he quickly lost his stack in a preflop all-in with QQ against Taisto Janter's KQ. After that, he decided to continue playing at $500/$1k, where there was even a small queue lined up for him.

The first big pot was played by Limitless and colorfull.

Wictor opened, and the Chinese high roller simply called. On the flop, Malinovski played a check-raise, and on the turn, he check-pushed. Colorfull spent about a minute in the time bank, but was unable to fold and lost both rivers.

Limitless himself performed better with aces.

Barak opened and called the 3-bet. On the flop, Wictor check-called bets of 30% of the pot, on the turn Barak bet 75%, and both checked the river. Visbrod opened a couple of ladies and demonstrated with a smiley face that he was behind.

Colorfull with tens held his own on two boards against Limitless's AKs.

Preflop, colorfull 4-bet cold, and called his opponent's all-in.

Stanislau Melhui avoided big clashes for the first half of the session, and when he waited for the right moment, he got it in on the turn with 90% equity.

Stanislau 3-bet and continuation-bet on the flop, and check-pushed on the turn.

Enlight won a big pot without a showdown.

Viktor raised and made a continuation bet. On the turn, he overbet $20k into a $10k pot, Stanislau paid and led the river, but gave up all-in.

Viktor and Wictor then played the biggest pot at that table.

Melhui then bluffed his Chinese opponent.

Stanislau 3-bet preflop, continuation bet 60% on the flop, check-checked on the turn, and overbet shoved on the river and showed when his opponent folded.

Enlight paid Barak Wisbrod three barrels.

At the showdown, Viktor showed A8o and made it clear to his opponent that he was not pleased with the outcome of the hand.

The evening ended with a brutal card on the river.

Wictor opened, colorfull called, and both called Barak's squeeze. On the flop, Barak checked, Victor made a small bet of $4,300 into a $43,000 pot, colorfull raised to $18,000, Wisbrod folded. On the turn, Limitless bet 20% of the pot, and on the river he check-called all-in. After this hand, colorfull quickly closed the tables, and the game ended.

In terms of losses in November, colorfull is second only to Gia Yakobishvili.

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The Chinese player also entered the top ten for losses for the year. Viktor Kudinov improved his affairs a little this month, but has not yet been able to leave this list. True, so far they are all far from the player with the nickname Zachas, who plays under the Israeli flag.

In terms of profit, there is no equal to Barak Wisbrod. He is also the leader in the November ranking.

And below are the top players for the year.