888caption is a useful tool that makes life easier for players on 888poker, a leading online poker site. This isn’t just for experienced regulars; amateurs and beginners will benefit from it as well.

With useful hotkeys, custom bet sizing, automatic window organizing, and more, you’re guaranteed to save yourself time if you use 888caption. It lets you customize the 888poker software the way you like it.

88caption’s main goal is to add some comfort and functionality to 888poker. We’ll go into specifics in the next section of the article.

This officially-approved program also works with other skins on the 888 network such as Lotos, LuckyAce, 848, TowerTorneos, WSOP.com, and WSOP New Jersey.

Note: Caption software is also available for players who use PokerStars and partypoker.

Here’s a list of the features that 888caption offers you. If you have questions about specific functions, just reach out to one of our support staff via live chat.

1. Betscript

  • Preset raise sizes for different positions at the table: When it’s your turn, the bet amount will be entered into the bet box depending on the number of players who limped (calling preflop instead of raising).
  • Preset raise sizes for tournaments.
  • Preset bet and raise sizes for postflop play.
  • Preset 3-bet and 4-bet sizes from in or out of position
  • Display bet sizes in BB or % of the pot size.
  • On-screen bet buttons
The Betscript tap of 888caption

2. Hotkeys

  • Smart checking and folding: the program clicks the right button depending on what actions you can take.
  • Hotkeys for all common actions: call, bet, raise, fold, sit out next BB, sit me out, sit out next BB on all tables, fold to any bet, fast note-writing, and exiting tables.
The Hotkeys tap of 888caption

3. Automatic Table Manager

Use the table manager feature to automatically arrange windows to a custom configuration.

4. Use Your Mouse Wheel

You can scroll up and down to resize your bet/raise. The value of each scroll increment can be set from within the app, either as a number of BB or as a % of the pot.

5. Compatible with Hand2Note

888caption works best when you use it with Hand2Note, which gives players a HUD and player tracking software.

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Innovative poker HUD software for professional players


6. Fully Customizable HUD

  • It’s easy to display the information you want to see with the 888caption heads-up display (HUD). The software will display a wealth of data about the table, including the pot odds, stack-to-pot ratio, players in the hand, and much more.
  • Tournament statistics: average stack size, players remaining in the tournament, your position in the tournament, number of players “in the money”, positions of hero and opponents, and player’s country. You can also convert chips to effect BB.
888caption works best in combination with Hand2Note

7. 888poker Lobby Settings

  • Get rid of advertisements in the lobby.
  • Set the lobby to stay visible when opening new tables.
  • Reduce the lobby size automatically.
The Lobby tap of 888caption

8. Automatic Rebuys and Other Actions

  • You can make actions automated with 888caption, like auto buy-in, auto rebuy for cash games and tournaments, and automatically join tables.
  • Automatically set your status to “I Am Back” for cash games and tournaments.

9. Highlighting ‌Tables

Tables that you need to act on will be framed and highlighted to alert you.

10. Edit Fonts and Colors

Change the typography and colors for nicknames, stacks, action buttons, and other writing on and around the table.

After setting it up, you won’t need to continually adjust 888caption

888poker already has a great application (for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices), but with 888caption, you’ll unlock lots of functions that most players on the site never see. Once you’re more comfortable with the software, you’ll be able to play more tables and see more hands.

Many players on 888poker are recreational, attracted by the No-Deposit Bonus, or coming over from 888casino or 888sports. Poker tools like 888caption can help you increase the skill gap between you and these players to boost your win rate (and maybe qualify for WSOP events in 888poker satellites).

888poker is one of the oldest rooms of modern online poker, founded in 2002. Known for regular freerolls, a large selection of mid-low stakes games and it's SuperStorm and XL tournament series.

You can start an 888caption free trial, but it will only let you use the software on low stakes during the trial. After 30 days expire, you’ll need to convert to a paid license to continue using the software.

You can use 888caption for free on the following stakes:

  • Tournaments with buy-ins at or below $3.
  • Cash games with stakes at NL10 or below.
Какой вид покера предпочитаешь?

If the software detects that the stakes are above these limits, it will close automatically.

To unlock full functionality on all stakes in cash games and tournament buy-ins, you’ve got to purchase a license.

The price for an 888caption license is $25 for one year. That’s much lower than many other poker tools, and when you consider the time you will save, it’s not much at all.

Download 888caption here and start your free trial. You’ll be taken to the developer’s site.

Make sure to select the latest 64-bit or 32-bit version.

After your trial expires, you can purchase the license from the GipsyTeam Shop. It’s the same price and software as the developers offer, but you’ll get support and troubleshooting from our experienced team as a bonus.

We give a one-year 888caption to all of our GT+ members as a free gift. To find out more about what GT+ can do to improve your online poker experience, have a live chat with us today.

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