GTO+ (GTO Plus) is one of the most advanced solving algorithms on the market. It’s for any Texas Hold ‘em cash game or tournament players that want to improve their game. It is made for both preflop and postflop play.

This software comes from the makers of Flopzilla and CardRunners EV, two trusted poker tools that have been around for many years.

Here’s what GTO+ can do for poker players:

  • Build decision trees and create scenarios of endless complexity.
  • Figure out how to play any preflop or postflop spot from a GTO perspective.
  • High-level analysis on self-contained software.
  • Unlike ‌some other solvers, you can customize ranges, instead of using pre-solved ranges.
  • In this GTO Plus review, you’ll find summaries of all the features and pricing for the program.
GTO+ is available in dark mode (pictured)

There are two kinds of GTO+ available; one is for Texas Hold ‘em and the other is for Short Deck (6+ Hold 'em).

It’s faster and requires less memory.

GTO+ is one of the fastest-solving algorithms on the market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to take up excessive space on your computer. The download has low memory requirements and GTO+ compresses files automatically to save even more space.

Build your own custom trees.

You can use the advanced tree builder to create custom trees, even with multiple bet sizes. The tree editor is easy to use, even for first-time users.

Save solved trees to databases.

When you solve a game tree and want to save it, the GTO+ program will do it for you. You can save these databases and make comparisons between them later on. These files will remain small and can be easily accessed from the program.

Get a Nash distance of 0%.

Many solvers will approach the Nash distance of 0%, but very few solve to that level of accuracy. GTO+ is one of the few that can actually converge on a Nash distance of 0%, which is an impressive feat of computational power.

Use GTO+ with Flopzilla.

When you update ranges in GTO+, Flopzilla will automatically update using ‌those ranges.

GTO+ works seamlessly with Flopzilla

Toggle card removal.

Some solvers struggle to adapt to card removal, but with GTO+, it’s easy to toggle card removal with the click of a button.

Use the graphing feature.

Plot any property in the graphing system and then compare it to another property, at any point during your solution.

Note the equity graph in the middle of the window

Quickly recalculate branches of the game tree.

Instead of having to solve the entire game tree again, the GTO+ software quickly adapts to changes. If you adjust a turn/river runout, the program will just recalculate that line.

Save smaller files.

Even though solving a game like poker requires complex calculations, the files that GTO+ saves remain quite small. Computers won’t have any problem finding space for these files.

All-in-one analysis.

Everything you need is in one poker tool. You won’t need to manually copy and paste solutions to any 3rd party software.

from $75

Advanced solving algorithms for nash-equilibrium in post-flop heads-up games


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There are two different kinds of GTO+ you can download; one for Texas Hold ‘em and one for Short Deck. If you buy the program, you’ll get access to both.

The price for a GTO+ license is $75.

The price for a second GTO+ license is $40.

Players who want to upgrade from CardRunners EV can buy GTO+ for just $50.

The great thing about GTO+ is that once you buy the software, you never have to pay again. Your software will be updated with all future GTO+ software changes.

This is the free trial of GTO+

After you download GTO+ Hold ‘em or Short Deck, you’ll get to use a free trial before you buy the software. The next step is purchasing a GTO+ license, which works for one computer.

If you purchase GTO+ through the GipsyTeam Shop, you’ll get support and troubleshooting help from start to finish. If you need access to preflop ranges from professional players, heads-up displays (HUDs), or training software, the GT Shop is a great place to look.

System Requirements for GTO+:

  • OS: at least Windows 7 or higher
  • CPU: 4 Cores 2 GHz
  • RAM: at least 16 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 10 GB+