Congratulations! Looks like you’ve got winnings on Natural8 that you want to get into your online wallet or bank. Luckily for winners, this site is part of the GGPoker Network, so withdrawals have more reliability. There are some important policies and limits to understand, which is why you’re here.

There’s an audit process, and then some processing time, but you shouldn’t face obstacles. That being said. it’s essential to verify your account so Natural8 can release your funds. While some players might find that annoying, it’s exactly what you want to see from your poker site. Your funds shouldn’t be easy to send to random accounts or crypto addresses.

Let’s talk about the first Natural8 withdraw step; verifying your account.

Here’s how to withdraw your winnings from Natural8

Time to verify your account. This is a vital part of account security and it’s great to see poker rooms taking these steps.

You must confirm your:

  • Registered email or phone number.
  • Identity.
  • Address.
You must verify before withdrawing

Here is how to verify your account:

  1. Click on Cashier, which is a poker chip button on the right side of your Natural8 app.
  2. Then click on My Account.
  3. Now, select My Documents.
  4. Upload verification documents here. These can be a driver’s license, passport, national ID, utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement, or other accepted documents. You may be asked for one document or multiple documents depending on your unique situation.
Natural8 Poker is a part of GG Network, that is known for the largest pool of players and poker formats, from cash games and MTT to exclusive All-in or Fold and Royal Battle tournaments. Their modern app runs smoothly on all devices, and it’s packed with fun features like Run It Twice, Snap Cam (short selfie-style videos) and Card Squeeze. Natural8 gives all players their built-in Smart HUD. Third-party applications and HUDs aren’t allowed, to create a level playing field. They’re one of the few sites to offer bitcoin transactions.

Now that you’ve verified your account, let’s talk about how to withdraw your winnings.

Natural8 and GGPoker have a closed-loop system, meaning that you will usually need to withdraw using whatever method you deposited with. This is one extra step to prevent fraud, by ensuring the person funding the account is also collecting the winnings.

Here’s how to withdraw from Natural8:

  1. Open the Natural8 application and click Cashier. The button is shaped like a poker chip and sits on the right side of your screen.
  2. Inside the Cashier, you’ll automatically be on the Deposit page. Click on the Withdrawal tab to the right.
  3. Now, you’ll see the different withdrawal options available to you.
Different players will have different withdrawal options

You’ll only be able to use certain options, which will differ around the world. Natural8 will sometimes allow crypto withdrawals, even if that wasn’t your deposit method.

Check the Status of Your Withdrawal

In the Natural8 cashier, you will see a tab called Transaction History. In this tab, you can view your transactions in and out of the account over the last 180 days. View the transaction dates, descriptions, amounts, and your new balances.

As soon as you withdraw real money, you’ll see that transaction here. The status will let you know what’s happening with your money, but if you need it, Natural8’s support is quite responsive – the same as our GT+ support for avid poker players. If you need a new poker site with the right kind of action, we’ll help you find that.

GipsyTeam support
We will help you solve any poker question
We work around the clock without weekends and holidays
We respond within 10 minutes
  • Increased rakeback and personal bonuses
  • Help with deposits and cashouts
  • Access to mobile applications
  • Solving problems with accounts
  • Technical support
  • Questions about the site and forum

Natural8 has a full spread of real money withdrawal options, but they will change for each player. In Asia, you can even use WeChat Pay or AliPay. Cryptocurrencies will change depending on the current market and are usually the fastest and cheapest way to withdraw.

The fees for withdrawals are very reasonable. The $1 charge is almost synonymous with $0, especially when other online sites are charging up to $60 or more for payouts.

OptionsMinimum to WithdrawMaximum to WithdrawFees
Luxon Pay$10$50,000$1
Online Banking$20$12,000$1
USD Coin$50$100,000$1

When Will You Get Your Money from Natural8?

Natural8 says that your “Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours – 3 days”.

That’s a pretty fair window of time, especially for larger withdrawals. You can expect a short audit before processing, but that may be very short for most players. Check the status of your withdrawal inside the Transaction History tab of the Natural8 cashier.

Many poker sites use “24-hour processing times” to give themselves extra time, but players often get their funds lighting-quick anyway.

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