We are talking about one of the largest poker networks of our time – Winning Poker Network, which is more familiar to most poker players as the WPN. Which poker rooms are the most profitable for players to register with and what bonuses can they expect?

Game table interface in one of the WPN rooms – PokerKing

Winning Poker Network is well known in the poker world for its unique features that will take you back to the golden years of poker sites. Specifically, the opportunity to play with opponents from the USA. This network is one of the few where they can register. American amateurs are traditionally very desirable opponents, both online and offline.

The software in WPN is quite high quality and is constantly updated. There is even a backing exchange available, right in the client. But there is one drawback – there is no way to download a full-fledged iOS version. It is possible to play online through the official sites of the rooms, or through the mobile app, but there are restrictions on formats. However, ‌developers promised to add all disciplines there by the end of 2022.

The best poker room for players that offers maximum bonuses for creating a new account is PokerKing. To get all the goodies, create an account using the link from GipsyTeam with our promo code. Here's what to do:


  1. Proceed to registration using the link from this page. If it is not available, just write to GipsyTeam support in one of the messengers. Specialists will send you a link to a working application and detailed download instructions. They will help you create an account, install, configure the software, and answer any questions.
  2. Download the client. There are three applications to choose from – for Windows, MacOS, or Android.
  3. Create an account. When filling out the registration form, enter the promotional code GT1 (entered in capital letters without quotes).
The path to creating an account on the official PokerKing website

If you do everything according to the instructions, you will receive a first deposit bonus of up to $2,000. This is one of the most generous bonus offers among all poker rooms. This corresponds to an additional 20 percent rakeback. For every $5 of rake paid, $1 is credited to your account.

PokerKing offers a fairly extensive range of game formats. Let’s review them:

  • Cash games: A game for money, where the number of chips is equivalent to the real amount of money. Limits start from NL2 and go up to $25/$50.
  • Fast poker (Blitz): This is a type of cash game for those who do not like to wait long for their turn. By folding your cards, you automatically find yourself at a new table, where a new hand immediately begins. The limits here are different: from NL10 to NL1,000 in Hold'em and up to PL200 in pot-limit Omaha.
  • Multi-table tournaments: The room is famous for its extensive network of regular MTTs. It is best suited for poker players who play at low and medium stakes. The biggest weekly tournament is the Warm Up with a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000. The buy-in for it is $109.
  • Spins (Jackpots): A local variation of hyper-turbo tournaments for three people with a prize fund that is determined randomly before the start of each spin. Beginners loved them for their chance to hit the jackpot. Still, only a few manage to do this due to the low probability of the coveted multiplier.
Founded in 2011, PokerKing offers a regulated online poker room to many countries throughout the world.

PokerKing constantly hosts promotions, including various rake races, leaderboards, and reload bonus offers. This allows you to further increase the already substantial rakeback – the return of part of the commission paid for participating in games for real money.

The Royal Club loyalty program is responsible for this. You can get up to 66% rakeback from meeting the right conditions. It offers six VIP statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Royal, and King (the last two take into account the rake for the year)

Here are some offers from the room:

1. Rake races and leaderboards every week: This offer will be interesting for poker players who play regularly. The more rake you pay, the higher in the ranking you will be. You can earn up to $500 in the promotion.

2. The Venom tournament: With a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000,000, the famous flagship PokerKing tournament takes place several times a year, making millionaires from ever new lucky ones. Not everyone can afford to buy in – $2,650. But you don’t have to pay the full amount: you can qualify through multi-stage satellites that start with freerolls.

Promo for the biggest tournament in PokerKing history

3. 100% reload bonus on deposit: The promotion is repeated regularly. This bonus is similar to the one offered to players for their first deposit – you also need to top up your account, and then play for real money, receiving additional profit. Typically, “reloads” on PokerKing are held in honor of major series, and as a rule, you can earn up to $100 in them.

You can always find all the current promotions of Pokerking and other poker rooms in a special section on GipsyTeam.

The best promotions now
100% first deposit bonus up to $600, and free spins and MTT tickets
Weekly 1,600 Cash Player Race
New spin formats with jackpots up to $150,000

Early in January of 2024, players watched as a forum user accused WPN and skins like ACR Poker of having bot networks operating on the site. The speculated losses were massive and this isn’t the first time that the network has fielded these kinds of allegations.

It’s up to you to draw conclusions about this. There are plenty of poker rooms to choose from. So, if you want to keep looking for something that sounds more secure, the search won’t take long.

A 2+2 post at the start of 2024 alleges bots are being used on ACR Poker and have racked up nearly $10,000,000 in profits.


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