An update has been made to the GGPoker client: the rules of the Battle Royale tournaments have been changed, and a new type of satellite has been added. Here's what else has changed.

Mystery Battle Royale

Previously, the format was called Battle Royale, and a daily leaderboard prize of 2,000 was played.

Now the tournament consists of two rounds, with 18 players instead of 30:

  • Rush Poker stage — 10 minutes until the top 9 are determined
  • Final 9-max table in Mystery Bounty format

The top 3 prizes include a bounty jackpot, which depends on the buy-in:

  • Tournaments for 1, 3, and 10 — x10,000
  • For 0.25 — x20,000

The guaranteed prize pool for the daily Action Daily Race leaderboard is now 10,000. Points are only awarded in the first stage (Rush): 1 for a fold, 3 for a call, 5 for a bet or raise, but not more than 20 per hand. From 6 to 8 a.m. GMT, you can earn double points.

Prizes are paid out in Mystery Bounty Royale tickets.


New Satellites

You can now win a ticket to a more expensive tournament in an unusual way: by reaching the specified stack in the satellite.

At the same time, the player is removed from the table with their stack (the surplus is evenly distributed among the participants of the final hand).

These satellites feature real-time notifications of new winners and the number of remaining tickets in the top right corner. After all tickets have been awarded, the tournament ends.

Changes in Short Deck

The changes aim to speed up the game: the minimum buy-in size has been reduced from 50 to 40 big blinds, and decisions must be made without a time bank. Other changes include:

  • Removal of straddles
  • 5-max tables replaced with 6-max
  • Chips can be removed from the stack to the cashier when reaching 40BB (previously — 100BB)

Other Client Updates

Tournament poker has not been overlooked: when late registering, the initial stack size in current blinds is now displayed. If you decline registration in a tournament via a ticket and it cannot be applied anymore, a corresponding notification will appear in the client. The "+" button for sitting at additional cash tables will not be active if there are insufficient funds in the account.