When some PPPoker clubs get large enough, they can bring all the players together into a union. The PPPoker Pinoy Donks is a big name on the app and generate a ton of action. They are well-known too, which allows cash games to run around the clock.

Pinoy is a Phillipino term, so you can probably guess the union is based in the Philippines. They are known mostly for having 24/7 cash games in lots of formats and even heads-up games.

Pinoy Donks is a union on PPPoker

The rakeback we’ve got for you at Pinoy Donks is an astounding 65%. For players with the right conditions, the benefits could be huge.

Let’s examine what Pinoy Donks is really like to play at, which games they offer, and how to join.

If you don’t already know, PPPoker is a massively popular mobile app for poker games. Whenever clubs get large enough, they have the option to create unions by merging with other clubs. This boosts the action and sometimes, the rewards too.

The main games on the Pinoy Donk Union are No-Limit Texas Holdem and 5-Card PLO. They also have strong PLO4 and PLO6 traffic. This makes it a great all-around cash game spot, with peak times that any player can sync up with.

PPPoker also runs smoothly on Windows

Even though Pinoy Donks is an Asian union, the games never really stop. Whether you live in North America, Europe, or elsewhere, you’ll never have empty lobbies here.

Aside from high rakeback (up to 65%), Pinoy Donks also merges with other soft unions for some cash game tables, further increasing the tables you can choose from.

PPPoker is an Asian mobile poker application developed in 2016. Unlike regular rooms, where all users play with each other on the same site, PPPoker is more like a live game — there a variety of private clubs in which players participate by invitation from the club and it's organisers.

At the Pinoy Donks Union, PLO5 and NLH cash games have the widest range of stakes. That’s not to say the other games are dead – even 4-Card and 6-Card PLO get action. Heads-up tables are offered here too.

The stakes start at the micro level and go up to NL400 and PLO6 400. For the less popular PLO4 and PLO6 cash tables, the stakes go to the 40 buy-in limits.

4 – 4004 – 404 – 4004 – 20

You won’t have to worry about peak times at the Pinoy Donks Union. Their traffic runs around the clock and never slows down. It’s hard to see peaks in the action, but noon to afternoon in EST might be very slightly busier, though not by much.

Thoughts About Pinoy Donks Cash Games

The traffic is impressive, but the action for PLO4 and PLO6 could be better. If these are your games, don’t worry. There are plenty of clubs and unions with lots of those tables.

  • For PLO4, Suprema Poker might be a better mobile poker app. There’s a dedicated group of players in the Liga alliance from Brazil and that’s the first spot you should try.
  • For PLO6, you can stay on PPPoker unions, or test out PokerBros groups like PanAmericana or Paradise.

Joining new apps takes minutes, so you won’t have much downtime to worry about. Remember, our GT+ support team is always online to point out the best games and rakeback conditions.

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The tournaments aren’t a highlight of this union, but the Pinoy Donks link up with a tournament grid called PPST that offers daily lineups. The PPST tournaments are open to multiple alliances, so you’ll play larger tournaments outside of your union.

The Pacifica Union is one of the best spots for MTTs. This PokerBros group has cash games too, but MTTs steal the spotlight. On top of daily tournaments, the weekends bring huge events with high-roller-sized guarantees.

PokerBros is a mobile poker application for playing poker via clubs and unions. Unlike regular rooms, where all users play with each other on the same site, PokerBros is more like a live game — there a variety of private clubs in which players participate by invitation from the club and it's organisers.

You need to download the PPPoker application first, but that’s very simple. You can find it on Google Play, the App Store, or the PPPoker website. The app runs smoothly on mobile devices, but Windows PCs can also run the software.

Here’s how to join the Pinoy Donks Union:

  1. Run the PPPoker app and click Register.
  2. There are almost no conditions to join. Choose a username and a password, and you’re finished creating your account.
  3. Now you will see the main screen and a few buttons. Click on Join.
  4. This is where you need to enter the Pinoy Donks Club ID and Referral ID.
It’s very easy to join a PPPoker club

Nobody likes outdated information. When it comes to poker clubs and unions, you want to know that your Club ID and Referral ID are current and updated. This will mean you join an organization that’s still active, busy, and offering the rewards we talked about earlier.

We’re online 24 hours a day. Write a live chat message to the team and mention that you want to join Pinoy Donks. We’ll check which clubs have the best rakeback and forward the details to you. If other unions are giving away more rakeback or better action in your favorite format, you’ll hear about it.

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